Top 8 Surf Fishing Reels Reviews In 2019

You were at an event last weekend and made a few friends who invited you to go surf fishing. Perhaps you have a phobia when it comes to angling in the deep waters, yet you yearn to catch fresh fish for everyday meals. It is not mandatory to be on a boat in the middle of the sea angling. Surf fishing is a good place to start. Catch fish from the shoreline or surf as you fish. For successful angling at the shore, you will need these top 8 surf fishing reels reviews to assist you in finding a powerful, handy reel.

List Of Surf Fishing Reels

8. Dr. Fish Spinning Reel-12000 13+1BB

Dr. Fish Spinning Reel-12000 13+1BB

One of the things Dr. Fish reel provides anglers is a long spool for casting. It has been reconstructed to be tapered and shallow with ball bearings that increase casting speed and distance. It is sturdy thanks to the materials it is made from, which include a graphite body, foldable aluminum handle, and stainless steel shaft. The reel has corrosion-resistant bearings to suit salt-water fishing. With the anti-reverse bearing mechanism, expect efficiency from this brand.


  • It is heavy duty with an ultra-capacity
  • Offers constant retrieval power
  • Provides a consistent drag

7. Dr. Fish 11000 Inshore Offshore Reel

Dr. Fish 11000 Inshore Offshore Reel

Here is another reel model from Dr.Fish. Like the previous make, it is heavy duty to stand tough angling activities such as surf fishing. The fact that the drag is adjustable makes the reel more user-friendly. Use the spool for long distance casting. This way, you can be at the shore and reach deeper into the sea. 11000 allows you to catch a wide variety of fish such as mackerel, kingfish, tuna, striped bass, shark, and yellow tails. It has a handle that suits both left and right-hand usage for convenience reasons.


  • Uses high precision bearings for consistency
  • Its bail wire is made from strong, quality carbon steel
  • The foldable handle saves storage space

6. X-CAT Nacatin Fishing Reel

X-CAT Nacatin Fishing Reel

X-Cat is a unique fishing reel with a sleek appearance. It is simple singling it out from other brands. The reel fosters minimal friction to ensure it lasts. Besides, it comes with an anti-reverse one-way bearing for smooth performance. With the hollow frame, this product is lightweight, reducing fatigue when in use and when carrying it. It consists of a computer balancing mechanism for high-end angling. Choose from the wide range of modes 1000-To boost comfort, the reel has a wood handle.


  • Durable and runs smoothly
  • It is a right/left-hand interchangeable reel
  • Portable with a high gear strength

5. Yoshikawa 3000-6000 Baitfeeder Reel

Yoshikawa 3000-6000 Baitfeeder Reel

One of the easy to use surf fishing reels is Yoshikawa. Operating cannot be hard. Flip the lever at the back of the spool and have an easy time catching big fish. About materials, this tool entails of a graphite side plate, an aluminum spool and handle, and a stainless steel shaft. Its multi-disc drag provides superior functionality. Use this reel to catch small sharks, striped bass, carp, and catfish. The 3000-600 casting distance range increases the maneuverability of the spool.


  • Has a wide and accurate dag adjustment
  • Uses a foldable handle
  • Works well in fresh and salt water

4. Okuma Trio Hybrid Spinning Reel

Okuma Trio Hybrid Spinning Reel

Are you looking for something different in fishing reels? Okuma changes your angling experience. For starters, it has a hybrid design entailing an aluminum lip and a graphite arbor. Its drag system is not similar to what the previous products utilize. Okuma uses a dual force system that maximizes efficiency and pressure. This way, you get to enjoy smooth fishing with a reel that has the bearings to make that possible.


  • It is a high-speed reel
  • Uses a crossover design
  • It is solid and stable

3. Penn Pursuit Reel

Penn Pursuit Reel

Sometimes, it can be strenuous pulling fish out of water. Maybe you have caught a big one, or the reel you are using is letting you down. Penn can help you through such a scenario. It is solid and sturdy allowing you to tackle tough fishing experiences. With the drag system and a light frame, there is nothing to worry about when using this reel. It has a graphite body and rotor, and a metal side plate all of which contribute to its durability. The drag system is smooth with force necessary to ensure comfortable fishing. Meanwhile, the ergonomic handle and anti-reverse system provides stress-free spinning


  • Suits hard-puling fish
  • It is reliable
  • Light and durable

2. KastKing Sharky Fishing REEL III

KastKing Sharky Fishing REEL III

As the second item in the top 8 surf fishing reel reviews in 2019, KastKing offers you several things. For example, it has a reinforced body that gives it a tough structure to handle all kinds of fishing. The reel has the precision you need and a triple disc drag that boosts performance. In connection to that, it provides easy retrieval saving you time and effort. It has also a high line capacity for more fulfilling angling.


  • It is super lightweight
  • Has waterproof rotor, body, and spool
  • Uses an oversize shaft

1. Penn 8000 Battle II Fishing Reel

Penn 8000 Battle II Fishing Reel

Penn makes it the number one reel in the reviews for multiple reasons. For instance, the 8000 casting distance is enormous enough to change your angling sessions. Its heavy bail wire is made from aluminum for strength and durability. The reel is sturdy and compact; therefore, improving balance and stability. With the high-end gearing, retrieval is fast to allow you to cast more and boost your chances of catching fish. Penn suits both beginners and experts in angling. It would be a great gift for someone who enjoys fishing.


  • Has a high line capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • It is long-lasting


A fishing reel is a crucial part of angling gear. In your search for the best surf fishing reels, keep in mind the products we have reviewed. Change your experience through investing in sturdy, durable, high-quality, and easy to use fishing reels. If you like elegance, we have already covered some of the brands with exquisite designs. Place an order and begin to enjoy surf fishing.

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