Top 10 Self Propelled Snow Blower Reviews In 2019

Self Propelled Snow Blower are convenient push accessories that have improved how people manage snow on lawns and driveways. Driven by electrical and gas powered engines, power output is admirable. The wide deep digging times most models have move bucket loads of snow, while their adjustable chutes ease management of snow. With one of our recommended 10 models, therefore, you no longer have to do hours of backbreaking work to shovel snow. They are also easy to use, affordable, and made of quality materials that work well in punishing sub-zero temperatures.

List Of Self Propelled Snow Blower

10. Briggs and Stratton 1696619


A popular brand of lawn mowers, tractors, and snow blowers, Briggs and Stratton never disappoints. If you are struggling with snow build-up, for instance, this dual-stage 1696619 snow thrower is one a dependable remedy. Powered by a power efficient 250cc engine (with electric start), the 115-foot pounds of torque it generates is ideal for clearing large sections. Its clearing path is wide (27 inches) and its tall intake height (20-inches) designed to move tons of snow per session. Unlike shoveling that predisposes individuals to back pain, users enjoy a positive experience outdoors. Briggs and Stratton 1696619 has a disk drive system that maximizes traction on slippery surfaces. It also has smooth skid shoes (reversible) that ease its operation and a rotating chute (with a deflector panel) for directing snow.

9. Poulan Pro 961820015


A popular 136cc snow thrower among individuals and professionals alike, Poulan Pro 961820015 delivers a memorable experience outdoors. If you have a driveway that clogs up occasionally, for instance, this single stage blower works fast. By blowing up to 21 inches of snow (width) per session, you are able to cover a large area faster without feeling tired. Power output is approximately 7.11-foot pounds, while its superior rubber augers are durable and designed to work on all surfaces. Homeowners also prefer it larger and easy to use controls and its ergonomic push handle (foldable) with a comfortable over-mold.

8. Husqvarna ST224P


Do you do hours of backbreaking work every day to clear snow from your driveway or lawn? Replace your shovel with this mechanized Husqvarna ST224P snow blower to better your experience. Lightweight, easy to maneuver, and with a powerful 208cc engine, all you need is a bit of effort to clear large areas. Its two-stage system has a convenient electric start system that works well in sub-zero temperatures. It also has power steering, a large 24-inch cutting width, and a remote chute rotator/deflector for directing flow. Unlike some models that require manual adjustments, you can customize its performance in real time without lowering quality. In Amazon, you get a 5-year engine and 3-year limited warranties for an original Husqvarna ST224P blower.

7. Husqvarna ST224


Perfect for heavy-duty use, Husqvarna ST224 is a 24-inch gas-powered snow blower with a 208cc two-stage engine. Manufactured to work well in sub-zero temperatures, the engine delivers the consistent blowing power needed to clean snow-carpeted areas fast. Tires are large (15-inches) and smooth rolling. Its chute is large, remote controlled, and fitted with a rotator and deflector for managing snow. Unlike standard fixed models, therefore, you can control the direction (180 degrees) of snow easily. Other novel attributes are its reliable electric start system, rustproof aluminum construction, and LED headlights for illuminating your work area.

6. GreenWorks Pro


Sought after because of its convenience, GreenWorks Pro is a reliable 80-volt snow blower with a light cordless design that works well. Significantly quieter than most gas powered blowers, it is perfect for use in residential settings. The Eco-friendly 2Ah battery (rechargeable) has a 45-minute run-time and its brushless motor technology built to withstand abuse without disintegrating. Even though expensive than some gas blowers, you get a reliable 20-inch accessory for clearing driveways, patios, and sidewalks. It even has a rotating chute (180 degrees) for better management of snow and large and rubberized tires for easier control.

5. Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E


Even though effective, individuals that depend on shovels, spades, and brooms to clear snow often suffer serious back and joint pains. Avoid these problems by purchasing Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E instead. Attainable cheap online, you do not have to break the bank to own one. Its performance, on the other hand, is admirable because of its premium design and features. If you are conscious about the environment, for instance, this 15-amp thrower does not use oil or gas. Its 21-inch cutting width is ideal for picking snow on walkways and driveways (mid-sized). Working in the dark is also easy, courtesy of the bright front-mounted LED lights (3-watts) that each original has.

4. GreenWorks 2600502


With GreenWorks 2600502, buyers get a fun-to-use 13-amp snow blower with a lightweight and corded design that works for hours. Unlike battery-powered blowers that work for 30-60 minutes at full capacity, this model never runs out of charge. Motors are quiet and long lasting. The adjustable chute (180-degree) offered has a throw distance of 20-feet and its compact design ideal for working in tight spaces. GreenWorks 2600502 is affordable, easy to maintain, and foldable for easier storage and or transportation.

3. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E


Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E is a recommended electric snow blower for maintaining mid-to-large walkways and driveways. Powered by powerful 15-amp motors, it blows up to 720 pounds of snow per minute over an 18-inch path. Maintenance is simple. Its ETL approved design has an adjustable chute (180 degrees) for easier management of snow. It also has an impressive 25-foot throw distance and a rubberized four-blade auger that cut up to 10-inches deep. Buy yours to get a 2-year full warranty on defects.

 2. Toro 38381


Whilst smaller than some gas-powered blowers, the ability of Toro 38381 to move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute is desirable. It is 18-inches wide, electricity-powered, and has reliable 15 amp motors that power through the toughest of cleaning jobs. The motors are also quiet, which makes it ideal for residential and commercial use. Whenever you are cleaning your driveway, deck, or walkway, you will also appreciate its lightweight design, adjustable chute, and comfortable full-bail handle.

1. Snow Joe iON18SB

Track Drive Snowblower

Considering its popularity in top 10 best snow blowers, Snow Joe iON18SB manages snow build-up effectively. Lightweight (32 pounds), for instance, this battery-powered device is easy to maneuver. The brushless single stage motor it uses is quiet yet powerful. Battery (40-volt) run time is 50 minutes, and its steel augers (18 x 8-inches) designed to move up to 495 pounds of snow per minute. If you want a high capacity blower without cumbersome bulk, this model will serve you the best. It even has an auto-rotating chute (180 degrees) for directing debris, powerful LED headlights (3-watts) and rubberized augers that protect surfaces.

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