Top 10 Best Remote Controls Helicopter Reviews In 2019

Controlling a vehicle from afar is really exciting. Watching the twist and turn of a vehicle at your command offers you maximum entertainment. Remote control helicopters let you soar, hover, and dance around obstacles with unmatched fitness. You can also fly it very easily because of the availability of various different channel controls and modern gyroscopes. But, RC helicopters are not suitable for all. Even if you purchase the easiest one, a bit of practice is essential for controlling it. Therefore, you should select something straightforward. You must be aware of the technology, rotor style, gyroscopes, etc to pick the best RC helicopters. This Top 10 Best Remote Controls Helicopter makes your selection process easier.

The Best Selling Products

SaleBestseller No. 1
EXCOUP Remote Control Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro Gifts Toys for Boys Kids
  • 3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter - Ascend/Descend, Left/Right, Forward/Backward, Hovering (Built-in Gyro).
  • 3 Selectable Frequencies - Let's you fly up to 3 remote helicopters at the same time. The helicopter comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, the controller requires 6 AA batteries(not included).
  • Easy to Use - Stable flight characteristics, easy to fly. Durable frame and case, the rc helicopter with replacement blades and other spare parts.
  • Awesome Gifts for Boys & Girls - Exquisite packaging, which includes: Super Fun RC Helicopter, Controller, Propeller, Tail Rotor, USB Charging Cable, Screw Driver, Instruction. All kids would love it. Happiest family time!!
  • Best Promise - Please feel free to contact us if you're not satisfied with the remote control helicopter. FREE SPARE PARTS or 100% REFUND!
SaleBestseller No. 2
VATOS RC Helicopter Remote Control Helicopter with Built-in Gyro and LED Light 3.5 Channel Alloy Mini Helicopter for Kids & Adult Indoor Micro RC Helicopter Best Christmas Birthday Toy Gift
  • Reliable After-sale Service: All Vatos RC products enjoy free exchange or full refund within 30 days, 1 year warranty for order exceed 30 days and ready to respond within 24 hours.
  • 3.5 Channels: Up/down, left/right, forward/backward with built-in Gyro to hover in the air. Built-in Gyro will helps to stabilize the helicopter's heading.
  • Easy to pair between rc helicopter and transmitter. Transmitter is multi-channel so you can fly more than one helicopter at a time. Also you can charge this rc helicopter from the remote control, as well as via USB charging cable.
  • Engineering Polypropylene Frame with durable case. Replacement blades and pieces. An incorporated auto stability system.Indoor fly only.
  • Vatos RC Helicopter all passed several test with certificates: FCC, CE, ROHS, EN71, EN62115, EN60825, R&TTE, PAHS, HR4040, 7P, ASTM. Compatible with US and EU standard.

10. Protocol Predator SB

Protocol Predator SB is a large helicopter that is suitable for outdoor flying. The measurement of this helicopter is 21-inches from tail to front. It has powerful motor and 3.5-channel controls. You can select 2 different speeds, which is the other advantage of this RC helicopter. This radio-controlled helicopter has a built-in electro-gyro stabilizer. The realistic flight of this RC helicopter includes hover, forward/reverse, left/right, up/down, as well as fast speed and quick command response. The remote offers high-performance. The LCD screen features direction indicators.

9. RC Quadcopter Helicopters

RC Quadcopter Helicopters is ideal for any level of players. It uses 2.4GHz band signal, which makes the operation more responsive, precise, and more distant control. It has a 360-degree roll function, precise positioning, and roll speed sensitive. The functions include hovering, flips, left, right, up, down, backward, forward, and 360. It is efficient in sensing the change of position. RC Quadcopter Helicopters has the ability to fix position accurately in the air. Equipped with 4 LED lights, the RC Quadcopter Helicopters has a stable 6-axle gyroscope. It allows you more distant remote control.

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8. Vinciph Remote Control Helicopter

Vinciph Remote Control Helicopter is a high-performance RC helicopter that comes with a no-head mode. Thus, you can operate it very easily. The flight direction of this aircraft will be changed with the direction changes of the remoter. The aircraft will automatically fly back with just one press in the remoter. Stability of its control is the instantly recognizable feature of this RC helicopter. You can also record high-quality videos by using Vinciph Remote Control Helicopter. Thus, it is ideal for personal and commercial use. Charging of this RC helicopter is straightforward. It comes with 4 channel controller (2.GHz). So, you can operate it even if you do not have any previous experience.

