Top 10 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews In 2020

Considered among the leading killers globally, hypertension (commonly known as high blood pressure) is a frustrating medical condition that predisposes individuals to other complications such as stroke. While management is possible via medication and exercises, monitoring the condition on an everyday basis is one of the best remedies. It is affordable. Its effectiveness is admirable, while the availability of advanced and easy to use wrist pressure monitors enable individuals to take charge of management in the comfort of their homes. As much as visiting a doctor’s office for a regular check-up is an excellent idea, purchase one of the following top 10 wrist blood pressure monitors to have a better understanding of your medical condition:

The Best Selling Products

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10. Care Touch Cuff Monitor


Designed to fit cuffs measuring approximately 5.5-8.5 inches, Care Touch is a comfortable blood pressure monitor with a convenient battery-powered design and a fully automated system that offers value. If you are grappling with hypertension and want to manage the condition well, this pressure monitor delivers fast (one minute response time) and accurate results that you can use for decision-making. Its display (LCD) is large and easy to read while the premium irregular heartbeat indicator it comes with tells you whether your heartbeat is normal or irregular in real time. Care Touch Cuff Monitor is durable and has a built-in memory function that stores up to 60 readings.

9. Slight Touch


With Slight Touch, you get a durable FDA-approved blood pressure monitor with an accurate digitized system that delivers reliable results. Made of quality plastic, this monitor is durable. Operation is very simple, while the comfortable inflatable cuff it comes with adjusts to fit various wrist sizes when in use. With each new accessory bought, you also get a convenient battery-powered (2 AA) wrist pressure monitor with a built-in memory that stores up to 60 readings (30 readings for two user profiles), an average function that you can use to monitor progress, an irregular heartbeat indicator, and a deluxe carrying case for safer transportation and or storage.

8. MeasuPro Easy Read


Liked globally for its relative ease of use, MeasuPro Easy Read is a recommended blood pressure monitor for men and women alike. Featuring an accurate and automated digital system, blood pressure monitoring has never been easier. Once you have worn it correctly and switched on its power button, it takes care of the entire blood pressure monitoring system in real time in all environmental conditions. The two user modes offered enables two individuals to use simultaneously, while its acclaimed heart rate detection feature monitors heart function and tells you whether it is beating regularly or not. This way, you can detect and stem heart health problems before they become debilitating. You also get a large and easy to read LCD display (backlit), a memory recall function that stores up to 120 readings (60 reading per user), and an adjustable wrist cuff (13.5-21.5 centimeters) that fits various wrist sizes comfortably.

7. Omron 3 Series BP710N


Known for the dependable medical accessories in its arsenal, Omron is a popular brand that often delivers on its promises. If accurate blood pressure monitoring is desirable, for instance, Omron 3 Series BP710N is a durable and easy to use upper arm monitor that adjusts to fit both standard and large arms. Its cuff is comfortable, durable, and inflatable to better accuracy. Its advanced and well-engineered system generates precise and accurate readings that you can use to track your condition in real time, while its ease of use, speed, and ability to alert users of irregular heartbeats have made it one of the few pharmacist and doctor-recommended products.

6. VIVE Precision


When taking blood pressure measurements, precision is a vital attribute to keep in mind. While accuracy is essential, for instance, the model you choose should be able to deliver consistent and dependable results that you can use for decision-making. This is among several reasons why VIVE Precision is among the top 10 wrist blood pressure monitors in stores. Its automated upper arm design also works fast, while its portability and the large LCD display offered benefits individuals that like to keep tabs on the blood pressure on the road. VIVE Precision has a wide-range cuff that fits upper arms measuring between 22 and 42 centimeters, stores up to 500 measurements (250 per user), and has a two-year warranty on defects and excellent customer service.

5. Omron 3 Series Model BP629


Clinically tested and proven accurate for personal use, Omron 3 Series Model BP629 is a recommended wrist blood pressure monitor with a large LCD screen for easier review. Lightweight, compact, and portable; you can use this monitor at home and on the road. Speed is admirable. The two AA batteries that it draws power from keep it working accurately for long, while its irregular heartbeat detector and the 60 memory storage (including date and time stamps) offered make it an ideal all around blood pressure monitor or individuals of all cadres. Omron 3 Series Model BP629 is affordable and considered among the best in this niche.

4. Greater Goods Balance Professional


Perfect for personal and clinical use, Balance Professional from Greater Goods is a fun-to-use upper arm blood pressure monitor with a large backlit LCD screen, a comfortable one-size cuff, and a durable plastic body that you can travel with on demand. FDA-registered, this accessory is safe for personal use. Measurements are fast and accurate, while its large memory stores up to 60 measurements for two users. This way, if you want to track the effectiveness of a given treatment or monitor the prognosis of your condition, all you have to do is review your past measurements and plot them on a chart. Greater Goods offers buyers a two-year warranty for this monitor.

3. Omron 5 Series BP742N


With Omron 5 Series BP742N, you get a well-engineered upper arm pressure monitor that has ranked among the most recommended for years now. Universal, for instance, it fits various arm shapes and sizes (large and standard). Accuracy (including its average function of three readings) is admirable while its high testing speed and relative ease of use make it an ideal testing application for individuals with little medical knowledge. As most premium blood pressure monitors, this model has memory store (100 recordings per user), a visible blood pressure bar that tells the status of your pressure at a glance, and a comfortable and contoured cuff that does not irritate the skin.

2. Omron BP652N 7 Series


Considered among the top 10 wrist blood pressure monitors in stores, Omron BP652N 7 Series is a feature-rich wrist blood pressure monitor that includes an accurate irregular heartbeat detector and a heart-zone-guidance technology that works well. Validated for accuracy and recommended by pharmacists and dentists alike because of its reliability and relative ease of use, blood pressure monitoring has never been easier. The one size cuff offered is comfortable and has an ultra-silent inflation system that minimizes irritation. You also get an easy to read pressure level indicator bar, 100-memory storage, and an effective averaging function.

1. Omron 10 Series BP786N

omron-10-series-bp786n(Wrists Blood Pressure Monitors)

Omron 10 Series is a technologically advanced wireless pressure monitor (upper arm) that relays measurements directly to smartphones via Bluetooth smart connectivity. Setup and use are simple. Tracking and managing readings are also easy via the 100 reading storage offered, while its multi-colored indicator lights enable individuals to have a snapshot of their blood pressure at a glance. Omron 10 Series BP786N is battery powered and able to detect irregular heartbeats on demand.