Top 8 Remote Control Tank Reviews In 2019

Children are curious beings. Every stage of development makes them want different toys. Perhaps he has been playing many video games and is asking you for a remote control tank. The good news is there are many brands from which to choose. However, it is always essential to go for high-quality tanks that have your child’s safety in mind. Below are the top 8 remote control tanks in 2019 that will help you identify an excellent toy for your little boy or girl.

List Of Remote Control Tank

8. Heng Long RC Tank Pro Edition

Heng Long RC Tank Pro Edition

Heng long is a metal tank that entails metal gears, driving wheels, tracks, and idler wheels. This brand runs on a simulative engine to offer you thrilling smoke and sounds. Its barrel has a 30-degree raise while the turret provides 320-degree rotation. Tell your kids not to play with the tank in mud, sand, or water, as doing so shortens the life of the product. It can climb 45-degree slopes and has a transmitter with seven-way movement. Heng Long has LED lights, uses six AA rechargeable batteries bought separately and weighs 9.9lbs.


  • Has a control range of 80feet/30metres
  • Usable for outdoor and indoor play allowing multiple tanks and players
  • It is powerful and suits kids 14 years old and above

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7. Dynasty Toys’ Remote Control Tank

Dynasty Toys’ Remote Control Tank

Military-related toys are fun especially for children who are interested in the industry. When your tank is hit, it lights up, and the life bar depletes. Battle with your friends; shoot at each other and the hits register through infrared wavelengths. Dynasty comes in a set of two tanks. Besides, it emits non-visible, safe infrared light that does not require any form of eye protection.


  • It is an LED tank
  • One pack contains two wireless remotes, wall charger, and battery packs
  • Has a child safe laser rating of less than 1mW power output (0.496mW)

6. Motion RC Building Tank Toy

Motion RC Building Tank Toy

Boost your child’s creativity with Motion remote control tank that involves building blocks. You can play together and have fun with this motorized toy that runs on three AAA batteries. Its remote control has a 100-feet reach, thus creating spacious battlefields. With Motion, you get to move the tank backward, forward, left, and right for more playability. The ABS plastic used in making it is strong, durable, high-quality, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic


  • Uses USB rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (not included in the pack)
  • Some parts are mobile for fun block building
  • Appropriate for kids 8years old and above

5. Toch Battle Tank

Toch Battle Tank

Toch remote control tank has high playability that allows you to maneuver various stunts. They include stunt rotation, upright driving, handstand walk, and 360� rolling. Using the controller, you get different sounds and lights functionalities. This product has a powerful truck that is great at handling different obstacles. It is constructed to last a while due to its sturdy structure. The shells consist of PU material with vanishing for an attractive look. As one of the best tanks, it uses sounds and light to provide a realistic experience with a firing squad, green headlights, and a red bomb light.


  • Tank has an inbuilt car battery
  • Suits kids 3years old and above
  • Utilizes a shock resistant design using ABS plastic

4. Liberty Imports BB Tank

Liberty Imports BB Tank

When you buy your child Liberty Import’s tank, expect to get an airsoft battle toy that releases 6mm bullets. It does not require any set up because the company does it for you. Your little one gets to fire and direct the tank left, right, backward and forward. Liberty tank uses four AA batteries while its remote control requires four AA batteries, which are not included in the package.


  • Recommended for 8year olds and up
  • It is pre-assembled
  • Comes with 100BBs (6mm bullets)

3. Amazing Tech Depot Tank

Amazing Tech Depot Tank

Amazing Tech Depot provides you with multiple speeds to make battling more enjoyable. You will be using 6mm bullets from the hatch, which accommodates a maximum of 50 bullets. This product also has a high-grip caterpillar that can climb different terrains without compromising performance. Your children will enjoy a 30feet control range and a 9feet firing range. This brand resembles M1A2 Abrams USA tank and spins besides moving forward and backward. Each charge gives you 20minutes of playtime.


  • Takes up a desert camouflage and suits 14year olds and above
  • Uses cannon sound and simulative engine
  • Has a 300 rotating turret and 30 climbing capability,

2. Liberty Imports Abrams Battling Tank

Liberty Imports Abrams Battling Tank

Here is another remote control tank that replicates Abrams USA. Each set has two tanks with the full function setting. Your child can control the tank forward, backward, left, and right. It also has a life indicator light at the front to let you know when you should be extra careful. When the tank is hit three times, you will hear the destruction sound effect and vibration that add excitement to the game. To win, you have to hit your opponent’s tank three times. Liberty tanks are long for easier control and maneuverability. It is great for 3-year olds and above. Its controllers use three AG13 batteries.


  • Entails one green tank and a beige one to prevent confusion
  • Fire button is at the top of the controller
  • The tanks have different frequencies to bar interference 49MHz and 27MHz

1. Cheerwing German Tiger Tank

Cheerwing German Tiger Tank

Cheerwing is a micro tank with a palm-size design. It is a fantastic gift for your kids. The model uses a mini remote controller and has plastic, flexible tracks, and a rotating turret. Every function has light, and sound effects be it forward, backward, turning right or left. This tank runs on an inbuilt rechargeable battery. When fully charged in an hour, it provides 10-15minutes of playtime.


  • The controller can direct four tanks
  • Gun barrel moves up and down
  • Weighs 60g with recoil action when shooting


Children toys vary in terms of industry and sophistication. If tanks fascinate your kid, buying him or her the battle toy would be a great gift. Brands vary depending on quality, construction, and usage. The eight remote control tanks in the review will provide your kids with memorable experiences besides boosting their imagination.

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