Top 10 Punching Bags For Kids Reviews In 2019

In today’s modern society, kid’s toys have transformed for the fun and engaging manual ones that were popular in the past to video games that promote lethargy. As a result, the incidence of obesity among children has increased significantly. Diabetes and other inactivity-associated non-communicable diseases are also a concern, particularly among those that spend several hours every day playing video games. To offer you child an interesting toy during his or her upcoming birthday, therefore, consider one of the 10 punching bags for kids listed herein. They are affordable, kid-safe, and have functional designs that offer hours of interesting gameplay.

The Best Selling Products

SaleBestseller No. 1
Inflatable Kids Punching Bag – Free Standing Ninja Boxing Bag for Immediate Bounce-Back for Practicing Karate, Taekwondo, MMA and to Relieve Pent Up Energy in Kids and Adults Age 5+ / Tall 5’ 3”
  • THE ULTIMATE XL ENERGY BUSTER - Atlasonix brings you this friendly Ninja Bop Bag. He’ll keep coming back at you immediately no matter how much punishment you hand out to him. Practice your martial arts - Taekwondo, punch, drop kick, and karate chop to your heart’s delight.
  • KEEP SCREEN TIME TO A MINIMUM - At home, in the office, on road trips and camping. Indoors and outdoors. This is the best way for hyperactive kids to burn off pent-up energy from sitting too long. They get a great workout and it prevents flare-ups between bored siblings.
  • NO WORRY - NO HOLES - EASY TO USE & WILL NOT TEAR - Simply fill the base with water (no, IT NEVER LEAKS) or sand, if you prefer and inflate the top part using mouth or pump and you’re ready to go. When not in use, it can be emptied and folded down ready to play another time.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS, this punching bag for kids over 5 years old, stands at over 5ft tall, just about anyone can enjoy our Ninja bop game. Made of soft material and filled with air, it’s easy on hands and feet and will not harm anyone.
  • SAFETY AND QUALITY TOYS FROM ATLASONIX so that you can enjoy quality time with the kids and encourage independent play. We give you a 60-DAY MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and our customer service team is ready and waiting to help you whenever you need it.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Standing Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids
  • SOCK IT, BOP IT, PUNCH IT: It won't hit back! Punch, kick, and sock it and it will bounce right back. This punching bopper toy can take all you can throw at him so go ahead and bop it!
  • PUNCHING BAG FOR KIDS: This inflatable bop it toy is a standing punching bag that is totally safe, won't hurt their hands, & stands up to all the karate chops, punches and kicks your child can throw!
  • YOUTH SPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Boys & girls can begin to develop new skills and practice for popular sports like wrestling, karate & youth boxing with a power bag made for kids. No boxing gloves required!
  • AGILITY, BALANCE & COORDINATION: All come together in this indoor & outdoor toy. Great for physical activity, exercise, children's birthday activities & learning self defense.
  • OUTLET FOR ACTIVE CHILDREN: Socker Bopper gives kids a fun way to blow off steam, relieve stress & release extra energy indoors or outside! Active play for ages 3 years old and up.

10. Hedstrom Ultimate Spiderman Bop Bag


Are you looking to inject some activity into your child’s somewhat dull life? If a punching bag is one of your preferred options, this Spiderman-themed bop bag from Hedstrom is a good option. Lightweight, durable, and with a conveniently sized 42-inch design made of soft and inflatable vinyl material, it is an excellent kid’s accessory. The material, for instance, lacks irritants such as BPA and phthalates. Its bottom is sturdy and fillable using sand or water for optimal stability, while its soft and fun-to-use body deflates for easier storage and transportation. You bundle of joy will enjoy the charming spring action that this bob generates without compromising safety.

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9. Hedstrom Avengers Bop Bag


Is your child interested in superheroes? To fulfill his or her fantasies while injecting activity into his or her life at the same time, Hedstrom Avengers is an eye-catching bop bag that works excellently. Measuring approximately 42-inches, it is large and fun to use. The inflatable vinyl used to make it is soft, rip-resistant, and chemical-free, while its reinforced bottom is not only durable but also stabilizes it well using sand or water. Hedstrom Avengers Bop Bag is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Setup and storage are easy (deflatable), while its kid-safe design and construction make it an ideal play accessory for kids of all cadres.

