Top 10 Best Walkie Talkies Reviews In 2019

Walkie Talkies are fun-to-use handheld accessories that enable individuals to communicate over a long distance without data costs. Popular among kids and outdoor enthusiasts, their two-way system of communication is reliable. It is also clear and operates over numerous urban and rural channels (including special ones) that users can customize a needed. When camping, therefore, do not depend on traditional cell phones that often lose connections in forests and mountainous areas. Buy one of these well-made walkie-talkies instead to communicate efficiently in times of emergencies. They are portable, very easy to operate and have high-powered designs that transmit clear audio over a long distance.

10. OUREAL Walkie Talkies

OUREAL is a package of two green-themed walkie-talkies for kids with lightweight and durable designs that make communication fun. Supporting over 836 channel combinations (with 38 privacy) you can use them in all environments without worrying about interference. Range is approximately two miles while their bright LCD screens ease setup and location of active conversations in the dark. You do have to gamble with channels as users of low-grade analog walkie-talkies often do. OUREAL Walkie Talkies are battery powered (three AAA). Their unique circuitry extends battery life by shutting them down automatically whenever they are not receiving or transmitting data.

9. UOKOO T48

Effective at distances of up to six kilometers, UOKOO T48 are high-powered kid’s walkie-talkies with bright yellow designs. They are visible in the dark. Their heavy-duty plastic cases are durable, while their large backlit screens (LCD) are clear during the day and at night. Smaller than some walkie-talkies listed, their kid-safe design grip tight in hands for easier operation. The 22 channels offered are admirable while their superior sound systems (with adjustable volume) work well in both open and crowded places. UOKOO T48 is battery-powered (three AAA) and among the best walkie-talkies for kids aged 6 years and older.

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8. Sokos Walkie Talkies

Popular on Amazon and other stores, Sokos is a pair of 22-channel kid’s walkie-talkies, each with a lightweight handheld design. Even though they operate over older UHF frequencies, their two-way systems are not only clear but also effective up to three miles. During a camping trip, therefore, you can easily stay in contact with your loved ones via both GMRS and FRS bands. As other products listed, Sokos Walkie Talkies use three replaceable AAA batteries. They also have adjustable volume, crisp sound quality, and backlit LED screens that display active channels and battery level.

7. Theipar Walkie Talkies

With this blue and blue pack of walkie-talkies for Theipar, you get two kid-safe accessories that work as well as professional ones. Powered by high-capacity rechargeable batteries, their convenience is desirable. Their plastic cases are both stylish and crush-proof, while their ergonomic one-handed designs do not require skill to use. Once charged, all you have to do is tune one of the 22 channels offered to communicate with a friends or colleague over a 3-mile range. Theipar is Eco-friendly and has an impressive 6-7-hour run time.

6. Zomei Walkie Talkies

Designed to work over a 462-467MHz (UHF) frequency range, Zomei is an effective set of walkie-talkies, each with a stylish blue theme. Perfect for parent-child communication, the three-kilometer range they cover is impressive. Channels (22 GMRS and FRS) have 38 groups or privacy codes, while the advanced VOX function offered supports convenient hands-free communication. These walkie-talkies are light (79 grams), recommended for use in all environmental conditions, and have long-lasting kid-safe designs. You and or your kids with have an enjoyable experience using them.

5. Crony T-388

Are you shopping for a walkie-talkie for maintaining contact in camping sites, supermarkets, or during outdoor festivities? To get a portable high-performance model that works well in city and rural settings, Crony T-388 is ideal. Retailing as two 14.5 x 5.5 x 3.5-centimeter accessories, its compact design is perfect for traveling. Connections (over UHF bands) are responsive over a three-kilometer range, while their durable plastic cases withstand abuse well. If you have an active kid who breaks stuff often, this walkie-talkie will serve him or her well. Its operation is also simple while the 10 call tones offered enable users to customize alerts on demand. Each walkie-talkie has a bright flashlight for illuminating dark areas and an advanced VOX feature for hands-free communication.

4. Midland GXT1000VP4

Forget about the low-powered kid’s walkie talkies that parents use to maintain contact in malls and festivals. If you are a professional hiker or park attendant and want to improve your communication channels, Midland GXT1000VP4 works best. Designed to operate efficiently over a 36-mile range, the professional experience users enjoy is admirable. Communication is two-way, while the 50 channels offered diversify the communication options of individuals. You can communicate via numerous public channels. You can also create private coded channels for close friends and use NOAA channels to get free weather updates. Midland GXT1000VP4 supports hands-free VOX operation, direct calls, and group calls.

3. UOKOO Kids

The value that UOKOO Kids walkie-talkies offer has earned them a spot in most top 10 best walkie talkies. This orange-themed pair, for instance, is a popular two-way radio with a comfortable handheld design that is effective up to 3.7 miles. It has 22 channels (both GMRS and FRS) and a lightweight kid-safe design with an LCD display for monitoring status. It also has excellent sound quality and a dependable battery-powered system (3 AAA) with a 3.5-hour run time.

2. UOKOO 668

With this black-themed UOKOO 668, buyers receive two mini walkie-talkies for kids, each with 22 GMRS and FRS channels. Their exquisite designs are durable and tailored to satisfy the needs of 4+-year-olds. Its range is approximately five kilometers, while the clear and loud sound they generate eases communication in quiet and crowded areas. Powered by three AAA batteries, UOKOO 668 has an admirable run-time of 3.5 continuous hours. Its push-to-talk system is fun to use, while its intelligent alarm and smart anti-wandered technology are perfect for tracking movement.

1. Motorola MH230R

Top of our review, Motorola MH230R is a pair of two two-way radios, each with an admirable 35-mile range. Channels are 22 in number (including 11) weather) while their 8-hour rechargeable batteries do not lose their capacity over time. These yellow-themed walkie-talkies have superior interference protection, a drop-in charger (dual), two belt clips, and one charging adapter. Purchase an original for professional or personal use to have memorable results outdoors.

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