Top 10 Storm Bowling Balls Reviews In 2020

Storm bowling balls will not allow lane conditions to affect your game. All too often, oily bowling lanes will not let your ball grip the lane to give it the rotation and explosion necessary in the final one-third of the lane to achieve a strike. The Storm bowling ball must also grip the lane to achieve difficult spares in between strikes to keep your score high. By leaving a box open, your scores will taper off, and you don’t want that. League nights are fun and exciting for amateur bowlers everywhere, when they have the right equipment. Whether you’re out at the lanes for a fun night with friends or in serious competition, These bowling balls give you the edge. The only thing left to discover is, which provides you with a more significant advantage? We will attempt to help you with that when we discuss these top ten Storm bowling balls.

The Best Selling Products

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10. MICHELIN Storm All-Road

MICHELIN Storm All-Road

This Michelin All-Roads is a mid-performance ball with all roads explored to come up with this elaborate inverted Fe2 technology in the weight block to step up your game. You will realize more explosive power in the back end as the energy gets transferred from the lane to the pins. The unique NRG Hybrid reactive cover stock enhances your ball’s traction with the unique Nano additive.


  • 4000-grit Abralon factory finish
  • Inverted Fe2 weight block technology
  • Blueberry fragrance for 12 to 16 pound balls
  • NRG Hybrid Reactive cover stock

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9. MICHELIN Storm Hy-Road X

MICHELIN Storm Hy-Road X

You’ll love this Michelin Hy-Road X. This Michelin bowling ball uses R2X solid reactive cover stock, which is perfect for light to medium oil conditions. The solid reactive cover stock provides leverage for changing lane conditions. You can use this ball when adjusting to lane oil breakdown. It will give you the explosive back end game to up your scores in transitional conditions. Down let oil carry ruin your game as the conditions change. Take the Hy-Road instead!


  • Available in 12 to 16 pound balls
  • With R2X solid reactive cover stock
  • 1500-grit polished cover for more aggressive reaction
  • Rapidly adjusts to changing lane conditions

8. MICHELIN Storm Crux Prime

MICHELIN Storm Crux Prime

The Storm Crux Prime by Michelin brings back the Catalyst core for high-performance bowling. The popular core was always known for unsurpassed performance on the lanes. Its power, enhanced entry angle, and dynamic asymmetrical design allows more error room due to the vertical cavity. Its SPEC cover stock alludes to the “Storm Performance Enhanced Cover stock.” A cover stock specifically designed to grip the lane despite the friction or oil the ball meets on the lanes.


  • Red, White, and Purple color mixture
  • Solid reactive cover stock best for oily conditions and oil transition
  • 2000-grit Abalone
  • Available with a pomegranate cider fragrance
  • Asymmetrical catalyst core

7. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball

Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball

The Storm Pitch Black is a far less aggressive hooking ball than most reactive balls due to the Urethane. This ball is best for dry conditions and dominant bowlers who do not require much hooking action. The Pitch Black takes more of a natural look than an aggressive hook even on drier lanes. This is one of the favorites used by professional bowlers who don’t want many hooks.


  • Solid Urethane control cover stock
  • Capacitor core
  • 1000-grit factory pad finish
  • Matte black finish

6. Storm Hy-Road R2S Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Hy-Road R2S Pearl Bowling Ball

The Storm designers and manufacturers understand the bowler’s need as they too are bowlers. They know the most significant factor of ball movement is the ball’s cover stock. Once you try the Hy-Road Pearl, you will know the difference immediately. The R2S reactive Pearl shell lets the ball float effortlessly and maintain ball speed along the first two-thirds, then really cuts loose in the backend. The inverted Fe2 technology reactive core gives you extra punch in the backend even on medium lane conditions.


  • An R2S pearl reactive shell
  • Dramatically cuts loose in the backend
  • 1500-grit polished R2S Pearl reactive cover
  • Medium hook for semi-dry lanes and transitional conditions

5. MICHELIN Storm PhysiX


The MICHELIN Storm PhysiX ships with no drilled holes unless you provide and pay for drilling services and specific measurements. Be careful with the new PhysiX, as other bowlers might think you are a cheater due to your newly realized high scores with your new ball. This carefully constructed high-performance design spent nearly a decade in development. You’ll see its remarkable design dynamics and power with just one roll of the ball. The PhysiX hooks at about the fourth board and explodes from 45 feet onward. If you’re within the four board range, you will generally hit your mark. It has a powerful, smooth hook.


  • Powerful in the back end
  • Available in 12 to 16 pound balls
  • Smooth hooking ball for the “typical house shot”

4. MICHELIN Storm !Q Tour Emerald

MICHELIN Storm !Q Tour Emerald

The Storm !Q Tour Emerald is an exceptionally crafted bowling ball. The !Q glides through the thickest oil and other lane conditions; yet, still powers through the back end. You’ll love the action on this ball; it never disappoints. This ball is reactive and grabs in medium to heavy oil. Even in heavy oil, it is smooth, stable, and predictable.


  • R2S pearl reactive cover stock
  • C3 centripetal control core
  • Melon mint scent
  • Black and emerald color scheme in 12 to 16 pound balls

3. MICHELIN Storm Match Up Hybrid

MICHELIN Storm Match Up Hybrid

Whether you’re a competitive bowler or just out for fun, you will love the Storm Match Up Hybrid. Storm designers really upped their design game with this ball. They’ve changed the core from its old Storm Match to give it more hook and flare potential with the 2.0 Stinger core. The thought process was to provide it with a better entry angle for more pin carry, and it works splendidly. The Stinger core wrapped with a reactor cover stock brings more power at the back end, where you need it most.


  • Black/Red/Blue mixture
  • Modified centripetal core in the 12 & 13 pound balls
  • Stinger 2.0 core in the 14 to 16 pound balls
  • 1500-grit polished

2. Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

The Storm Phaze II is the bowling ball of choice for professionals and amateurs in the know for heavy to medium oil conditions. Many bowlers start with the Phaze II until the oil pattern moves down the lanes. This is a solid reactive ball with a velocity weight block, so you can expect it to grip even in soup. The cover and core marriage produces one of the most vigorous movements of any one of the Storm symmetrical products to date.


  • Tx-16 solid reactive cover stock
  • Velocity weight block
  • 3000-grit Abralon factory finish
  • Red, blue, and purple color design combination

1. Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball — Obsidian/Jade/Orchid

Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball — Obsidian/Jade/Orchid

This never-before-matched core and cover combination puts the R3S Hybrid cover with the Velocity Core to outshine any others. The Storm lineup loves the velocity core, and so do bowlers everywhere, professionals, and amateurs alike. The Storm appreciates its past but bends toward the future. In fact, professionals around the world turn to the low RG, high-differential design, and construction of the Phaze III.


  • R3S Hybrid reactive weight block cover stock
  • Velocity Core
  • When the competition gets tough, the R3S cover “gets tougher”
  • Offers a unique core and cover combination to up your game