8. Toys & Child 3D Bop Bag


Nature your kid’s interest in boxing and other contact sports with an original version of this 3D bop bag from Toys and Child. Even though the 36-inch product offered is smaller than some models listed herein, its durability and convenient inflatable design appeal to parents of all cadres. Its beautifully crafted boxer theme keeps children entertained, while the watertight base it comes with stabilizes it well for an enjoyable gaming experience. Toys & Child 3D Bop Bag is cheap, chemical-free, and works best for children aged three years and above.

7. Bestway Toys Domestic Angry Birds Punching Bag


With this domestic punching bag from Bestway Toys, you get a stable 36-inch play toy for kids with a bright and colorful Angry Birds theme that entices kids to stay active. Made of high-grade PVC, it is ripped and tear resistant. Its surface is smooth and well finished for safer punching, while the concealed inflatable nozzle it comes with eases inflation when planning for a gaming session. It also eases deflation during storage and betters the experience of kids, overall, when playing. Bestway Toys Domestic Angry Birds Punching Bag works best for children aged three to eight years old.

6. Ringside Kids Boxing Set


Attainable as affordable fully-fledged boxing set for kids, Ringside Kids Boxing is a premium accessory with several functional accessories that take entertainment to the next level. The 17 x 5-inch mini heavy bag offered, for instance, has a quality and kids-safe design holds up well after months of abuse. The pair of slip-on gloves that children get, on the other hand, are comfortable and a perfect reflection of professional adult-sized models, while the slip-on headgear offered is not only comfortable but also has an elastic chin strap that holds it securely on the head. Replace the gaming station in your home with this boxing bag set to nature the champion in your bundle of joy from a young age.

5. Eco-Bonk Kid-Tough Inflatable Bop Bag


Do not waste your money on one of the poorly designed kid’s bags in stores. To get a kid-tough inflatable model that lasts up to three times longer than most standard models in stores, this Bop bag from Eco-Bank is a valuable resource. Made of a durable and machine washable fabric, it is super convenient. Its sanitary design is baby-safe, while its Jackson brown bear themed body appeals to kids of most age groups. It is also planetary friendly (100% recycled) and guarantees kids hours’ worth of interesting tumble and rumble play indoors or outdoors. Eco-Bonk Kid-Tough Inflatable Bop Bag is USA-made and attainable cheap in Amazon store.

4. Liberty Imports Sports Boxing Punching Bags For Kids

liberty-imports-sport-boxing-punching-bag(Punching Bags For Kids)

Measuring 43 inches (maximum), Liberty Imports is a decently sized boxing punching bag for kids with a unique height-adjustable design (30-43 inches) and a comfortable kid-safe design that offered hours of enjoyable gameplay. Specially designed for children, the materials used are durable and kid-safe. The weighted stand it comes with has a built in elastic spring that improves its bounce action, while its versatility and easy to use design is among the best for improving body coordination, agility, and skill. This punching bag works best for children aged five years and above.

3. Intex – 3D Bop Bag Punching Bags For Kids

Surprise your bundle of joy with this Intex – 3D Bop Bag to get an inflatable 34 x 20-inch toy with a convenient blow-up system. Assembly is straightforward. Styling is top notch, while its suitability for boxing and wrestling applications (without losing its shape) satisfies the needs of kids of all cadres. With an original bag, you also get a sturdy and leak-resistant base that improves its stability and bounce rate. Intex – 3D Bop Bag works best for children ages 3+ years old.

2. Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Punching Bags For Kids

big-time-toys-socker-bopper(Punching Bags For Kids)

Ranked among the top 10 punching bag for kids, Socker Bopper is an inflatable boxing pillow (using air) with a soft and kid-safe body that makes gameplay fun. Featuring a patented dual-cavity design, this Bopper is durable. The no-leak air valves it comes with ease inflation while the rugged 12-gauge Vinyl used to manufacture it lacks irritants such as BPA that often compromise the health of children. Big Time Toys Socker Bopper is oversized and keeps kids of all ages entertained for long.

1. Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Punching Bags For Kids

big-time-toys-socker-bopper-power-bag(Punching Bags For Kids)

Keep gameplay fun and active with an original version of this Big Time power bag. Made of heavy-duty vinyl, its air-inflated design is durable, smooth, and recommended for kids of all age groups. Bounce back is excellent courtesy of its well-balanced design while its ability to promote cathartic release through physical fun makes it an excellent alternative to the video games that most children like.

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