Top 10 Best Remote Control Outlet Review In 2019

Home automation is a popular global trend that is fast gaining traction in modern societies all over the world. Controlling light, for instance, has never been easier. With a quality remote control, you can easily turn on and turn off the light in your living room without leaving your seat. Most advanced models also control electrical appliances such as televisions, radios, and lamps and have convenient plug-and-use designs (wireless) that do not require skill to use. With many companies now involved in this industry, affordable high-performance models are currently available on Amazon with these 10 models ranking among the best

The Best Selling Products

Bestseller No. 1
BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Lights, Fans, Christmas Lights, Small Appliance, Long Range White (Learning Code, 3Rx-1Tx) 1200W/10A
  • READY-TO-GO: Each BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control Outlet kit contains everything you need to start (even the remote batteries!). Simply plug and play, or sync up the outlets to suit your needs.
  • STRONG SIGNAL: Our RF receivers and transmitters work through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics. Signal can function as far as 100 ft in line of sight.
  • Century to BN-LINK: Your product might come in the brand of BN-LINK or Century as we are currently rebranding to BN-LINK. Please be assured that the quality remains the same.
  • SIMPLE CONVENIENCE: Use the remote or the outlets themselves to turn your appliances on and off. Great with almost any electronic device, including lights, air conditioners, heaters, audio sound systems, holiday decorations, and charging devices.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: Outlets will remain off after a power outage to save energy and protect your appliances. Ratings: 120V, 10A, 1200W
Bestseller No. 2
Fosmon C-10683 Wireless Remote Control Outdoor Electrical Outlet Switch Weatherproof Heavy Duty 3-Prong Plug-in ETL Listed (Battery Included), 1 PACK
  • Great for lighting: remotely turn your indoor and outdoor lighting ON/OFF
  • Conveniently turn your outside lights on from indoors or turn hard to reach places on with a click of a remote
  • Durable, weather resistant construction for outdoor use
  • Multiple uses, including TVs, lighting, heaters, sprinkler systems, terrariums, aquariums, humidifiers, shop vac power tool, dust collector
  • Includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty

10. SkylinkHome PL-318


Are you looking to automate the lighting system in your home? Instead of the expensive hard-wired systems that some companies propose, spare yourself the stress and hefty expense by purchasing SkylinkHome PL-318 instead. Featuring a convenient plug-and-use design, installation is simple. The high-powered wireless receiver in its system connects to and dims lamps and lights (up to 300 watts) on demand, while its affordability appeals to most homeowners. With a long operation range of up to 500 feet and the numerous automatic transmitters it comes with, you can set it in your bedroom or living room and control several (up to 8) devices remotely.

9. OnlineDo Outlet Switch


Do you have several hard-to-reach appliances and devices in your home that you have problems controlling? Instead of spending significant amounts to re-wire electrical systems or buy new appliances, consider using this OnlineDo Outlet Switch. Designed to control numerous electrical appliances remotely from a single electrical outlet, its convenience is unmatched. The plug-and-use outlet switch and remote offered are easy to operate, while its powerful wireless technology works well in all environments and in all conditions. For a few dollars, you will spare yourself the stress of plugging and unplugging devices manually. You will also reduce energy wastage (via its standby mode) and enjoy a long (100 feet) operating distance without compromising safety with this ECC, ETL, and UL-certified switch.

8. ToFuture WiFi Smart Outlet


Even though this plug outlet from ToFuture requires an active wireless connection to work, its smart USA-made system offers value. It is durable, contemporary looking, and has a phone-compatible system that enables you to control light and electrical devices such as televisions directly from your smartphone. The full remote control offered eases its operation, while its smart high-performance adapter (802.11, b/g/n) does not drop connections easily as traditional comparable models often do. Recommended for home and office use, ToFuture WiFi Smart Outlet has novel power saving features that cut operation costs, scheduled actions (both on and off), and set timed commands that you can use as needed.

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7. AVANTEK Compact


Forget about the bulky and cluttered remote control outlet that you use to control your lamp stand or television. To enjoy better service without compromising the outlook of your home, AVANTEK Compact is an ideal replacement. About 30% smaller than comparable contemporary outlets, it offers better space saving. The three outlets and one remote offered to enable you to control three appliances independently, while its advanced wireless technology (RF signals) is both sensitive and reliable. No matter the area of your home that you install it, it never drops connections nor interferes with the signals of electronics.

6. Etekcity Single Outlet


An excellent single outlet receiver for electrical devices, Etekcity is an ETL-certified single outlet plug with a convenient plug and play design. Compact, simple to use, and with a stylish white themed outlook, it works well in homes. Power consumption is low, while its advanced learning function enables you to program its performance to take control of outlets as needed. Even though you buy a remote control separately, its wide frequency range (433.93 MHz) and the ability to protect devices from power outages are interesting. With a new Etekcity Single Outlet from Amazon, you get a 15 months warranty on defects (manufacturing).

5. Smarthome 1626-10 FilterLinc


Smarthome 1626-10 FilterLinc from Insteon is an ETL-approved noise filter that benefits users in numerous ways. For those with INSTEON and X10 systems, for instance, it filters power line noise to keep signals clear and strong. It also prevents appliance power supplies from absorbing signals, which betters the performance of INSTEON/X10 systems further. Requiring just 10 amperes to operate, this plug-in noise filter does not drain power as some models. It is also compatible with most wall outlets and has an unfiltered feed-through port that enables you to use other devices with its plugged into an electrical outlet.

4. ZEEFO Digital Timer Switch


ZEEFO is a smart digitized three-prong timer switch with eight-time settings (independent) that you can use to control household appliances and light. Designed to plug into most standard electrical outlets, you do not need special skills to install and use it. The seven-day programmable schedule offered eases its customization, while its energy saving design cuts power consumption automatically once its timer runs out. Whenever you are using a coffee maker, a fan, or an electric toothbrush, therefore, you will control power consumption easily. ZEEFO is ETL certified and backed by a 12-month warranty.

3. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch


Light switches are a pain to use, particularly in bedrooms and entertainment centers. Many individuals find walking back and forth to fixtures to turn lights on and off frustrating whenever they are relaxing or watching movies. To take care of this problem permanently, this smart TP-Link Wi-Fi light switch is an ideal solution. Affordable, plug and play, and compatible with voice services such as Amazon Alexa, is convenience is admirable. Its no hub system of installation is also super convenient, while its ability to control fixture from anywhere (wireless) takes light control to the next level. Well installed, you will be able to turn lights on and off at your convenience using your smartphone. You can also schedule how your single pole light works and control light using your voice.

2. Etekcity Wireless Remote

etekcity-wireless-remote (Remote Control Outlets)

In the top 10 best remote control outlets, Etekcity wireless remote is a valuable product that controls household appliances directly from electrical outlets. Perfect for use in tight spaces, its compact design fits in tight spaces. The ON, OFF, schedule and learning functions offered to diversify how owners operate their appliances. Its Eco-friendly design, on the other hand, reduces energy use by eliminating standby power. Etekcity Wireless Remote has an operating range of 100 feet and both FCC and ETL certifications.

1. TP-LINK HS100


Top on our list, TP-LINK HS100 is a smart Alex-compatible. The smart plug that can control several types of household devices via Wi-Fi. In regular mode, for instance, you can turn lights on and off on demand. Its schedule function and Away Mode; on the other hand, enables you to program light function to induce the effect you are intending to achieve. TP-LINK HS100 is both iOS and Android compatible and supports voice control using the Amazon Echo.

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