Top 10 Wen Hairs Care Reviews In 2019

Finding the best quality hair care product with no harsh chemicals is a difficult task. However, all natural products will not be effective for all types of hair. Wen hair care products are a solution for all these types of problems. These products are formulated especially with botanical herbs and essential oils. Thus, they help add volume and nourishment to dull hair. These are also effective for moisturizing dry and coarse hair, treating oily hair, and cleansing normal and chemically treated hair.

To get the maximum benefit, you should purchase the right Wen kit, which is suitable for your hair type. You should also identify the type of hair you have and the sizes of products available. This is the best way to get shiny, healthy hair. These are formulated to effectively moisturize, protect, and cleanse your hair. No harsh chemicals are used for creating these products. They are coming with a combination of detangler, treatment conditioner, conditioner, and shampoo. All these benefits are available in one bottle. These products are ideal for any type of hair that includes chemically treated, natural, oily, coarse, dry, or fine hair. This Top 10 Wen Hair Care helps you pick the best product as per your requirement.

List Of Wen Hairs Care

10. Wen Summer


Wen Summer is a Honey Peach Cleansing Conditioner that is perfect for people with all types of hair. It contains amino and tea complexes that are helpful for repairing and nourishing your hair. At the same time, the apricot and peach extracts, and honey complex provide incredible shine. This product is designed to strengthen each hair strands from root to tip. It also cleanses your hair perfectly. Your hair looks healthier and beautiful if you use it regularly.


  • High-quality conditioner
  • Strengthen hair from root to tip
  • Perfect for all those who want to simplify hair-care routine
  • Hair becomes healthier and beautiful
  • A good cleanser
  • Limited special-edition scent


  • Free from annoying cons

9. Wen Pomegranate


Comes with a lightweight formula, Wen Pomegranate cleanses your hair completely. At the same time, this conditioner provides a polished finish, which will never get from traditional shampoos. Wen Pomegranate is ideal for people with all types of hair. It can add moisture to your hair without weighing down. This conditioner is also good for people with wheat sensitive because this soy based conditioner is free from gluten. It contains panthenol, which helps to improve elasticity and moisture retention. Pomegranate is helpful for reducing frizz and detangling hair.


  • High-quality cleansing treatment
  • Soy based conditioner
  • Suitable for even wheat sensitive people
  • Improves moisture retention and elasticity
  • Reduce frizz
  • Gluten free
  • Perfect for people with all types of hair


  • Costly

8. Wen Spring Honey Lilac


Wen Spring Honey Lilac is extremely light and fresh. It offers you an enchanting green fragrance. The universal blend is really beneficial for all hair types. Wen Spring Honey Lilac is packed with rich and nourishing essential oils and botanicals. Thus, this conditioner is extremely healthy. You will also get bouncy, beautiful, and manageable hair. It contains the notes of garden fresh rose and lilac and honey.


  • Provides complete nourishment
  • Beneficial for all hair types
  • Light and fresh
  • Green fragrance
  • A perfect cleansing conditioner
  • Contains essential oils and nourishing botanicals


  • Expensive

7. Summer Coconut Lime Verbena


Summer Coconut Lime Verbena is perfect for conditioning and cleansing your hair. It leaves your hair smooth, tangle free, dry, and wavy. The fragrance of this cleansing conditioner is also incredibly amazing. The coconut in this cleansing conditioner is very subtle and the tart lime mix can provide you an enchanting fragrance. This formula also provides you a much thicker consistency.


  • Antioxidant rich formula
  • Limited edition blend
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Enhance volume, shine, and body
  • Hair becomes healthier and beautiful


  • Price is little bit higher

6. Pink Jasmine Peony


Pink Jasmine Peony comes with sweet, delicate notes of peony. When it is combined with jasmine, it offers you a pretty spring floral fragrance. This cleansing conditioner is available at the size of 32 oz. You can simplify your hair care routine if you use this cleansing conditioner. Pink Jasmine Peony is perfect for making your hair healthy and beautiful.