7. GPTOYS G610

The 11-inch RC helicopter, GPTOYS G610 comes with full 3.5 channel controls. It also offers 3 selectable frequencies. You can definitely purchase it if you need a high-quality helicopter for beginners. It is larger than many other RC toy helicopters. The 3 frequencies are helpful for flying 3 helicopters in the same room. It provides you 8 minute flight time if you charge it for 30-50 minutes. You can use it even in the darkness because it contains multi-colored LED lights. This is one of the best choices because of its full control. You can move in any direction because it has 3.5 channel control. A more flexible flight and a gyro stabilizer are the other peculiarities. Thus, beginners can use it very easily.

6. Lutema 3.5CH

Lutema 3.5CH is considered as the most secure RC helicopter in the market with the same dimensions. It has totally practical LED light button, which can be turned on and off mid-flight. It also offers you more stability than the other RC helicopters that come in this size. It has a generous 28-inch length. This helicopter uses 3.5CH technology, which is the ultimate fully remote controlled helicopter on the market. Fully functional LED light switch is the other peculiarity of this helicopter. Lutema has a greater reputation in the market. Thus, Lutema 3.5CH is known for its unmatched control and stability. Replacement of parts is also very easy.

5. WLtoys Large V912

WLtoys Large V912 is a 4 channel, single blade remote control helicopter that comes with Gyro RTF. It comes with excellent features, thus you can use it in both indoors and outdoors. It offers you 150-meter range and 8 minutes of flight per charge. The 4 channel transmitter allows you to operate up to 4 helicopters in the same area. It has a massive range, which is helpful for using it outdoors without the fear of losing controls. WLtoys Large V912 also comes with full operation, thus you can make any movement. Price is the only one disadvantage of this RC helicopter. Compared to the other models, this is expensive. However, you will get a larger helicopter even if you pay more. It will take 60 minutes to charge the battery fully.

4. My First Flyer by Little Tikes

My First Flyer is designed for children, so it is perfect for budding aviators. It has simple one-touch remote and protective propeller rings. Therefore, easy take off and flight is possible. Protective propellers are helpful for avoiding accidents. Emergency shut-off, helicopter sounds, LED lights, one-touch remote, etc are the special features of My First Flyer. It is very easy to understand the controls. The auto-hover technology is helpful for keeping My First Flyer in the air. However, this helicopter will not work perfectly in outdoors. Though it is not so powerful, My First Flyer is the best option for children.

3. Syma S111G

Syma S111G is a 3.5 channel RC helicopter that comes with a gyro. If you want to enjoy stable flight outdoors at an affordable cost, it is the best option. This remote control helicopter is extremely durable and has a gyro-stabilized design. You can operate it even if you do not have a lot of skill. High-powered, lithium polymer battery is used in this helicopter. The flying distance of Syma S111G is 8 meters and the flying time is 8 minutes. You can also fly it very easily. Thus it is ideal for beginners.

2. Syma S109G 3.5CH

Syma S109G 3.5CH is the second best remote control helicopter in this list because of its high-quality construction. When this brilliant feature combines with great performance, it becomes the best choice for almost all players. It can provide you lots of excitement and fun. Syma S109G 3.5CH is ideal for beginners. You can also run it very smoothly. Great skills are not required for operating this helicopter. Lithium polymer battery is used in this helicopter. However, it is ideal for indoors only.

1. Syma S107G

Remote Controls Helicopter

Syma S107G is the best remote control helicopter in this list because of its interminable flexibility and lightweight. Designed for youngsters, it offers simple controls and smooth flight. Syma S107G is a well constructed RC helicopter and it offers excellent performance. You can also deal with its control very easily. LiPo battery is used in this device. You will get a really enjoyable experience if you purchase this helicopter. Advanced gyro system offers more stability. Quiet brushless motors, stylish design, durability, etc are the other features of Syma S107G. All these features make it the best seller in Amazon.

This Top 10 Best Remote Controls Helicopter Reviews In 2019 will really help you in your journey for finding the best remote control helicopter. You can simply select one from this list that suits your prerequisites, necessities, and your spending plan. A wide range of RC helicopters are available with lots of impressive features. Both beginners and experts can operate these miniature aircrafts. Highly-experienced RC helicopter owners may aware of the required features in a model. These products reviews will surely meet prerequisites of even the most demanding clients.

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