Top 10 Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews In 2019

Clean, cheaper, and safer than traditional cooking techniques such as gas and electricity, induction cooking has caught the world by storm since its inception. Moreover, with the development of small and portable cooktop, individuals no longer have to clutter their kitchens with large cooking equipment or risk burning themselves with open-flame stoves. To enjoy the foregoing benefits and more, one of these 10 portable induction cooktop in Amazon will serve you the best.

List Of Best Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews

10. Bellemain Induction Burner

Bellemain Induction Burner

Talking about the best induction burners, Bellemain has some of the most durable and well-designed models that have served individuals excellently for years well. If you have saved enough money to purchase a new one, this 1800-watt model, for instance, is a valuable model with a precision glass cooktop that works well with all magnetic metal cookware. It is flat, durable, and designed to secure several types of pots well. Controls (digitized touch) are easy to use. Temperature (10 (140-460 degrees Fahrenheit) and power levels (10) are diverse and adjustable while the programmable timer (three hours) it comes with enables you to schedule cooking jobs with no effort. Power savings (up to 70%) are also impressive while the myriad of safety features it comes with (auto shut off, overheat protection, no pan detection, and child lock) make it a good everyday burner. This burner has a 2-year full warranty and a 100% risk-free guarantee.

9. Waring Pro ICT400


Perfect for individuals with large families, Waring Pro ICT400 is a durable and power-efficient (up to 70%) induction cooktop with an innovative double design that enables you to cook two meals at a time. Even though compact, its stability is impressive. Feet are sturdy and non-slip, while the 13 adjustable heat settings (eight left (1200 watts max) and five right (600 watts max)) offered enable you to prepare various recipes indoors and outdoors. For optimal safety, the auto shutoff feature that this cooktop has activates automatically once you lift a pan or pot. Heating is also fast and even while the flame and exhaust-free cooking technology offered is very safe.

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8. True Induction S2F2


With True Induction S2F2, you get a portable double induction burner with a dependable 1800-watt system and a compact 23.5 x 14 x 2.5-inch design that works well on most types of countertops. The glass ceramic cooktop offered is durable and has an even-heating design that betters cooking results. The well-placed control panel offered has 10 quick-touch settings for customizing its performance (150-450 degrees Fahrenheit), while its wipeable design is very easy to maintain, unlike some gas and electrical models. True Induction S2F2 has a 120-volt electrical system that works well with most outlets.

7. DUXTOP (Ultrathin)


When shopping for an induction cooktop, larger is not always better. To get a portable high-performance model, for instance, this ultrathin model from DUXTOP is valuable countertop model that rarely disappoints. Featuring an aesthetic full-glass design, for instance, it blends well in all types of kitchens. The sensor-touch induction technology that it uses is fast and super-efficient, while its ultrathin design works clutter-free in homes. Temperature range is between 140-460 degrees Fahrenheit (15 levels). You also get 15 adjustable power levels (100-1500 watts), an easy to use control panel (digital) with a built-in timer (170 minutes), and a long 6-foot power cord that eases installation. DUXTOP (Ultrathin) is ETL approved and backed by a one-year warranty.

6. Ovente BG62B


With Ovente BG62B, cooking several types of foods has never been simpler and faster. Powered by an electromagnetic induction technology (1800-watt), for instance, its ability to transform all compatible pots and pans into cookers is admirable. Its black-themed body has a durable ceramic top with dual induction burners. Feet are rubberized and non-slip, while its flameless and cool-touch technologies minimize the risk of burns and injuries during and after cooking. Buyers also appreciate its variable temperature (140-465 degrees Fahrenheit) and timer (1-3 hours) settings, and its easy to use LED-backlit control panel.

5. NuWave PIC Pro


Ranked among the highest-powered induction cooktops in stores, NuWave PIC Pro is a professional-grade cooking accessory with a power output of approximately 1800 watts. Fitted with a large 12-inch cooking surface, it accommodates and works well with most pots and pans. Heating and cooking are fast and efficient, while its digitized LCD control panel enables users to adjust its temperature (100-575 degrees Fahrenheit) easily and have an enjoyable cooking experience overall. With each new model, you get a lightweight carrying case (nylon), a user manual, and a recipe book with over 60 interesting recipes.

4. NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop


Order this precision induction cooktop from Amazon today to get a durable tempered glass accessory with a fast heating design that shortens cooking time. Construction is sturdy and long lasting. Style is impeccable while its power saving design (up to 70%) is also compact and has an adjustable temperature system that you can adjust to 575 degrees. With each NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop bought, you get a free non-stick saucepan (with lid) made of a surgical grade 18/10 stainless steel.

3. Secura 9100MC


Do not confuse this cooktop’s compact and somewhat small design for a weakness. With an original, you get a durable black-themed induction cooktop with 15 adjustable power levels (200-1800 watts) and a temperature range or approximately 140-460 degrees (15 adjustable levels). The digitized control it comes with is easy to use. The advanced induction technology it uses has an auto-pan detection feature that works well with all induction-ready cookware (including enameled steel, enameled iron, and cast aluminum). Electrical technologies and systems are ETL approved while the adjustable timer (170 minutes) and its array of safety features (high/low voltage warning and error diagnostic system) improve its performance and safety respectively.

2. Secura 8100MC


Featured in top 10 best portable induction cooktop reviews 2016, Secura 8100MC is a popular gold-themed induction burner with a powerful 1800-watt system and a Duxtop heating surface best known for its safety and efficiency. Compatible with most 120-volt electrical outlets, it works well in indoor and outdoor settings. Its compact, lightweight, and easy to handle design works excellently, while the digitized control panel offered eases the adjustment of temperature (140-460 degrees), power levels (200-1800 watts), and its built-in timer (170 minutes). All you need is an induction-ready cookware to enjoy its many benefits.

1. NuWave Precision

NuWave-Precision Portable Induction Cooktops

Forget about purchasing one of the low-quality aftermarket induction cooktops in stores to save money. Even with your low budget, you can easily get advanced budget models with NuWave Precision topping our list of the best. Designed to heat up twice as fast as some traditional models, cooking is also fast and efficient. Energy consumption is 70% less than most cooktops while the 5-9-inch cooking area offered enables you to use several types of induction-ready cookware of various sizes.

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