Top 10 Best Windshield Wipers Reviews In 2019

Even though simple and somewhat ignored by car owners, windshield wipers are essential safety accessories with numerous benefits. In rainy weather, for instance, they sweep water from windshields well to improve dust. They also sweep dust and debris without scratching windshields or lowering the experience of users in any way. However, this does not mean any random model you pick in a store will work well on your vehicle. First, determine the correct size for your vehicle. You should the look for a durable and well-finished model with a smooth rubber edge that cleans well. This article covers the latter part. After careful research, we have reviewed the 10 best windshield wipers that work on most types of vehicles.

List Of Best Windshield Wipers Reviews

10. Trico 30-221


Attainable as a single pack of a 22-inch long wiper blade, Trico 30-221is a quality car accessory with several desirable attributes. Made of steel, for instance, its frame is stylish, aerodynamic, and withstands abuse well. Because of its exceptional strength, it also retains its shape well, which translates to a better performance on both flat and curved windshields. During rainy weather, therefore, this wiper blade will clean water from your windshield well without streaking. Professionals and individual also recommend it because of its ease of installation and the paltry amount Trico charged for an original.

9. Trico 20-1


Does your car use 20-inch wiper blades? To get a durable exact fit model that lasts long, Trico 20-1 is an ideal wiper blade. Engineered to fit various types of wiper arms, its versatility is a key strength. You can install it on your sedan or caravan and have a positive experience the next time it is pouring heavily. Trico 20-1 also has a convenient one-step system of installation that consumers appreciate and an ergonomic frame that lasts long. You can expose it to snow, rain, and direct sunlight without it fading, cracking, or warping.

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8. Michelin 8017


Michelin 8017 is a comfortable hybrid wiper blade with a convenient 17-inch design that fits most windshield type and sizes. Featuring a unique Smart Flex design, it cradles windshields well for a faster and streak-free cleaning experience. Its EZ-Lok system of installation is super convenient, while its long-lasting design performs well in the harshest of weather conditions. In sub-zero temperatures, for instance, it does not freeze or streak, as some models. The independent suspension system built into its systems maximizes contact, while its aerodynamic design prevents clogging. Michelin 8017 is affordable and tested to deliver over 300,000 satisfactory wipe cycles.

7. Trico 12-A


As the Trico 30-221 and Trico 20-1 wiper blades listed herein, Trico 12-A is a top-rated car accessory that comes ready to install. Designed to fit on rear windows, its aerodynamic 12-inch design covers a large area. The unique Roc loc 2 connector it uses installs in seconds (one-step), while its sleek low profile design cradles windshields well for optimal cleaning. You do not have to worry about it scratching your rear window or leaving unsightly streaks whenever in use.

6. Bosch 3397118979


Attainable as a set of two (24-inch and 19-inch) wiper blades, Bosch 3397118979 delivers value on a budget. Recommended for use in all weather conditions, these aerodynamic wiper blades are durable. The wind spoilers on their frames maximize down force to limit blade liftoff. Rubber elements, on the other hand, are flexible dual models (FX) that work quietly without hardening over time. With an original set, expect premium accessories with precision-tensioned dual springs that apply uniform full-length pressure on most types of windscreens. This translates to better cleaning and better vision in rainy weather.

5. Rain-X 5079278

Do not let your under-performing windshield wiper compromise your vision and safety when commuting to school or work. With the development of affordable wipers such as Rain-X 5079278, you can better your experience without breaking the bank. Attainable as a pack of one, this graphite coated 21-inch blade delivers a clean and smooth wipe. Its soft rubber element cleans buildup of water, ice, and snow as its aerodynamic spoiler reduces noise, drag, noise, and lift in high winds. Designed to fit eight differed wiper clips, the updated adapter system on its beam frame is easy to setup without using special tools.

4. Bosch 19B ICON


In most top 10 best windshield wipers, individuals prefer heavy wiper blades to the lighter low life models in stores. If you share a similar thought and shopping for a new set, Bosch 19B ICON is one of the best. Measuring 19 inches, its large design maximizes screen coverage. Its unique beam frame is durable, performs well in extreme weather, and has ozone-proof rubber elements that do not harden over time. Heat and ice resistance are also impressive, while its flexible asymmetric spoilers boost downward force to prevent liftoff. Even at high speeds, therefore, these windshield wipers never act up as some low-quality plastic models. This wiper blade is easy to install and features an exclusive spring arching tension technology that improves its fit.

3. Aero Premium


With Aero Premium, you get two (19-inch and 24-inch) OEM quality windshield wipers, each with an all-season frameless design. Whilst lighter that some brands, their ability to withstand months of abuse without bending or losing their effectiveness is admirable. Fit is accurate, while their special aerodynamic designs perform excellently even at high speeds. They also handle wind lift better and have quiet and drag-free rubber filaments that battle snow and ice build-up well. You get a 6 months warranty for this package.

2. Rain-X RX30222


Rain-X RX30222 is a weatherproof 22-inch wiper blade with a durable galvanized steel frame that resists corrosion and rust. Unlike conventional wipers that tear and spit under high pressure, this model holds up well in all environmental conditions. The natural squeegee rubber used is both heat and cold resistant, while its universal J Hook adapter is easy to install on most wiper arms. You do not need special tools or special skills to replace your damaged or old blades. Rain-X RX30222 has multiple pressure points and friction reducers that deliver a clean, smooth, and streak-free wipe.

1. Bosch 26A ICON

bosch-26a-icon Windshield Wipers

If coverage is a major requirement, this 26-inch Bosch 26A ICON wiper blade works the best. Large, durable, and with ozone and heat resistant rubber elements (dual), this blade lasts up to 40% longer that other model. Its patented beam design has a flexible asymmetric spoiler that distributes downward force evenly for a clean finish. It is also firm, easy to install, and arcs (via tension springs) to conform to the curvature of modern car windshields.

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