  • High-quality cleansing conditioner
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Offers a feminine fragrance
  • Lightly floral
  • Delicately sweet
  • Best for making your hair beautiful and healthy


  • Expensive

5. Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner


Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner is extremely beneficial if you are facing scalp and hair issues. It comes with a unique blend, which is helpful for promoting healthy hair and reducing dryness and scalp sensitivity. The tea tree oil is highly effective for stimulating your scalp and follicles. You will also get relief from flakiness and itchiness if you use this cleansing conditioner. Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner is a great choice for those who suffer thinning hair. This is ideal for treating your scalp while cleansing your hair.


  • High-quality cleansing conditioner
  • Designed for treating hair and scalp issues
  • Reduce dryness and scalp sensitivity
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Stimulates scalp and follicles
  • Get relief from flakiness and itchiness
  • Great solution for thinning hair


  • A few users complained that it is not good for the price



The innovative and modern approach is used for making WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily. The company infused an exclusive blend in this cleansing treatment. Thus, it contains a blend of 11 amino acids that are helpful for restoring the elasticity and strength of even the most damaged hair. It contains more than 25 natural oils and extracts, which include lotus flower, rosemary, ginger, and ginseng. They can nourish your scalp and hair deeply. It is free from sodium lauryl sulfates and nut or wheat ingredients. Thus, this cleansing conditioner is perfect for people with sensitive skin as well.


  • Innovative and modern approach
  • Comes with an exclusive blend of 11 amino acids
  • Helps to restore elasticity and strength
  • Contains more than 25 natural oils and extracts
  • Does not contain wheat or nut ingredients
  • Perfect for even people with sensitive skin
  • Naturally luxurious ingredients


  • Not good for everyday use

3. Chaz Dean Wen


Chaz Dean Wen is an anti-Frizz styling crème that is prepared by using sweet almond mint. This multi-functional styling product is formulated for taming the unruly strands. At the same time, it gives enough moisture to your hair. This lightweight, all in one formula is helpful for making your hair more manageable. Chaz Dean Wen also protects your hair from heat styling.


  • Multifunctional styling product
  • Makes your hair soft and shine
  • Lightweight and all-in-one formula
  • Makes your hair more manageable
  • Protects from heat styling


  • Smells different and very runny

2. Chaz Dean Sweet Almond

Chaz-Dean-Sweet-Almond Wen Hairs Care

Your hair becomes reenergized and radiant if you start using Chaz Dean Sweet Almond. This is the ideal cleansing conditioner for unleashing the natural beauty of your hair. At the same time, it helps to provide you more volume, shine, and body. Your hair will also become healthy and soft. You can also use Chaz Dean Sweet Almond on dry, styled, or damp hair.


  • Makes your hair soft and healthy
  • Highly effective styling treatment
  • Hydrates and moisturize your hair
  • Helps to add more volume, shine, and body
  • Ideal for styled, dry, or damp hair


  • Price is little bit high

1. Renpure Solutions Sweet Pomegranate

Renpure-Solutions-Sweet-Pomegranate Wen Hairs Care

If you want to purchase the best Wen hair care product, you need not look further, Renpure Solutions Sweet Pomegranate is the best option for you. Rubbing and shampooing your hair leads to crack and tear in damaged areas. Renpure Solutions Sweet Pomegranate is a miracle cleansing conditioner, which melts into your hair. It contains coconut oil, which gently removes surface impurities. At the same time, this product is also helpful for restoring natural oils. Renpure Solutions Sweet Pomegranate also has the power to restore strength and repair damage. The shea butter content in this conditioner helps to condition damaged areas and replace protective lipids. Thus, you will get silky, soft, and beautiful hair with luster and shine.


  • Restore strength and repair damage
  • Completely free from sulfates, phthalates, gluten, dyes, parabens, and propylene glycol
  • Light scent
  • Non-foaming
  • Not tested on animals
  • Color safe formula
  • Removes surface impurities
  • Conditions damaged areas
  • Leaves your hair silky, soft, and beautiful
  • Affordable


  • A few users are not satisfied with the quality of this cleansing conditioner


You can find the right Wen kit as per your hair type. The botanical herbs and natural essential oils help to moisturize and nourish any type of hair. Wen offers you a wide range of selection that ranges from treatment products, hair kits, styling creams, cleansing conditioners, etc. You can select a suitable Wen kit by checking the formula, size of the kit, and price. This top 10 list will make your decision process easier.

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