Top 10 Best Corded Electric Snow Blowers Reviews In 2019

The winter snow is not something that most adults would look at expectantly. One of the most backbreaking activities during the winter is the removal of accumulated snow from the drives and walkways. So if this whole exercise could be handled with a bit more eases, then it would be a very welcome development. The corded snow blowers are meant to take away the hard part of dealing with snow. Most of the models handled in this Top 10 best Corded Electric snow blowers are versatile enough to suit any sort of needs and a focus has been on offering the customer an affordable choice of the snow plow.

List Of Snow Blowers Reviews

10. Murray Dual-Stage Thrower Plow


With the Murray snow thrower, the customer is assured of a quick action as there is little by way of a warm-up activity. The plow does have a strong enough throw to land the cleared snow to a good distance. Lacking in the extra features, the dual stage plow does manage to clear a fair bit of snowfall.


  • 27 Inch wide path
  • 110 RPM shovel speed
  • Headlight illumination
  • Rotatable chute to move snow
  • Lightweight and easily transportable

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9. Homegear Professional Snow Blower


The Homegear snow blower can be deceptive in its appearance and could well remove a fair amount of accumulated snow. It is quite possible to arrive at near professional results with this model. The lightweight construction enables the customer to shift around the plow after each use.


  • 20 Inch wide clearance path
  • 3000 RPM rotary speed
  • Push button start
  • Safety interlocks
  • Height adjustable handles

8. EJWOX Electric Corded Snow Thrower


The most powerful feature of the EJWOX corded snow plow is the versatile nature of the machine that makes it suited to a number of wide applications. With the adjustable handles meant to be prepared for each individual customer, the mechanism does ensure added safety and convenience at best to individual settings.


  • The capacity of up to 700 lbs of snow per minute
  • Throw reach of up to 20 ft.
  • Large wheels
  • Adjustable shroud deflects snow to precise locations
  • At 23 lbs, one of the lightest around

7. Troy-Bilt Electric Snow Machine


This would be the snow thrower that people prefer at places with large snowfalls. With the Troy-Bilt machine, the sidewalks and drives are kept clean right through the winter without a complaint. The adjustable chute ensures that the snow is thrown clear of the path taken by the plow.


  • Bi-directional skid shoes for better control.
  • 2 Inches wide knobby tires provide the traction
  • Can handle snow 13 Inches deep
  • Push button start
  • Tough scratch-free exterior

6. Snow Joe Two Stage Blower


There is the added power afforded by the two staged working of the Snow Joe that there really is no maximum load as such. More than just the sheer raw power, the snow plow can well work through most drives with relative ease.


  • Self-propelled module
  • Rechargeable batteries ensure a low-cost operation
  • Integrated display and control panel
  • Rapid return function ensures a quick thru work
  • Reversible skid shoes

5. YARDMAX Two-Stage Blower


The full power of a two-stage blower is realized in the Yardmax make snow plow that can clear a well-packed backyard in quick time. The relatively heavier 125 lbs do work in favor during the days of higher than usual pile ups. This would also make it easier to handle with few skids and slides as well.


  • 29.9 Inch wide intake
  • 5 forward and 1 reverse speed
  • 6.5 HP at the feed mouth
  • Rustproof Aluminum Casing
  • Oil lubricated

4. Earthwise Electric Snow Shovel


The Earthwise snow shovel is preferred by those who would want to perform a steady job than a quick on the run effort. It is one of the simplest of designs to use and does help to have few moving parts as possible on a plow. There is sufficient power on tap and people rarely complain that it did not meet the requirements.


  • Open cowl design
  • 30 ft throwing distance
  • 430 lbs snow per minute capacity
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty
  • Battery-less and mains powered

3. Greenworks Brushless Snow Plow


This could be one of the most powerful batteries powered snow plows around. The Greenworks use a brushless design that not only has lesser vibration but is more efficient as well. This translates to more time on the plow than in stow. The use of Li-Ion batteries not only makes it cost-effective but would be the more cost-effective solution at hand.


  • 7 Inch wheels
  • LED lit front space
  • Rotating chute for the better aim of snow flow
  • 20 ft discharge distance
  • Lightweight in construction

2. Greenworks Corded Snow Plow


With the Greenworks Corded model, there is an extremely lightweight construction that enables the machine to be carried around and moreover, helps in keeping the costs of the machine low. This model of snow plough does pack a good punch for the money spent and can throw the snow a good 20 ft away.


  • Near total plastic construction
  • 120 V electrical input
  • 10 Inch clearing depth
  • Adjustable Chute
  • 4-year warranty

1. Snow Joe Hybrid Snow Blower


The hybrid feature on the Snow Joe does provide a flexibility of operations quite unlike the traditional models of snow shovels. Most mid-sized driveways and paths can be handled by the blower and often at very short notice. This feature should make the Snow Joe the ideal solution after an unannounced snow storm. The energy star certification ensures an economical performance that aims at keeping the cost of operations low. For the size and shape, this is a very maneuverable snow machine. Taking feature for feature and the accompanying cost, this could be the value buy of the season.


  • Rubber blades ensure the least damage to structures
  • 500 lbs snow per minute clearing capacity
  • 4.0 Ah Li-ion re-chargeable long life batteries
  • Battery and charger included
  • 50 minutes non-stop run on a full charge
  • Comprehensive 2 yr warranty


More than anything else, the single element that runs through the snow plow models featured here is the affordability factor. Thus the customer should be able to have a product that meets the requirements of the situation and at an affordable cost too. The increasing use of technology and space-age materials ensure that understanding a product as the snow plow is not that simple any longer. Every effort has been made to present just the most defining aspects of the model being handled in each case thus cutting out on clutter and repetition.

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