Top 10 Valley Pool Table Reviews In 2020

When choosing a Valley pool table, factors such as the size, materials, and cost are important considerations that should help you sort through the options to find the best model for your needs. With dozens and dozens of pool and game table options, however, sorting through them all to find the best is sometimes difficult. Reduce the time spent searching for a great pool table and add one of the following 10 Valley pool table options to your home. Each table on this list has the features and functions that families need for game time fun!

The Best Selling Products

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10. Barrington 84” Arcade/Billboard Pool Table

Barrington 84” Arcade/Billboard Pool Table

The Barrington 84” pool table is a great addition to the family game room. The space-saving design ensures that it accommodates apartments and smaller rooms -and offers fun for adults and kids. Everything needed to play pool comes with the pool table, including 2 cue sticks, 1 triangle, 2 chalks, 1 brush, and a set of balls. Barrington is a trusted name in the billiards industry. This table proves why. Smooth ¾” table surface ensures great gameplay while the 5” leg-levelers keep the table even on any floor. The table also offers a K818 bumper guard.


  • Table measures 84” L x 48” W x 31” H
  • Easy assembly
  • Wood legs/support for long-lasting durability
  • Weighs 225 lbs. When assembled

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9. Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Gaming Table

Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Gaming Table

The Best Choice 10-in-1 Gaming table ensures everyone in the household has a game or two they’ll love. Pool, ping pong, foosball, and hockey are a handful of the available games this table offers the player. The wood-like exterior is sleek and stylish, a great enhancement for any room in the home. The space-saving design ensures that the table can easily be placed in any room, including the kids’ room! The solid legs offer non-slip footing that keeps the table in place when you’re ready to play.


  • Table measures 48” x 24” x 30.5”
  • Includes all game accessories
  • ASTM certified

8. Fran Foot 4-in-1Combo Game Table

Fran Foot 4-in-1Combo Game Table

Pool, hockey, foosball, and table tennis are the four-game choices available on this table. It’s foldable for easy storage when not in use, but has a space-saving design that won’t clutter most rooms. The table is made from quality MDF and black iron piping for durability and strength. The medium-density fiberboard ensures a smith playing surface for all of your games. Don’t worry; non-scratch and non-slip legs keep the table in place. It’s easy to switch from one game to the next. Even children can easily switch games without the need for parental involvement.


  • Measures 48” x 24” x 32”
  • Includes a scoring system
  • Vibrant graphics

7. Giantex Giant Game Table

Giantex Giant Game Table

Ideal for the game room at home or business, this 48 ” 3-in-1 game table has a stylish wood design, easy setup, and many other features that enhance game time for every player. Slide hockey, billiards, and soccer are the available game choices. The easy conversion ensures that your table is ready for your favorite game in minutes while the four levelers ensure the table is even on any flooring surface. The multi-player games office hours of educational fun and entertainment for both kids and adults.


  • Overall size 48.5″ X 22.7″ X 32.5″
  • 45-lb. Weight
  • Lock clasp and non-slip foot stake

6. Gymax Mini Pool Table

Gymax Mini Pool Table

This mini pool table is designed to encourage parent-child interaction and fun. The small size is ideal for anyone, especially people who live in smaller homes or apartments. The table measures ⅓ the size of a regular regulation pool table. Triangle, pol sticks, and balls come with the table so you’re ready to play immediately after assembly. Constructed from woodgrain PVC the table is strong and durable so it’s sure to bring plenty of future fun to the family. It’s also stylish so it enhances the look of any room.


  • 6-drop pockets
  • Velvet green tabletop
  • Easy to fold and store

5. Goplus 48” Billiards Table

Goplus 48” Billiards Table

This space-saving billiards table features high-density, solid MDF construction that ensures durability and long-lasting usage. Its ⅓ the size of a regular regulation-size pool table, ideal for parents ready to teach their kids the game. It comes pre-assembled. Simply attach the legs and you’re ready to play. It folds for easy storage and is small enough that it fits under the bed. All of the essentials come with the table, including balls, pool sticks, and rack.


  • Woodgrain material
  • PVC legs, durable design
  • Solid wood table for smooth play

4. Simonis 860 Pool Table

Simonis 860 Pool Table

Sleek design ensures this pool table brings the ultimate sophistication to your home. The table is available in a 66” or 78” length and in your choice of 27 colors including orange, blue, red, dark green and others. No matter which style you select, expect many amazing games of pool shared with family and friends with this table in the house. Its nap-free design ensures longevity and beauty, while the pool table cloth is constructed from treated material for smoothness and durability.


  • Designed for 9-ball play
  • Warranty included

3. Portzon Mini Pool Table

Portzon Mini Pool Table

This table is small in size, but not in quality. It’s made using pool ball material like a regulation table at a fraction of the size. This table is the perfect addition to any home or game room. The soft table reduces ball bounce for fun and exciting games time and time again. It’s easy to set up this table in minutes, but it also comes apart so transporting is easy. The lightweight table folds up for easier storage. All of the pool game essentials come with the table, including pool sticks, cue, chalk, balls, and a brush.


  • Measures 23” x 13” x 7”
  • 2-year warranty

2. IFOYO Multi-Function 4-in-1 Combo Table

IFOYO Multi-Function 4-in-1 Combo Table

This 4-in-1 combo table offers non-stop fun for every mood and every personality in the home. Pool, hockey, occur, and tennis is the four available games. This table includes all the accessories needed for each game. Ideal for kids eight and under, it’s also a suitable table for family fun. Solid construction ensures the table has a long lifetime in the home. Weighing only 45-lbs., the table is easy to move and folds in half for easy storage.


  • Measures 31.5 * 18.9 * 25.6
  • 90-day warranty
  • Choice of blue or green velvet top

1. Lancaster 3-in-1 Arcade Game Table

Lancaster 3-in-1 Arcade Game Table

For the best value and most fun, we recommend the Lancaster 3-in-1 table. Affordably priced and made from quality materials, this table is a great gift for the kids and works wonderfully in the family room. Games include pool, hockey, and foosball. The table features side locks and switches games in a matter of minutes. The 48”-table fit easily into almost any room, even the kids’ room. Manual scorekeepers make scoring simple.


  • Measures 44 x 26 x 6 inches
  • Built-in storage