Top 10 Water Leak Detector Reviews In 2019

The destructiveness and prevalence of water damage are usually underestimated by most homeowners. Water damage affects around 27 percent homeowners in the US. Early water detection is very crucial because it helps to prevent damage before it becomes dangerous. You can protect your precious homes from damage if you use a water detector. Lots of different solutions are available on the market to detect a water leak. However, only a few come with all the essential features. While purchasing a leak detector, you should ensure the efficiency and reliability of the product. You can pick the best product from this Top 10 Water Leak Detectors Reviews.

List Of Water Leak Detector Reviews

10. Dyconn Faucet LKDET


The battery-powered Dyconn Faucet LKDET is highly efficient and you can install it anywhere. This is highly effective to detect a potential leak. Some of the ideal locations for this device are plumbing fixtures, washing machines, dishwashers, water filtration systems, basements, water heaters, and sinks. You will get installation accessories and installation guide along with this leak detector.


  • Efficient
  • Novel design
  • Can be installed anywhere


  • A few customers are not satisfied with the device

9. Instapark IN07A


Water leakage will not be a problem if you install Instapark IN07A because this device will detect water damage automatically throughout the year. This simple, low-cost and effective device can prevent property damage, health risks, and monetary loss caused by water damage. It has a very powerful alarm that can travel up to 100 yards. Instapark IN07A provides you long-term reliable and sensitive operation.


  • Extremely effective
  • Automatic water leakage alarm
  • Low-cost and simple
  • Very powerful alarm
  • Advanced and sophisticated
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to clean


  • Design is not so impressive

8. SABRE Wired Alarm Sensor


You can protect your home, office, apartments and belongings from water damage if you purchase SABRE Wired Alarm Sensor. This device has a slim and modern design. This brand is very popular among law enforcement agencies and consumers. If you want to get an affordable and effective way to protect your home, SABRE Wired Alarm Sensor is the ideal option.


  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • Provides maximum coverage
  • Very convenient
  • Easy installation


  • Design is not so good

7. Honeywell RWD21


Battery operated Honeywell RWD21 is ideal for detecting water leak or flood. The alarm will automatically go off instantly when water comes into contact with it. Thus, you can respond to floods and leaks very quickly, which helps to prevent disastrous damage. This water-sensing alarm and water defense system offers superior protection against water damage and lead at your home and office.


  • Effective water sensor and alarm
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Economical
  • Low battery chirp
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for avoiding costly water damage


  • A few users are not satisfied with the performance of this device

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6. Samsung SmartThings


Do you want to turn your home a smart one? Then, you can surely purchase Samsung SmartThings, which provides you a home with a brain. It allows you to connect wirelessly with various smart devices. This device will provide you an immediate alert on your smartphone. It is ideal for monitoring moisture, which helps to prevent a leak. You can also monitor temperature if you use Samsung SmartThings.


  • Immediately alert you during the initial sign of excess water
  • Highly effective
  • Provides a brain to your home
  • Can connect a wide range of smart devices
  • Great for preventing leak


  • Battery life is very poor

5. DCH-S160 mydlink


The water sensor system offered by D-Link is very smart and it helps to keep your home safe. This wireless detects water damage effectively before it becomes serious. It comes with a built-in alarm, which will sound up to 70dB. When the water is detected, the LED will blink red. You can attach DCH-S160 mydlink in your basements, dishwashers, near a water heater, in a bathroom, sinks, or anywhere that might be moisture.


  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Easy to set up
  • Detachable cables
  • IFTTT compatible


  • Execution is difficult for some users

4. First Alert WA100-3


First Alert WA100-3 is a 3 pack water alarm that is ideal for protecting your homes from water damage due to seepage, floods, and leaks. This device is ideal for laundry rooms, garages, basements, hot tubs, and bathrooms. The device is splash and water sensitive. The 85-decibel, loud alarm will continue for up to 72 hours. It emits the sound when it senses water.


  • Highly effective
  • Can emit 85-decibel alarm
  • The alarm will last up to 72 hours
  • Water resistant
  • Runs on a 9-volt battery
  • Splash and water-resistant


  • Spot detection only
  • No battery indicator

3. TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector


You can increase the efficiency of the insulation of your home if you use TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector by Black & Decker. It can effectively detect the leaky areas in your home and office. Thus, you can prevent higher cooling and heating bills. It is also easy to identify problem areas if you use this device. Infrared sensors are used for measuring surface temperatures.


  • Helps to reduce energy bill
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to use
  • LCD display
  • Detects temperature differences


  • A few users complained about the accuracy of the device

2. Zircon Leak Water Detector


Coming as a whole home pack, Zircon Leak Water Detector is perfect for detecting water damage. You can use it in various places such as near water heaters, sump pumps, dishwashers, sinks, and more. This device effectively protects your property from water damage. It has a loud (85dB) alarm sound, which alerts you soon after direct water contact.


  • Offers optimum performance
  • Protects your entire property
  • Helps to save money
  • Easy installation is possible
  • Loud alarm


  • Some users question the quality of this device

1. BWD-HWA Basement Watchdog

BWD-HWA-Basement-Watchdog Water Leak Detector

BWD-HWA Basement Watchdog is the best water detector in this top-ten review because of various reasons. This device has a loud 110dB alarm and it can detect unwanted water up to 1/32 inch deep. You can operate it by using a 9-volt battery. The solid-state circuitry of this device is extremely reliable and sensitive. The battery saver feature is helpful for keeping the battery fresh longer.


  • Highly affordable
  • Efficient
  • Helps to detect unwanted water
  • Loud alarm (110dB)
  • Sensor has a 6-inch wire
  • Longer battery life


  • Low battery indicator is absent


Water detection systems are extremely useful for protecting your homes and offices from water damage. You are aware that various different models are available today that are helpful for preventing leaks or flooding. However, the products reviewed above are collected on the basis of various factors such as quality, performance, effectiveness, price, etc. Therefore, you can pick one from this Top 10 Water Leak Detectors very confidently.

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