Top 10 USB Car Charger Review In 2020

Even though manufacturers of various smartphone brands have done their best to improve battery capacity, USB car charger remains a challenge, particularly for individuals that depend heavily on their phones for communication and socializing. To individuals that spend a lot of time in cars, the challenge is greater when traveling for long distances. If you have a similar problem, the advent of technology has saw the development of premium portable phone chargers with the 10 models listed in this review attracting global acclaim. They are durable, affordable, and have fast and safety-certified charging technologies that have improved how individuals charge their phones on the road.

The Best Selling Products

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10. ZJchao Car Charger


ZJchao is a quick charging Qualcomm-certified car charger for smartphones with a convenient USB output port (2.0) that does not require skill or effort to use. Attainable in black, its stylish design blends well in cars. Ports are adaptive, smart, and recommended for charging Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, and Nexus smartphones, while its convenient mini sized (79.7 x 43.55 x 21.14-millimeter design saves valuable space during storage. You can store it in the glove box of your vehicle, your pocket, or any other location in your car without inconveniencing yourself or your passengers.

9. EVTECH Universal


A popular travel accessory for smartphone owners, EVTECH is a universal our port car charger that works well with tablets, smartphones, cellular devices, and GPS devices. Designed to charge two or more devices at the same time, its time-saving designs is appealing. The black plastic used to make it has a charming outlook, while the executive SI+ technology integrated to all ports recognizes devices and customizes charge speed automatically for a faster and safer charging experience in vehicles. EVTECH Universal has a backseat-friendly 3.3-foot cable that enables passengers to charge their phones effortlessly. The limited warranty (12 months) offered covered all defects while the industrial-grade materials used in its production (both cover and circuitry) last long.

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8. Peakeep Portable


Does the bulky car charger that you received as a gift clutter the interior of your car? To get a charming and super convenient replacement model that offers value, buying Peakeep Portable is an excellent solution. Featured in top 10 portable phone charger for car because of its lightweight and foldable design, you do not have to worry about a clunky charger cluttering your personal space in the road. Construction is professional-grade, while the 2.4A voltage that it generates charges several types of smartphones fast without compromising safety. Peakeep Portable is both AC and DC compatible, certified (RoHS, FCC, and CE) safe for use in cars, and has a built-in LED power indicator (blue) that reflects its connection status.

7. Nexcon Car Charger


Stop charging your smartphone via the USB port on the radio of your car. To shorten charge time and prolong the life of your device’s battery at the same time, purchase Nexcon instead. A popular car charger among heavy phone users, its effectiveness has attracted it positive attention globally. Power output is approximately 6.6 Amperes (33 watts), while the advanced SmartIC technology integrated into its circuitry betters its performance devoid of the smart device you own (tablet, iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy, for instance). Because of the quality components and technologies used in the production of this FCC, CE, and RoHS-certified car charger, it does not affect Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices nor impair radio frequencies.

6. Swiftrans Car Charger


Whether you have a smartphone, an MP3 player, or a tablet that you use every day, you no longer have to carry bulky power banks nor make numerous stops at gas stations to get them charged on the road. With Swiftrans, you get a multi-functional three-port car charger that eases phone charging on the go. Power output is approximately 5 volts. Its convenient design works well with most standard cigarette ports, while the adaptable charging technology it employs regulates power output automatically to offer the best charging experience. This way, you do not have to worry about overcharging or short circulating your phone or Mp3 player, as is always the case with comparable non-intelligent car chargers.

5. DreamSky 2-in-1 Charger


The portable charger niche is awash with numerous quality accessories that continue to affect positively the lives of people. This 2-in-1 DreamSky model, for instance, is a foldable AC/DC charger that works well with wall sockets and cigarette lighter ports. Featuring a palm-sized foldable plug design, transportation and storage are easy. The dual 2.4A USB ports offered charge two devices excellently. While its intelligent circuitry prevents short-circuiting and overheating of phones by stopping charging immediately your battery is full. DreamSky 2-in-1 Charger is light (3 ounces), compatible with most smart devices, and has both refund and return policies (for 30 days).

4. KMASHI Quick Charge


Quick charge chargers such as this three-port model from KMASHI save users a lot of time when charging phones. Unlike some standard models that take hours to charge phones to capacity, you will recharge your to capacity in a couple of minutes without negative effects. The 2.0 US charging technology it employs works well with iPhone, tables, and most other smart devices. While its premium jet black body is not only eye catching but also made of a heavy duty plastic that holds up well over the years. People also appreciate its multiple safeguards (overheating, overcurrent, and over charging protection), its decent price, and the one-year warranty offered.

3. Opluz OMP220

opluz-omp220(Portable Phone Chargers For Car)

With its portability, ease of use, and advanced charging technology as some of its key strengths. Opluz OMP220 is a valuable accessory charger. That has found space in the most top 10 portable phone charger for car. For a few dollars, buyers get a multi-functional cell phone charger that doubles as a car splitter. Power output is 24 and 12 volts, while its smart IC protects batteries from degradation by turning off charge immediately they are full. Its portable design, on the other hand, blends well in cars, while the money back (three months), technical support (lifetime), and manufacture’s guarantees (24 months) offered attest its value.

2. UNU Portable Charger

unu-portable-charger(Portable Phone Chargers For Car)

When buying a car charger, portability; ease of use; and safety rating are three essential attributes that you should look at with a keen eye. UNU offers the foregoing admirable attributes and more. Featuring an apple-certified 2.1A charging technology, for instance, users experience a fast and memorable charging experience without compromising phone safety. The microUSB cable and eight pin lightning cable buyers get work well with numerous smart devices. While its travel-worthy design is made of durable and eye-catching plastic.

1. Maxboost 852147 (Portable Phone Chargers For Car)

maxboost-852147(Portable Phone Chargers For Car)

Known for its premium phone cases and power banks. Maxboost has also carved a niche in the portable charger niche with this 852147 model topping our list. Perfect for charging most devices (HTC, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and tablets to name a few). It is a handy day-to-day car accessory. It’s pro portable black design has two smart ports (each with a 4.8A intelligent circuit). Which have to identify devices and customize charge automatically for a faster and safer charging experience? Safety is optimal (overcharge, short circuit, and overcurrent protection); while the warranty offered (one year) covers all defects.