Top 10 Resistance Bands Reviews In 2020

Resistance training is one of the best strategies for improving the endurance of the body. Because of the full-body workout that it delivers, it is also one of the best for losing weight and for improving cardiovascular health. To exercise correctly, several types of equipment can help. Resistance band, however, stand out because of their affordability. They are also portable and recommended for men and women.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Insonder Resistance Bands Set Exercise Bands


Perfect for full-body workouts, Insonder is a package of five fit loop resistance bands that benefit people of all skill levels. Because of their versatile design, you can use them to perform a plethora of exercises satisfactorily. You can do jump squats with them. You can also do lunges with good results. All bands have color-coded (extra light to extra heavy) for easier identification. You also get a free eBook that describes various workout routines that you can try at home.


  • Five fit loop resistant bands
  • Color-coded designs
  • Detailed fitness eBook
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Supports most workout routines

9. Belus Resistance Bands


To stay active and fit, you do not need one of the expensive home gyms available in stores. Belus Resistance Bands is a cheaper and better option for many reasons. Attainable in various strengths and sizes, for instance, their versatility is impressive. You can use them to do a plethora of exercises with good results. They also have beautiful color-coded designs made of premium latex. These bands will serve you for long.


  • Made of premium latex
  • Versatile color-coded designs
  • Several sizes and strengths
  • Free digital eBooks (two)

8. TNT Pro Series Exercise Stretch Bands Resistance


Are you shopping for a set of heavy-duty resistance bands that can help you to stay fit at home? TNT Pro Series is a popular product. Measuring six feet long, these bands are longer than most brands. They are also thicker (6-inches) and have color codes that reflect their strengths. If you are a beginner, you can start with the light band and graduate to a higher strength one as you get stronger. These bands are portable and covered by a lifetime warranty.


  • Three 6-foot resistance bands
  • Different strengths (light to heavy)
  • Thick six-inch wide designs
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

7. Athleema Set of three Loop Resistance Bands


Are you tired of being a couch potato at home? To inject some activity in your life, consider this set of three resistance bands from Athleema. Available in light, medium, and heavy they benefit workout enthusiasts of all levels. The quality latex used to make them, on the other hand, is durable and designed to offer a fulfilling workout. Each resistance band measures 10×2-inches and has a lifetime warranty.


  • Made of high-quality latex
  • Support various sitting and standing exercise
  • Work individually and combined
  • Suitable for people of all skill levels

6. Starwood Sports Exercise Resistance Loop Bands


Starwood Sports Exercise Resistance bands are ideal workout accessories because you can use them anywhere. They are also unisex and have versatile looped designs that benefit people of all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned workout enthusiast or a beginner, you will enjoy using these bands. Finally, because they come in various strengths, they support a plethora of workout routines. You can use them seated. You can also use them to supplement workout routines such as CrossFit.


  • Complement a plethora of workouts
  • Durable heavy-duty latex
  • Recommended for men and women
  • Versatile looped designs
  • Portable and sweat-resistant designs

5. Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Band


Even though sold as a single band, Serious Steel is a too-rated resistance band that doubles as a pull-up band. It is a durable accessory. The risk of snapping, for instance, is slim. The natural latex used to manufacture it is smooth and comfortable to use. Finally, attainable in a plethora of color-coded tension levels, this pull-up band benefits people of all strength levels. Buy one of more to enjoy fulfilling workouts indoors or outdoors.


  • Color-coded bands
  • Various resistance levels
  • Durable natural latex material
  • Does not snap over time
  • Detailed starter guide

4. Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands


With Phantom Fit, you get for resistance loop bands for doing arm, shoulder, bag, and leg exercises. Attainable as a package of four, it is a versatile accessory. All bands are also durable and stretch to accommodate people of all sizes. Finally, the natural latex rubber used to make it does not snap easily or irritate the skin over time.


  • Durable latex material
  • Support over 16 workout combinations
  • Easy to use loop designs
  • Snap-proof designs
  • Do not irritate the skin
  • Free storage bag

3. Tribe 11pc Resistance Band Set


Recommended for full-body workout, Tribe is a professional-grade set of 11 resistance bands that work well. The bands are of various types. You get durable metal clip ones. You also get soft ankle straps and door-safe anchor straps to name a few. Backed by over 10 years of research, all accessories are durable. They do not snap or roll as some comparable brands. They also have therapist-approved high-strength designs with a money-back guarantee (100%).


  • The versatile resistance band set
  • Therapist-approved design
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Made of heavy-duty latex

2. Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands


Limm Exercise is a set of five 12-inch resistance bands with different intensities. They are affordable accessories. Their stretchable designs, on the other hand, support a plethora of workouts. You can use them to tone your legs, arms, and buttocks, for instance. They are also ideal for physical therapy and supplementing Pilates or CrossFit exercises. Each pack has a printed manual. You also get a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and a handy travel bag.


  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee (100%)
  • Five 12-inch resistance bands
  • Handy storage bag
  • Support numerous exercises
  • Long-lasting loop bands

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands

Fit-Simplify-Resistance-Loop-Bands Resistance Bands

Backed by a lifetime warranty, Fit Simplify is a quality pack of five resistance bands made of natural latex. Their heavy-duty 12×2-inch designs deliver a fulfilling workout. You also get five resistance levels and a detailed eBook with easy routines that you can do at home or outdoors. You also get a handy storage bag for easier transportation.


  • Five resistance bands
  • Detailed workout eBook
  • Handy storage bag
  • Natural latex (100%)
  • Money-back guarantee (lifetime)


Even though simple, resistance bands are versatile workout accessories that help people to stay active. They are also perfect for improving strength/endurance and have low-impact designs that most people can use effectively. Buy a quality product, though. The 10 resistance bands that we have reviewed, for instance, are professional-grade models that benefit both men and women.