Top 8 Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews In 2020

Whether you are angling for recreation or doing it professionally, you will need a great fishing gear. It will give you an easy time on the waters and ensure your safety as well. One of the things you will need is a fishing rod. Instead of going for the traditional rod, it is time to try a telescopic fishing rod. Why? This is because it collapses into a compact, portable tool. If you have limited storage space in your home or car, this tool does not take up much room. It is also simple to carry around, as the small parts retract into the large ones, thus fits in a small bag. When buying telescopic fishing rods, it is helpful that you purchase the best brands the market has to offer. Below are the top 8 telescopic fishing rod.

The Best Selling Products

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8. Akaka Retractable Rod

Akaka Retractable Rod

Are you looking for a sturdy, durable telescopic fishing rod? Akataka is among the brands you should consider buying. It boasts of high-density carbon material. Besides, the rings consist of corrosion resistant stainless steel and aluminum. This rod offers high performance and efficiency. With a sensitive tip, you know when your bait has caught something. Akataka suits both fresh and salt water. It is usable for different types of fishing bass, trout, surf, and kayak fishing.


  • Has a comfortable handle and a stable eel seat
  • Light and balanced with a closed length of 24inches
  • Made from 30-ton carbon fiber

7. Plussino Fishing Rod

Plussino Fishing Rod

Considering the materials Plussino is made from, think of it as one of the sturdy telescopic fishing rods. It is available in different packages including a full kit that eliminates the need to buy other fishing accessories. The guides system and inserts foster a higher casting distance while the aluminum reel seat increases the durability of the rod.


  • Incorporates 24ton carbon fiber and fiberglass
  • Provides sufficient elasticity for accurate casting
  • Appropriate for boat and sea fishing

6. Sougayilang Rod

Sougayilang Rod

Suitable for both fresh and salt water, Sougayilang offers you long lasting use just like any other product in the top 8 telescopic fishing rod reviews in For a tight comfortable grip, this brand provides an EVA handle, which is ergonomic. To help you curb fatigue, it is usable in both left and right hand. If you are looking for an elegant fishing rod, this is an example of a product to consider purchasing.


  • Has a light, hard guide
  • Uses an instant lock
  • Bright and anti-corrosion

5. Plusinno Kids Pole

Plusinno Kids Pole

It is the weekend, and you are going fishing with your family. You should get your children telescopic fishing rods that suit their age and angling skills. Plusinno has such. The full package includes the rod, reel, tackle, and line. Your little ones need light poles with comfortable lengths. This product has that in mind. It allows you to have a good time fishing with your family without worrying about your kids getting tired or hurt.


  • It is lightweight, flexible, and soft
  • High quality and durable
  • Easy to use

4. Plussino Retractable Fishing Pole

Plussino Retractable Fishing Pole

When you think you have heard enough about Plussino, the company has another model to offer. It is available in carbon fiber and fiberglass construction in addition to the aluminum guide inserts. With this make, you get a rod that is comfortable, eye-catching, and with a design that ensures a sturdy foregrip. However, it does not come with a reel or rod holder. Remember to buy them separately. On the plus side, the manufacturer provides a cloth bag to assist with safe storage.


  • It is light and high –grade
  • Has an extended handle
  • Offers multiple lengths

3. Plussino Full Kit Fishing Gear

Plussino Full Kit Fishing Gear

Have you had to buy different angling items from different brands? The frustration ends when you buy Plussino full kit fishing gear. It does not only provide you a telescopic fishing rod but also other accessories such as a reel, line lures, and hooks. With the big line capacity, the rod is capable of high performance. There are various lengths to choose from, which increases convenience for enjoyable fishing.


  • Hard, high density, and long lasting
  • Stainless steel real seat has a hooded design
  • Employs an instantaneous anti-reverse

2. Sougayilang Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Fishing Rod

Sougayilag is one of the brand names you will come across when searching for telescopic fishing rods. It appears the second time in the top 8 telescopic fishing rod reviews in 2019 for several factors. For instance, its construction entails quality carbon fiber and fiberglass and a guide made from ceramic. Such makes the rod last long and hard enough to withstand tough fishing situations. There are three lengths to choose from depending on your preference.


  • Has a low fiction
  • Presents a piano porcelain look
  • Has a breathable EVA grip

1. Plussino Fishing Rod

Plussino Fishing Rod

As the leading product in the reviews, Plussino is a credible brand when it comes to fishing rods. Surprise your friend, father, brother, or children with this wonderful fishing rod. It is what you need to ensure smooth angling. It does not matter whether you are a beginner in fishing or great at it. The last thing you need is a rod that is hard to operate. Plussino saves you such trouble. With this make, you get to try out varying lengths and enjoy the comfortable grip that takes care of your palms.


  • Seawater does not corrode it
  • Use stainless steel reel seats
  • Incorporates a sensitive blank construction


The secret to having a smooth experience when fishing is to have the right gear. Every item you use should be high-quality with top performance, and that includes fishing rods. As you plan your fishing trip with friends and family, ensure you carry a telescopic fishing rod. It collapses into a compact item that fits in a backpack and does not take up much space in your car. From the review above, you already have eight examples of rods worth buying and what makes them worth the while.