Top 10 Underwater Video Cameras Reviews In 2019

With the video camera technology improving by the day and access to water body now safer, underwater photography has grown tremendously. Originally reserved for professionals, individuals can now get under the water and shoot stunning photographs with no help. If you are skeptical or have recently delved into the practice, buy one of our recommended cameras for the best experience. Featuring 100% waterproof cases and components, they work excellently in most water bodies. They are also portable, capture crisp videos and photos, and have easy-to-use point-and-shoot designs that users appreciate.

List Of Underwater Video Cameras

10. Olympus Tough TG-Tracker

Are you shopping for a new underwater camera for a professional underwater videography project you are planning? Do not waste money on the ineffective expensive models that celebrities have endorsed all over. Buy Olympus Tough TG-Tracker instead. It is affordable, 100% waterproof and shockproof, and has a convenient steady grip design that is fun to use. Even in wet underwater environments, for instance, it fits snug in hands. Buttons are responsive, while its built-in Wi-Fi adapter is perfect for sharing media. Once its 64GB card is full, you can even backup files directly to the cloud easily. Olympus Tough TG-Tracker is battery powered (Li-90B) and comes with a free-floating strap, a cleaning kit, and a micro backpack.

9. Wosports Fish Finder Camera

With premium underwater cameras such as this Fish Finder from Wosports now available cheap, underwater photography is now easy. Lightweight, for instance, you can dive with and operate it under water effortlessly. The 2MP camera offered shoots panoramic 720p photos and videos. Its 100% waterproof design, on the other hand, works well in oceans, lakes, and rivers. If you an angler, this camera has a responsive (up to 30 meters) depth finder for identifying schools. Its large 4-inch screen works well in all light conditions while infrared (IR) ready design works well in pitch darkness. All you need are four batteries (18650) to shoot for up to 12 continuous hours.

8. Wosports Portable

When shopping for a fish finder for everyday use, a portable high-performance model will serve you better. This underwater Wosports model, for instance, is a recommended battery-powered model that works well in most water bodies. Whether you enjoy fishing in open waters such as oceans or in rivers, its HD lens works well. It also has a durable waterproof design and a long 30-meter cable for operating it remotely. Charged fully, Wosports Portable records HD videos for up to 12 hours. The 7-inch LCD screen offered is clear and its adjustable (92 degrees) lens protected by a removable sunshade for day photography. Apart from fishing finding and photography, this video camera is ideal for inspecting chimneys and inspecting wells or pipes.

7. Mesqool HD

Designed to deliver stunning HD-quality videos under water, Mesqool HD is a premium sports action camera that offers value. Waterproof up to 30 meters, it works well in all water bodies. The adjustable (170 degrees) 12MP camera offered delivers 4K ultra HD quality at 25 frames per second (fps). It also achieves 1080p at 60fps and 720p resolution at 120fps. To ease review of media, this underwater camera has a clear LCD screen (2-inches) that works well in all environments. Its responsive Wi-Fi adapter eases synchronization of media with tablets and phones and its ergonomic design very easy to operate.

6. ETTG BP88

Perfect for beginners, ETTG BP88 is an image-stabilized 8X zoom camera with a lightweight and waterproof case. Designed for use under water, it powerful lens and CMOS sensor deliver panoramic videos in all environments. Photos are also HD quality and its sturdy anti-shock plastic shell designed to work well up to 30 meters under water. It rarely slips, for instance. The clear 2.7-inch screen (TFT) offered is perfect for setting recording jobs, while its two and 10-second self-timer is responsive.

5. VTech Kidizoom

Does underwater photography interest your kid? To nature his or her interest, offer him or her this VTech Kidizoom action camera as a gift. Specially designed for children aged 4-9 years, its purple-themed design is kid-safe. It is also durable, fun to use, and has a versatile system with high-performance components. The 1.4-inch color screen (LCD) offered, for instance, is glare-free. Its waterproof digital camera is effective up to 6-feet underwater, which makes it ideal for pool photography. This camera has a 2.5-hour Li-ion polymer battery, creativity-inspiring filters, and a micro SD slot for storing videos and photos.

4. GoPro HERO5

Waterproof up to 33 feet, GoPro HERO5 is a professional-grade digital camera that supports single, time lapse, and burst modes. It also supports hands-free voice control and has a 2.0-inch display (touch) for setting and reviewing photography jobs. If the poorly designed model in your possession frustrates you, therefore, you will relish the experience a new one offers. Apart from shooting videos and photos like a professional, you will appreciate its unique one button control and its durability. With the help of its advanced video stabilization technology, you should also forget about shakes and pixelation.

3. Underwater-Waterproof-Recorder-Camcorder-Snorkelling

Delivering the clarity that most underwater photographers crave, Underwater Waterproof Recorder Camcorder Snorkelling is a dependable 24MP camcorder. Even though entry level, its performance (1920 x 1080p HD) in most settings is better than most professional cameras. Pricing is acceptable, while its water-resistant design works well at distances of up to 10 feet. Whether you enjoy exploring lakes, pools, or the outdoors, this accessory performs well. Storage (up to 32GB) is also impressive, while its ergonomic body is both comfortable to handle and easy to operate. You get a one-year warranty for each original Underwater-Waterproof-Recorder-Camcorder-Snorkelling camcorder you purchase.

2. VTech Kidizoom Pro

This mountable VTech Kidizoom camera (skateboards and bikes) is a fun-to-use kid’s accessory with a striking yellow and black theme. Designed to work up to 6-feet underwater, it is a perfect play accessory for water lovers. Video quality is appealing, while its expandable storage (up to 32GB) accommodates up to 278,000 640x480p photographs. Finally, with its clear 1.4-inch LCD screen (colored), it is perfect for reviewing photos and videos before sharing.

1. AKASO EK7000

Underwater Video Cameras

This Wi-Fi enabled AKASO EK7000 underwater camera tops our list. Rechargeable, mountable, and with a remote control that eases its operation, it is a perfect everyday camcorder. The wide-angle (170 degrees) 12MP lens it uses captures ultra HD videos and photos (4K). Its 1050mAh battery pack, on the other hand, has an impressive 90-minute runtime. During your adventures, it will never disappoint you by running out of charge. AKASO EK7000 is water-resistant up to 100 feet and supports high-speed HDMI media transfer.

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