Top 10 Weight Lifting Belts Dark Iron Fitness Reviews In 2020

When lifting heavy weights or engaging in rigorous workouts, most individuals compromise personal safety with disastrous results. Back and joint strain and pain, for instance, are common consequences of poor workout cultures. You can also injure your spine, break a limb or two, and put your livelihood at risk by ignoring simple yet essential gym rules. If you enjoy pumping iron and want to keep such problems at bay, make sure that you use the correct gym shoes. Wearing formal work shoes in gyms can lower your performance and safety. You should also start slow and increase weight as your body gets stronger and strong. In their haste to trim down their bodies, most individuals go for the heaviest weights in the outset and compromise personal safety as a result. Finally, always wear a weight lifting belt Dark Iron Fitness. One of our recommended models will support your back, improve lifting power, and lower the risk of debilitating back injuries.

The Best Selling Products

Bestseller No. 1
Medium Weight Lifting Belt Powerlifting Belt with Lifting Equipment Weightlifting Belt Body Building Lifting Belt Power Weight Lifting Belt Squat Belt Leather Weightlifting Belt
  • BUILT TO LAST : our leather weight belt doesn't break, tear, or wear out like inferior weight belts made from cheap materials like fake leather, plastic, nylon, or velcro
  • DOESN’T DIG INTO YOUR SIDES OR HIPS : our weight belts are made from genuine buffalo hide leather which is designed to be soft, supple, and flexible so it eliminates any pain while lifting, yet still being super supportive
  • DEADLIFT AND SQUAT OVER 600 POUNDS WITHOUT BREAKING : customers continue to confirm they’re able to successfully lift well over 500 and 600 pounds while using our belts without issues of them breaking - they’re also IPF and USAPL approved
  • AVERAGE INCREASE OF 10% MORE WEIGHT LIFTED : with the right thickness and width, our belt allows or extra power, strength, and support in your back and abs and customers confirm they’ve instantly improved their lifts by 10% on average while using our weightlifting belts
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We're so confident in the quality of our weightlifting belt, we'll send you a brand new one at no cost to you if yours ever fails. A great christmas gift for the Fitness Freak in your life - just in time for a New Year, New You.
Bestseller No. 2
Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Dip Belt with Chain for Dips and Pull Ups
  • BUILT TO LAST: our leather weightlifting dip belt doesn't break, tear, or wear out like inferior dip belts made from fake leather, nylon, or polypropylene. This belt is made of premium reinforced 100% genuine real leather
  • DOESN’T DIG INTO YOUR SIDES OR HIPS: our dip belt has built in pillow like padding for extreme comfort and support which eliminates any pain when wearing while still being light weight and not bulky
  • LONG WEIGHT STRAP HOLDS OVER 270 POUNDS: with our thick 40” heavy duty weight strap you’re able to load over 6 olympic plates of weight for extreme weighted reps quickly and easily
  • DOESN’T FALL OFF WHEN WEARING: with a heavy duty metal buckle and adjustment strap our dip belt fits all waist sizes for the perfect fit while insuring it never falls off when being worn
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We're so confident in the quality of our weightlifting dip belt, we'll send you a brand one at no cost to you if yours ever fails

10. EXOUS Bodygear

With most women now engaging in weight lifting for fun or as a profession, the demand for quality women’s is high. To satisfy this demand, several brands have come up with several innovative products with EXOUS Bodygear leading the pack. Designed for women, its contoured design fits comfortably around the waist to maximize support. Its low-profile design (5.5-inches) is non-irritant, while the durable EVA foam used to make does not rip easily. When dead lifting or cross training, therefore, you will enjoy excellent compression without worrying about your belt ripping. In Amazon, buyers get numerous size options and a 12-month guarantee.

Other Topics:

9. RDX Cow Hide Belt

Are you tired of your poorly made weightlifting belts that fail to support your back and abdominals while working out? To enhance safety and your performance without spending a fortune, this cowhide RDX belt is a good replacement. Perfect for bodybuilding and doing most demanding exercise, its low profile 4-inch design supports the back and abdominals comfortably. Its resilience is impressive, while its suede lined interior is smooth and designed to lay comfortably on clothing and skin. This belt has a stable and non-slip double-pronged roller buckle that enhances its performance further.

