Top 10 Standing Desks Converter Reviews In 2019

Work-related problems such as muscle and back pains are on the rise. Stress and productivity issues are also rampant among blue and white-collar office workers. Even though most individuals blame their hectic job schedules for these problems, desk quality is to blame. By sitting for hours, for instance, individuals strain joints and muscles. Inactivity also induces non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and decreases the attention span of individuals, especially the elderly. To solve these issues permanently, convert your sitting desk into a standing one with one of the 10 converters reviewed herein. They are easy to setup built to work on most types of desks.

List Of Standing Desks Converter

10. Stand up Desk Store Converter

To transform your uncomfortable office desk it a comfortable and healthy standing model, Stand up Desk Store converter works well. Designed to set up in seconds, you do not need special tools to get a functional working space. Its lightweight design is sturdy, while the spacious desk shelf offered accommodates laptops and computer screens of various sizes. If you are ergonomically minded, its tired design is also comfortable to use devoid of the type of job you do often. Used occasionally, therefore, forget about the annoying back pain you suffer often because of poor posture. It also improves the alertness of users and flexes to accommodate workers of all stature.

9. Stand up Desk Store AirRise Pro

This AirRise pro converter from Stand up Desk Store is a versatile two-tiered work accessory with a unique air technology. It raises and collapses smoothly on most desks. Its sturdy design secures laptops and other work accessories well while its non-slip feet improve safety. Finally, if space is a concern, this black desk converter never disappoints. It has a spacious top table that fits computer monitors and laptops weighing up to 50 pounds. Its broad second tire, on the other hand, is perfect for securing keyboards and mice.

8. Halter ED-600

Attainable assembled, Halter ED-600 is an adjustable converter with a stylish cherry theme. Ideal for use in homes, its feature-rich design never disappoints devoid of work or desk type. The sturdy frame offered, for instance, has convenient squeeze handles that ease its adjustment up and down. Its compact body, on the other hand, works well in tight spaces, while its gas spring technology is super dependable. Unlike comparable converters that crumble under pressure, for instance, this patent pending technology absorbs stress well. It also adjusts quietly and is super-sturdy even when fully extended. In Amazon, Halter ED-600 has a 1-year warranty.

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7. Readydesk

Manufactured to help individuals (5’3”to 6’2”) to work comfortably, Readydesk is among the best. Built in the USA, it is dependable, adjustable, and currently the best desks for improving focus. By promoting physical activity and orienting the body ergonomically, it also burns calories and relieves back pain over time. Simply adjust it to your preferred height to enjoy the experience of your life. Readydesk has a broad award-winning design that supports two laptops or multiple monitors. Even though light, its steel frame is sturdy and has shake proof cross bracing that improves its stability.

6. Rocelco ADR

Featuring a 32-inch wide sit/stand design that supports up to 50 pounds, Rocelco ADR is ideal for professional use. In a busy office setting, for instance, you can install dual monitors with space to spare. Its black-finished body is eye-catching while its height adjustable frame maximizes comfort and the productivity of users. Used every day, the risk of joint and back pains also drops significantly with a positive effect on users. In addition to its broad top and sturdy frame, Rocelco ADR is popular because of its adjustable keyboard tray. You can stagger it easily to keep your keyboard at a proper height for optimal performance.

5. Avantree Bed Table

Perfect for studying and working in most settings, Avantree is a premium bed table that supports laptops and monitors. Featuring a sturdy and foldable frame, its portability is impressive. The innovative height adjusting technology (9.4-12.6-inches) it employs is efficient, while its rubberized feet do not scratch delicate surfaces. Apart from creating a healthy working environment, Avantree Bed Table is perfect for snacking on beds. Simply customize its height and lock its frame (via its auto-lock buttons) for an enjoyable and or productive experience.

4. Executive Office Solutions

To get a high-performance desk converter that will serve you for years, Executive Office Solutions is a recommended model. Preferred by individuals and business executives alike, its quality of construction is one of its major strengths. The lightweight aluminum used to make its frame, for example, is light and durable. Legs are adjustable/rotatable (360 degrees) for better placement, while its ergonomic top doubles as a lap tray and TV bed. When working, therefore, you can use it to limit body strain by improving posture. When entertaining, you can rest your legs on it or use it to improve the placement of your television. This desk converter has quiet built-in cooling fans (USB-powered) and a money back guarantee.

3. VARIDESK Pro Plus

VARIDESK Pro Plus is popular in most top 10 standing desk converter reviews in 2016 for numerous reasons. Featuring a spacious (36-inch) black design, for instance, it is perfect for commercial use. You can use a large 17-inch laptop on it. It also accommodates most dual monitor setups and adjusts smoothly (11 positions) to suit individuals of all stature. Whether you are tall or short, therefore, you will work comfortably for longer with the help of this converter. This two-tiered desk converter is affordable and has a spring-loaded lift mechanism (patented) that supports up to 35 pounds.

2. Stand Steady

To convert your uncomfortable work desk into a safe and comfortable one instantly, consider this award winning stand steady converter. Affordable, height-adjustable, and with a universal black theme that complements most desk, it is a valuable office accessory. Its sturdy frame has rubberized feet for safety while its wide modern design suits various interests. If you work long 8-hour shifts, for instance, it will cure your consistent back pains naturally. This 14-pound 24×20-inch converter also improves focus and supports up to 75 pounds.

1. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

Standing Desks Converter

This elite edition of the Stand Steady desk converter reviewed herein tops our list. While it shares the attractive black theme of its predecessor, its size (24 x 20-inches) and ergonomic design stand out. It also has a modern-looking workstation and a high range height (7-16-inches) with a pump-assisted lift that works effortlessly. Out of the box, this elite desk converter comes ready to use (assembled).

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