Top 10 Quality Wave Skimboard Reviews In 2019

Water sports are fun activities that people enjoy during their free time. Skimboarding, for instance, remains one of the most popular ones for many reasons. Unlike surfing, that requires a bit of skill to engage in, skim boarding is not challenging. The fact that you start surfing thin wash of previous waves also make it safer. Finally, with a bit of effort, you can do numerous tricks that are impossible on surfboards. For the best results, buy one of the 10 skimboards that we have reviewed herein.

List Of Quality Wave Skimboard

10. Wave Zone Skimboards Skimboard


Handcrafted in the USA, the Wave Zone Skimboards Skimboard is a versatile accessory that performs well on the water. Made of a 41-inch fiberglass, it is a lightweight board. This way, you can travel with it effortlessly and have a fun time with it in most water bodies. Weight capacity is around 130 pounds. Finally, in buoyant foam core and a gel coating improve the performance and safety of users. Buy yours to get a signed note from Wave Zone, free surf wax, and stickers that you can use it improve its look.


Durable fiberglass body (with foam core)
Non-slip gel coating
Supports up to 130 pounds
Spacious 41-inch design
Free surf wax and stickers


Overpriced skimboard

9. BeachMall Medium Deluxe Wood SkimBoard


Skimboards are in high demand. If you are looking for one that holds up well over time, this medium deluxe model from BeachMall will serve you well. Made of laminated wood, it is a light yet durable accessory. The protective resin on its top and bottom keeps water out. Finally, its high-performance 35-inch design is not only fast, but also one of the easiest to control. If you are a novice who weighs less than 140 pounds, do not hesitate to buy this skimboard. Its nose does not dig into the sand as other models often do.


Lightweight design (4.2 pounds)
Made of durable laminated wood
Protective resin coat (top and bottom)
Fast and easy to control (35 inches)
Supports up to 140 pounds



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8. Sunspecs Rubber Top Wooden Skimboard


To have a safe and enjoyable time on a day-to-day basis, buy a well-engineered skimboard such as Sunspecs. Measuring 41-inches, for instance, it is a spacious accessory. Adults and youths can ride it with minimal effort. It also has a durable wooden body that supports up to 120 pounds and a non-slip rubberized surface for stability. Unlike some models, you do not have to wax it to improve traction.


Spacious 41-inch design
Quality solid wood board
Supports up to 210 pounds safely
Non-slip rubberized surface (layered)
Does not require waxing to work well
Stylish yellow theme


Warps and peels over time

7. BeachMall Deluxe Wood SkimBoard


With this Surf Shark skimboard from BeachMall, you get a deluxe accessory with a durable wooden core (laminated). The material is durable. It also has a hard resin top that protects it from absorbing water and warping over time. Finally, for stability, you get an X-Grip EVA traction pad that works well on the water. Devoid of your skill level, thus, you will ride this board for long without sacrificing personal safety. BeachMall Deluxe weighs just 3.2-5.2 pounds. Surprisingly, it can support up to 140 pounds.


Lightweight board (3.2-5.2 pounds)
Supports up to 140 pounds
X-Grip EVA traction pad
Durable laminated wood core
Water-resistant resin coating
Stylish white and green theme


Warps and splits over time

6. CYA Home Decor Mini Surfboard Skimboard


Many people like this Home Décor Mini skimboard from CYA because of its stylish design. In terms of performance, it is also one of the best because of its quality of construction. Hand made using fiberglass-reinforced wood, for instance, it is a durable accessory. Its buoyancy is desirable. Finally, its epoxy-coated body is not only waterproof but also non-slip as well. Whenever you are spending time outdoors, thus, you will have a fun time with an original one. This board measures 20×8.5-inches.


Non-slip epoxy-coated finish
Stylish Hawaiian-themed design
Fiberglass-reinforced design


Not very durable

5. BeachMall Small – XL Deluxe Wood SkimBoard


Are you shopping for a compact skimboard that you can travel with effortlessly? To get a heavy-duty model that never disappoints, BeachMall Small – XL Deluxe is ideal. Made of wood, you get a light (3.2-5.2 pounds) yet durable accessory that supports up to 140 pounds. Its layered EVA traction pad improves traction on the water. Finally, because this skimboard comes in a plethora of sizes, people of all cadres can benefit from it.


Comes in many sizes (small-XL)
Lightweight board (3.2-5.2 pounds)
Supports up to 140 pounds
Heavy-duty wooden core
Layered EVA traction pad


Peels and splits over time

4. Wave Rebel Surface Wood Laminate SkimBoard


With this skimboard from Wave Rebel, you get a Rasta-themed board with a cross laminate hardwood deck. Perfect for intermediate riders, it is a stable board. It is also durable and has a compact design (22×13-inches) that cuts the water better than large boards do. This is beneficial in many ways. First, users ride at high speeds safely. You can also maneuver it easily and do skimboarding tricks safely. This skimboard supports 120-180 pounds.


Supports 120-180 pounds well
Versatile 22×13-inch design
Stylish Rasta-themed surfaces
Durable wooden core
Non-slip surfaces


Heavier than comparable skimboards

3. BPS GATOR’ Skimboards


Liked for their durability and performance, BPS skimboards are among the best. They are also cheap and recommended for people of all skill levels. With this GATOR edition, for instance, you get a top-grade skimboard with a lightweight foam core. It also has a durable plywood cover and an epoxy soaring that improves its strength and functionality in the water. This board comes in a plethora of sizes (30-40-inches). It also supports a lot of weight 100-150 pounds and has a one-year Bullet Proof guarantee.


Trusted brand of skimboards
High weight capacity (100-150 pounds)
Numerous sizes (30-40-inches)
Durable epoxy-coated plywood
Lightweight foam core



2. Lucky Bums Wood Skimboard


Featuring an epoxy plywood construction, Lucky Bums is a durable wooden skimboard with a high gloss finish. If you have used a few brands with negative results, this one will serve you well for many reasons. Because of its durability, for instance, you do not have to worry about buying another board soon. It even has a warranty against defects in both workmanship and material. It is also easy to ride. Because of its lightness, for instance, you can maneuver it easily. You also get an eye-catching and non-slip surface.


Non-slip surface (eye-catching)
Durable epoxy plywood construction
Easy to maneuver on water
Smooth and non-slip surface
Limited manufacturer’s warranty


Smaller than it looks
Logs water over time

1. Wave Rebel Local Motion Skimboard

Wave-Rebel-Local-Motion-Skimboard Quality Wave Skimboard

This Local Motion skimboard from Wave Rebel is a durable accessory with a spacious (35-inches) design. Whether you are a youth or an adult who enjoys spending time on the water, it is one of the best boards to use. The cross laminate hardwood used to make it is durable. Finally, designed to support up to 110-pounds, this board does not fail easily.


Supports up to 110 pounds
Spacious 35-inch design
Ideal for beginner riders
Durable laminate wood core


Cracks easily


Are you considering skimboarding as a hobby? If you have a good beach in your locality that you visit often, use one of our recommended skimboards. They are stylish accessories. Manufactured using the best materials, they are also durable and designed to work well on most types of water bodies. You will have a good time always without sacrificing safety.

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