Top 8 Plus Size Waist Trainer Reviews In 2019

A regular body shape is very important for women because it boosts their self-esteem and confidence. However, sticking to diets and maintaining regular exercise regimes always takes time. For this reason, a lot of women get discouraged and they end up forsaking their goals and dreams. In addition, with the busy lives people are leading today, finding time to visit the gym can be challenging. Nonetheless, regardless of the time available for workouts, you still need to look amazing by maintaining your curves. Plus size waist trainer is one of the best solutions to enhance your looks. Amazing waist trainers are on sale today but only a few can function as you would love them to. Here are top 8 best plus size waist trainers that you can choose from.

List Of Top 8 Plus Size Waist Trainer Reviews

8. LYTOPTOP Hot Sweat Slimming Vest


Waist trainers not only give you a sexy look, but they also facilitate weight loss in a healthy and natural manner. This means that this particular plus size waist trainer will help you reach your weight loss goals without really going to the gym. Hence, it is a perfect piece for all busy women with tight schedules. With this product, you sweat 3 times more than normal and the heat is preserved to work on your muscles. Therefore, because this is a hot vest that facilitates more sweating, you are advised to take more water to ensure that your system is always hydrated.


  • Innovative material
  • Enhances curves
  • Comfortable design

7. TAILONG Hot Sweat Waist Trainer


Do you shy away and experience low self-esteem due to your pot belly? Worry no more, as this plus size waist trainer will perfectly tuck your tummy and offer you solid back support. It features a compression binder that is extremely stretchy. Therefore, this waist trainer can work for any person, regardless of their size. Additionally, it comes with a premium quality material that is highly versatile, facilitating various activities. Hence the Neoprene material works amazingly to facilitate workouts and spiral steel bone support among other functions. Moreover, this product increases heat in your body which in return works to trim your waist. You can sense the intensity of the heat by how much you sweat. Always remain hydrated to compensate for the huge amount of water lost during sweating.


  • Firm control waist training
  • Fat burn and weight loss
  • Back support and tummy tuck

6. JGOTIM XS Waist Trainer


Are you wondering how you can improve your look and get back your confidence? This plus size waist trainer does exactly that by enhancing your sexy curves. The best thing about this product is that its material is of deluxe quality. As a matter of fact, it features a polyester and spandex skin-friendly material. This material is both breathable and soft, making it comfortable for use all day long. Additionally, it is also lightweight and durable. Therefore, you will use it for a very long time before it wears out. The product is easy to use and maintain.


  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Hand wash
  • Sophisticated design

5. Lover-Beauty Waist Trainer


Here is a plus size waist trainer that comes with 3 high-quality materials. These materials are 100% latex, 96% cotton, and 4% spandex. With such materials, you can be sure that the waist trainer will serve you for a prolonged period of time. Additionally, they make the product really lightweight in such a way that you cannot tell whether you have it. It comes with 9 pieces of spiral steel bones, giving you more stiffness and enhancing your figure and posture. Moreover, this waist trainer has high compression, therefore, works for long torso.


  • Enhanced back support
  • 3 columns hook and eye closure design
  • Deluxe material

4. Eleady Women’s Waist Trainer with Adjustable Straps


This is another pocket-friendly plus size waist trainer for all women. It features adjustable straps that enhance flexibility and comfort. To keep it in perfect shape and condition, you are advised to hand wash it then hang it dry. This maintains elasticity and shape. One thing that you will love about this trainer is that it features a zip closure. Hence, it gets easy to use it even when you are alone, you do not need any help to ensure it is perfect on your body. Additionally, this product facilitates sweating, enhancing your workout. As a result, you easily achieve your goal regarding weight loss. To enhance your figure, it comes with a U-type breast design that pushes your breasts up.


  • Anti-droop breast design
  • 3-columns of hook and eye closure
  • For natural and defined waistline

3. ANGOOL Waist Trainer Neoprene


Are you looking for a plus size waist trainer with zipper closure? Well…. Look no further because this product right here is what you have been looking for. There are a lot of things that you will love it and one of them is its unique design. Its design features a waist trimmer, a waist trainer, and a sports bra. As a result, this waist trainer emphasizes your curves, giving you a sexy look that boosts your self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, this waist trainer comes with a Neoprene material. The material makes this hot vest more effective in facilitating weight loss. In addition, it is also very comfortable for all day long use.


  • Adjustable belt
  • Racerback sports bra
  • Firm control, high compression

2. Gotoly Women Waist Trainer


First of all, you will love the customer service offered here. The customer satisfaction is 100%, therefore, you should feel free to contact support in case you have any concerns or want to seek clarification. Secondly, this plus size waist trainer features comfortable fabric, which is spandex and nylon. Both of these materials are combined together to come up with cozy double-slimming layers. The outer layer is both elastic and silky smooth, offering your body firm control. In addition, the material offers high compression and remains breathable.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Maximizes firm control
  • Multifunction waist trainer

1. Manladi Neoprene Waist Trainer


This is one of the few best plus size waist trainers on the market. It comes with a unique design that facilitates multi-functions. The design features a waist trainer, sports bra, and a waist trimmer, giving you the look that you have always wanted. Additionally, the bra shapes and reduces your waist with its high compression function. The waistband is adjustable, making it ideal for most sizes. It is the best plus size waist trainer for women who want to lose weight faster, sweat more, release built up toxins and cleanse their pores. Make an order today and enjoy all the benefits that come with this amazing and classic waist trainer for plus size women.


  • High compression
  • Comfortable
  • Zipper front closure

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