Top 10 Pneumatic Cordless Drill Reviews In 2019

Drilling holes in masonry and metal forms are one of the most basic of operations that are carried out at places of stay and work. Although the power of the drill is one of the most important points to a good drill, there are a lot more reasons to prefer a type of drill to another. Going cordless with the simple drill would be one of the most innovative uses of technology as it introduces a far greater level of convenience and comfort to the everyday drilling. It is also one of the safest modes of using a drill as there is bound to be fewer causes for accidents due to tripping on the power cord. Here is an analysis of top 10 pneumatic cordless drills, which help you select the best one.

List Of Pneumatic Cordless Drill Reviews

10. Chicago Pneumatic Ultra Duty Drill


The Chicago Pneumatic Cordless drill is one of the lightest types of drills around. It is possible to maneuver the piece to precise locations for this very factor. The battery pack does allow sufficient time between charges to be of use every day. There is a reverse button that permits the reverse action if need be. There is a comprehensive one year warranty provided on the product which should be sufficient for most of the situations.


  • Small and compact in design and build
  • Capable of a maximum torque of 415 ft-lbs
  • Has the operational preparedness to be used in confined spaces
  • Three steps power setting and include a reverse action as well.
  • ¼ NPTF inlet air nozzle makes this implement truly compatible to existing machinery

9. TOKUYI Lithium-Ion Drill


The Tokuyi Cordless Drill is truly multi-functional due to the dexterity on offer in its operations. It is possible to use the drill to have a pilot hole using the advantages offered by the two speed operations. The easy to reach reverse button makes the use of the function practical on most occasions. A two year warranty on the product is among the most comprehensive available.

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  • Front LED provides forward illumination
  • 6 Drill bits ensure a fair range to use
  • Excellent balance and design ensures a one handed operation
  • Light weight in construction ensures a fatigue free working

8. Bare-Tool Hitachi Rotary Hammer Drill


The Hitachi Bare-Tool hammering drill is truly portable as it is powered by a Li-Ion battery cell that makes it truly independent of any kind of wires and cords during the use. The power pack is to be noted for the fast charge times possible. With the possibility that the power at the bit end can be controlled to a large part, it is possible to ensure a higher bit life and performance most of the time.


  • Hammering function makes it ready to use on concrete walls
  • Drill bit life is prolonged by controlling the power available at the ends of the drill
  • Being totally enclosed, the drill is capable of operation in varying situations
  • Relatively low noise even when operating at the peak loads and speeds
  • Provision of a bit clutch ensures protection during a bit freeze

7. Meditool Double Speed Cordless Drill


With the Meditool Cordless Drill being provided with a dual set of batteries ensures a spare piece when charging has to be carried out. There would be minimal of fatigue in the operator due to the compact and light weight operation of the machine. The single sleeve ratcheting sleeve would make for faster change of bits and has a strong hold as well.


  • Carbide jaws ensure a secure hold and long life to the product
  • Grip light ensures a lit work area when used at night or in confined spaces
  • Comes all together in a compact carry case that is portable
  • Truly capable of an all weather operations

6. Ingersoll-Rand Heavy Duty Drill


The Ingersoll-Rand cordless drill is one of the most economical around for the power delivered. With the variable start speed, it is possible to have holes that have just the right bit of finish. The load on the drill ends are balances out with the gear reduction system. The feather type touch trigger ensures a good control on speed.


  • Hard wearing chuck ensures a long service life
  • Speeds of up to 500 rpm are possible
  • Reversible action can be initiated
  • Operationally safe due to the splash proof construction

5. Tacklife MAX Cordless Drill


With a host of user friendly features on the Tacklife Cordless Drill, the equipment is versatile in use and operation. The batter pack does have a high use life between charges due to the capacity of the batter pack and the combined effect of the light weight construction.


  • A belt clip is not something that is provided on most competing products
  • Provision of flexible hexa-bit makes access of nooks and corners convenient at best
  • The use of hammer action adds ease and functionality to the product
  • Hardy construction ensures a long service life

4. Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill


The Tracklife PCD02B would be one of the fasted charging drilling machines to be on the market. There is a fine gradation of speeds being offered that from being just convenient would allow more options to use. The sturdy construction would ensure a long life and fast turnaround between charges. This could well be the preferred tool for the beginner as well as the seasoned worker.


  • Provided for is a set of LED indicators that ensure easy monitoring of speeds and settings
  • A low vibration operation would make it easy on the arms particularly on long drilling operations
  • The huge accompanying tackle would make the drill the most suited for work situations
  • At 220 In-lbs torque, this is one of the most powerful drills in the class

3. Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrench Drill


With the Chicago Pneumatic wrench drill, the bi-directional nature brings in a use that other models of cordless drills cannot provide. This is an equipment that can save on numbers of implements by having an all in one feature. The worker is provided with a range of options when using the said wrench and this could mean a lot less weight to carry around.


  • Completely fabricated in steel and aluminum, this drill can take a fair bit of pounding
  • With speeds of 9000 rpm, the Chicago drill is one of the fastest around
  • Weighing in under 3 lbs, the drill can ensure a free move of the arms
  • Capable of being mated onto most types of compressors

2. Tacklife PCD05B Cordless Drill


The Tacklife Drill uses a keyless metallic chuck that is versatile enough to be used on wood, metal, plastic and masonry. There would be few competing products around that can provide the kind of flexibility that this drill can offer. Considered on a cost basis, the drill is probably one of the most economical ones to have around and more or less maintenance free.


  • High range of drill speeds ensure better compatibility to situations
  • Relative low noise proves to be a blessing on most situations
  • Tough plastic exterior would mean a hardy piece of equipment most of the time
  • Totally enclosed drill body ensures a safe working equipment

1. NitroCat 1355 Impact Wrench Drill


If you want to get the best cordless drill, NitroCat 1355 is the best option. The hard hitting twin clutch of the NitroCat 1355 would make short work of situations. An easy flip switch provides for quick change of directions. There is a smooth change in power to suit the best of situations. An overall design quality ensures an easy to work drill that is easy to keep clean too.


  • Use of patented noise control technique ensures a quiet set of operations
  • The convenient carry bag makes transportation easy and comfortable
  • This is an ideal companion for the weekend enthusiasts and the DIY efforts


A well designed of drill wrenches and machines would be the highlight of most operations. The right choice of drill not just produces the best of results but a better finish to the effort as well. The above set of cordless drill tools are what the customer can hope to use under any circumstances. The above-listed products are the best cordless drills that come with excellent features. You can select one from this list confidently.

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