Top 10 Real Hair Extensions Reviews In 2020

Many women all over the world do their best to look the best. They wear the best clothes on a daily basis. Most of them also have quality shoes and jewelry that they use to create a style statement outdoors. Unfortunately, a majority neglect one of the most important parts of their bodies – their hair. If you are among this group, replace your low-quality weave with one of our recommended real hair extensions. They are durable. They are also stylish and recommended for most women.

The Best Selling Products

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10. FIRSTLIKE Grade 7A


A majority of women like thick and long hair. However, growing and nurturing them well is a chore that frustrates most women. We have a better solution for you. Instead of waiting for years to achieve your desired look, uses these FIRSTLIKE Grade 7A real hair extensions. Measuring 23-24-inches, they are long and bulky. They are also durable and have convenient clip in designs that you can wear and remove easily. You also get stylish double wefts that complement various looks.


  • Long (23-24-inches) and bulky
  • Attractive double wefts
  • Convenient clip-on designs
  • Long lasting (18 months) natural hair

9. Lelinta 7Pcs Wavy Curly Full Head Hair Extensions


Sought-after by many women worldwide, these silver gray hair extensions from Lelinta are among the best. The seven pieces that you get are durable. Even though they do not withstands curling and ironing well, they will serve you for over a year. The clips used are also of high quality. They secure them well without damaging your hair over time. Finally, recommended for day-to-day use, these double weft hair extensions are easy to clean. Hair conditioner, mild soap, and lukewarm water are all you need to keep them in excellent shape.


  • Attractive double weft designs
  • Easy to wear and remove (clip-on)
  • Easy to clean/maintain
  • Do not dull or thin over time
  • Come in many interesting colors


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8. Human Hair 7A-Grade Extensions


In the past, most women who wanted to wear real human hair had to part with a lot of money. This is no longer the case. Cheap yet premium ones such as Human Hair are readily available online. Buy one to get a set of 18-inch straight extensions that you can cut, wash, curl, and style as you need. Colors are diverse and interesting. Finally, because of their knitted tops (double weft), these hair extensions do not shed over time. You will look good always without spending a lot of money.


  • Affordable 7-piece set
  • Extensions do not shed over time
  • You can wash and style easily
  • Many interesting colors
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Smooth and silky texture

7. Myfashionhair Clip in Hair Extensions


With this clip in hair extensions from Myfashionhair, you get seven 70-gram accessories, each consisting of fine human hair. It is an affordable product. Women of all cadres can afford it. The 100% Remy hair used to make them, on the other hand, is thick and easy to maintain. You can wash it, for instance, without fading its silky luster. You can also curl and strengthen it without compromising its looks or value. All clips are comfortable and tangle-free. To prevent them from shedding, all extensions also have well-crafted wefts (double) that secure hair in place.


  • Pack of seven hair extensions
  • Tangle-free clips
  • Thick 100% Remy’s hair
  • Comfortable double wefts
  • Curling wand-safe

6. S-noilite Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions


With S-noilite, you can now wear the long hairstyle that you have dreamt of for years. The thick 140-gram extensions that you get are durable. They also mimic human hair well (both luster and texture) and have long 26-inch designs that you can style, as you desire. Finally, all the eight extensions that you get have tangle-free clips and weft tops that prevent them from fading over time. Visit Amazon and choose a color that matches your personality.


  • Silky luster and texture
  • Thick 140-gram extensions
  • Tangle-free hair clips
  • Many interesting colors
  • 26-inch long designs
  • Sturdy double weft tops

5. US Stock-US Seller Remy Human Hair Extensions


Remy human hair extensions are among the best-selling because of their value. This 8-piece set from US Stock-US Seller, for instance, offers value for money. All hair extensions are thick (120 grams) and functional. They are also durable and made of 100% natural hair that you can style, as you desire. If you are preparing for a prom or a date night, do not let your short hair to compromise your looks. This set is easy to wear. In addition, you do not have to spend a fortune to own an original set.


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 100% natural Remy hair
  • Tangle-free hair clips
  • Thick (120 grams) hair extensions
  • Set of eight full head extensions

4. Emosa Clip in Hair Extensions


With Emosa, you get seven platinum blonde hair extensions each weighing 70 grams. They have convenient clip-on designs. The 100 human hair used to make them, on the other hand, is soft, durable, and tangle free. This makes them easy to style (straight or curly). In addition, you do not have to worry about them fading or shedding over time.


  • Pack of seven hair extensions
  • Easy to style (straight and curly)
  • Non-shading designs
  • Durable and tangle-free clips

3. BHF HAIR 16″ Clip in Hair Extensions


Are you tired of the low-grade synthetic extensions that you wear to school or work? For a cool and comfortable look without spending a fortune, BHF HAIR is a good product to use. Made of human hair (100%), the six 70-gram extensions that you get are durable. They also blend well in hair and have premium clips (14 each) that do not damage hair. Whether you want to increase the length of your hair or add volume, this is one of the best products to use. You can even style it as you desire without lowering its value.


  • Six 70-gram extensions
  • 100% natural hair
  • High-quality clips (tangle-free)
  • Ideal for increasing length and volume

2. S-noilite 24″/26″ Straight Curly Hair Extensions


Measuring 24/26-inches, these straight/curly hair extensions from S-nobility are valuable accessories. If you have dreamt of having thick and long hair for years, you can do so in a snap. These extensions have five clips that grip hair well. They are also thick (140 grams) and has soft and natural textures that blend well in hair.


  • The soft and natural texture
  • Five clips per extension
  • Long (24/26-inch) designs
  • Both straight and curly versions
  • Cost-effective extensions

1. REECHO Curly Wavy Clip in Extensions

S-noilite-24″26″-Straight-Curly-Hair-Extensions Real Hair Extensions

Back by a 100% money-back guarantee, REECHO is a valuable set of clip-in extensions for women. Even though synthetic, the quality of the products that you get is amazing. They are durable. They also come in smooth bundles (five), each with five clips that cling onto hair well. These extensions are washable. They are also heat resistant up to 275 degrees.


  • Smooth synthetic fibers
  • Five clips per extension
  • Heat resistant up to 275 degrees
  • Five 18-inch hair extensions


Hair extensions improve both the length and volume of hair. They are also stylish and have convenient clip-on designs that women can wear and remove easily. If you are looking for a new set, do not experiment with any random product that you find offline. One of the 10 brands of hair extensions we have reviewed will serve you the best.