Top 10 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner Reviews In 2019

When it comes to using a carpet cleaner, the key element is the need to be as portable as possible. But as it happens, when trying to be portable, it would in most cases turn out that the power offered for cleaning is compromised. Thus a fine balance has to be taken as to offer the best in terms of dirt removal and the need to be portable and mobile. Each of the models of portable vacuum cleaners handled below has their unique operational parameters and the customer is being provided with just the right choice when it comes to making a proper decision.

List Of Best Portable Carpet Cleaner Reviews

10. HOOVER Portable Cleaner


The Hoovers have been trendsetters in the vacuuming business and are the preferred brand to use for home purposes. With this portable carpet cleaner, the customer is provided with a machine that is powerful enough to remove the most stubborn of stains from the floors and upholstery.


  • Compactness- The single most important factor to a portable device
  • Very powerful
  • Powerful suction enables the removal of dirt and the soap solution
  • Wet use
  • Has the ability to use wet soap
  • More than just versatile

9. Bissell ProHeat Spot Cleaner


Using the Bissell Spot remover could be the smartest thing to do when faced with a stubborn stain. The ability to apply heat to the area not only makes for quick stain removal but would leave the least of residue after the cleanup.


  • Tough tool
  • Most hard to reach spaces are within reach
  • Removable water tank
  • Low cost- Probably the best offers compared to the price

8. Bissell Portable Cleaner 5207A


The 5207A model from Bissell has the capability to keep the cleaning solution temperature steady. This would help out when there are large amounts of work to take care of and is very practical. Considerable time is saved by not needing the cleaning water to be reheated at each instance.


  • Heatwave feature
  • Keeps water temperature constant during the cleaning
  • Cleaning solution
  • Ready to use formula from Hoover that suits the cleaner just fine
  • Easy refill
  • Easy to reach water and soap tanks make quick work of a replenish activity

7. Rug Doctor Stains Cleaner


It could well be said that the Rug Doctor would have been the first spot cleaners to have used the wet medium. The early start has certainly helped the carpet cleaner to offer some very innovative features on the machines. There is an increased mobility as there are a retractable hose and handles.


  • Steamless
  • Does away with steam cleaning
  • Automobile
  • Cleaning the car out would no longer be a chore
  • High suction

6. BISSELL Multi-Purpose Cleaner


The first aspect of the Bissell cleaner is that it is extremely compact. It is thus portable and just suited to the needs of a mobile carpet cleaning mechanism. With the Bissell cleaner, the key need to have a lightweight cleaner that performs beyond its size is being realized at best. That the motor can provide for a strong suction does work in favor of the brand most of the time.


  • Tough
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Comes with a fair amount of options
  • Can be used depending on the need
  • Compatible
  • Most commonly available detergents and soaps can be used

5. Bissell Powerbrush Deep Cleaner


If it is a truly deep clean that is so the desire, then the Bissell Powerbrush cleaner would just do the job. The set of rotating brushes lifts and cleans the dirt from within the deep layers of fabric. Yet the machine is light enough to be called a really portable carpet cleaner.


  • Versatile
  • Provides a wide range of operations
  • Wet clean
  • Water tank ensures a wet application
  • Continuous operation
  • Can really work non-stop

4. Rug Doctor Portable Rug Cleaner


On offer on the Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner is a suction power that can remove the hardest of stains. There is the added quality that the cleaning action does not damage or harm the fabric material in any way. Most treatments end up being a renewal of the lease of life of the carpets.


  • Does have 75% more suction power as the comparable cleaners
  • Renews carpet
  • Free offers
  • Free offer of detergents and soaps to help start out with the cleaning

3. BISSELL Green ProHeat Cleaner


The Bissell range has always been at the very front of innovation and this factor is being borne out by the latest entrant to the field of carpet cleaning from the stables of Bissell. Light enough to be carried around but yet with a full power that often surprises the meanest critic too. Use of soap solution in just the right amount not just removes the stains but prolongs the life of the carpet.


  • Deep clean
  • Deep cleaning action
  • Right combination
  • Use of just the right amount of spray and suction enables a clean wash

2. Bissell Pet Spot Remover


The use of the Bissell spot remover would be truly appreciated by those pet owners that are just getting the animals house-trained. On offer is a deodorizing action that not just removes the stain but the associated smell that comes with the pet droppings. It is possible to approach any spill with a confidence that is often lacking in more upmarket products.


  • Sterile action
  • Cleaning after pets should also be healthy affairs too
  • Convenient
  • The person is kept away from the dirt and grime
  • The nozzle can be adjusted to suit different types of carpets

1. Bissell 3624 Professional Carpet Cleaner


The beauty of the Bissell professional cleaner is that there is a variant for the different types of dirt and grime that is encountered during the carpet cleaning. Thus the customer is at liberty to pick and choose the most suited model from the lot on offer. It must be said that the best results are when the cleaner is used in combination with just the right type of cleaner solution. The large capacity tank would mean that there need to be fewer trips to have them emptied during use. Available with a warranty term that meets the most demanding situations.


  • Adaptable
  • Variant and combination for each purpose
  • Tough on dirt
  • Least harmful to carpet


Discussed in brief are the most salient aspects of the machines being considered. This does not explicitly imply that one model is superior over the other and it is a matter of finding the right fit to the situation. What the above listing does is offer the customer the choice and the ability to pick out the right model. The best of customers would insist on getting to have the most value for money spent and this particular feature is being stressed upon on each of the occasion.

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