8. RDX Nubuck

With RDX Nubuck, you get a dependable 4.4 star-rated gym belt made of a thick cowhide leather. Even though rip proof, this oil-tanned material is flexible. Its reinforced seams are durable, while the invaluable back support it offers makes it one of the best for power lifting and bodybuilding. With RDX, individuals no longer have to sacrifice comfort while pumping iron. Its contoured design fits and supports various body shapes and sizes comfortably. It also has charming and long-lasting dual stitching and a heavy-duty steel buckle (HG).

7. Master of Muscle (Unisex)

When choosing a weightlifting belt, most individuals go for the bulky and heavy models that professionals promote. Even though they work well, light form-fitting models such as this unisex belt from Master of Muscle work the best. Made of lightweight neoprene, for instance, it is comfortable, flexible, and conforms to the body’s contours for optimal support. Wearing and removal are easy, while its impressive tensile strength supports dead lift, squats, and power lifting exercises without ripping. With an original model of the correct size, you will move naturally in gyms, which improves safety and performance further.

6. Rip Toned Lifting Belt

Crossfit, power lifting, and weightlifting exercises have a damaging effect on the body, particularly on the back. This does not mean that they are unhealthy. With a lifting belt such as this 4.5-inch Rip Toned model in your possession, the sky is the limit. Wider than some reviewed models, users enjoy a superior level of back support, which lowers the risk of injuries. Its sturdy yet flexible design conforms to various body shape for optimal support, while its affordability is impressive. For a few dollars, you will exercise like a professional at home and in commercial gyms. Ranked among the best belts for 2016, Rip Toned continues to attract positive attention.

5. Valeo Padded

Made of a 1/4-inch thick cowhide measuring 4-inches wide, Valeo is a durable weightlifting belt with padding for comfort. Fitted with a thick lumbar pad, spinal support is optimal. It also orients the vertebrae naturally and has a rip-proof body with long-lasting double stitched edges. Under pressure, therefore, this one of kind belt does not rip nor lose its shape, as some comparable brands do. Apart from padding, people appreciate its lined interior (suede) and durable roller buckle (double pronged) that withstands significant strain.

4. Harbinger Padded

Designed to maximize support and comfort at the same time, Harbinger is a 6-inch belt for weightlifting and dead lifting. Padded and lined (fully) for optimal comfort, it works well on the body and on clothing. Its contoured design maintains proper posture, while its sturdy core and stylish double stitches last long. They do not rip, run, or lose their shape under pressure. Coupled with its steel roller buckle (double pronged) you will enjoy unmatched support without sacrificing flexibility. Harbinger Padded is affordable, low maintenance (oil tanned), and comes in five waist sizes from small to extra extra large.

3. Harbinger Ultra-Light

Do you enjoy using lightweight belts whilst lifting weights of doing deadlifts? To maximize flexibility with compromising support or comfort, this ultra-light Harbinger belt is among the best workout belts. Featuring a flexible foam core (closed cell), it cradles and supports the body well without unnecessary bulk. Support is optimal, while its spacious 5-inch design covers the lower back and abdominals better than some low-profile models. This not only improves lifting power but also improves safety in the long term. This belt is fray, pile, and abrasion-resistant. Waist sizes are diverse (small to extra-large) and its roller stainless steel buckle built to withstand constant pressure.

2. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Pro

In top 10 weightlifting belt, Dark Iron Fitness is a recommended unisex leather belt for weightlifting. Adjustable, it fits various waist sizes. Its buckle and body (genuine leather) are durable, while its convenient 4-inch-wide design stabilizes the back without bulking the body. Apart from enjoying professional support, you will move normally with no strain or irritation. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Pro weighs a paltry 1.5 pounds. Storage is easy (roll and stash), while the lifetime replacements warranty offered covers all components.

1. Fire Team Fit Belt

Weight Lifting Belts

This Olympic-grade weightlifting belt is top-rated 6-inch workout accessory that minimizes back strain. Perfect for lifting and doing CrossFit exercises, its versatile unisex design benefits men and women. By promoting good form, it also improves the overall lifting power of users while minimizing the risk of injuries at the same time. Choose between the pink, gray, blue, and black belts offered to get a lightweight contoured belt that supports a variety of exercises.

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