Top 10 Pallet Forks Reviews In 2020

Forklifts are an incredible vehicle as it has revolutionized warehouse storage and the way heavy-duty items are transported. One of the accessories that assist forklifts are pallet forks. Tractors also use these forks in order to grip and transport heavy bales among other things and like warehouse work,they have predictably revolutionized agriculture in multiple aspects. Even when not in use on farms or in warehouses, there is also the need to move boats and trailers through the use of attachments and clamps for a fishing trip, camping trip or a cross-country venture. There are many types of pallet forks and attachments on the market, but there are ten products in particular that are featured on Amazon and have the following thorough reviews in addition to their incredible features listed.

The Best Selling Products

Bestseller No. 1
Titan Attachments 4000-Pound Capacity Clamp-on Pallet Forks for Tractor/Loader, Skid Steer Bucket
  • VERSATILE EQUIPMENT: These pallet forks can be attached over the cutting edge of the bucket of tractors and secured into place with the clamps. This kind of versatility creates an opportunity for you to use it across various brands of tractors, such as the Ford 8n, 9n, Kubota, or John Deere tractors. It’s a great addition to your farm accessories but can also be used to haul building supplies.
  • 4,000 LBS CAPACITY: Through superior design, we’ve created our Titan tractor fork attachments to be able to hold weight up to 4,000 pounds. This means that they are able to lift heavy things like fence posts, lumber, pallets, logs, or other parts you need moved around. Simply slide the clamp over the edge of your bucket and lock it in place for a sturdy heavy-lifting solution.
  • ROLL BACK PROTECTION SLOTS: Part of what makes up our professional design is our focus on safety. When you need a quick solution for hauling lumber or a hay bale, you shouldn’t need to sacrifice your, or anyone else's, safety. Our roll back protection slots can help keep your heavy loads right on the forks where they should be.
  • CHAIN HOLES FOR HEAVY LIFTING: Being able to secure your heavy load onto the forks of your front loader is crucial for both safety and efficiency. As part of our exceptional design, we’ve included chain holes so that you can use chains to secure loads and to act as a stabilizer for heavy equipment or the larger load that you are moving.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL: Working with heavy lifting and large loads mean that we had to create something that would be durable. We’ve used a heavy-duty material and expert welding to construct the forks and the thick, rectangular tube walls. The length of each fork is 43” and the fork width is 4”. The total length, once installed, is 60”.
Bestseller No. 2
Pallet Forks Attachment for Tractors and Loaders, Skid Steer, Quick Tach, 46”
  • TRANSPORT GOODS WITH EASE: Skip the heavy lifting and let your tractor do the work! This pallet fork attachment makes it easier to move and transport hefty items. While using the pallet fork, you can haul logs, lumber, timber, and firewood. You can also install fence posts. Use this pallet fork to clear debris and brush as well as move hay bales. The versatility of this fork is endless.
  • EASY INSTALLATION WITH QUICK TACH: At Titan Attachments, we make hooking up tractor implements simple. This pallet fork features a universal skid steer style quick tach, so you can easily attach it to your tractor’s bucket. Simply slide your loader quick-hitch pins into the slots located on the lower back side of the attachment, and you’re all set.
  • DURABLE BLADES: For many jobs, your blades will need to be strong and durable. That’s why we designed this pallet fork with heavy-duty steel construction. The tines measure 46” L x 2” H x 4” W on this fork, allowing them to accommodate several different projects. Haul, move, and transport goods of all kinds. Order today.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MOWERS: This pallet fork features a universal design that is compatible with most lawn tractors, loaders, and mowers, like models from New Holland, Kubota, John Deere, and others. The buckle works with chains up to 0.5” to secure loads. This pallet fork is an essential piece of farm equipment to help you start moving supplies.
  • DIMENSIONS: Our sturdy fork tines are 46" L x 2" H x 4" W and weigh approximately 95 lbs. Overall, the attachment weighs about 229 lbs. The fork blades are set 20.75” apart. These pallet forks can support an overall weight capacity of 2,600 lbs. When you order these pallet forks, you will need to provide your phone number so the trucking and shipping company can schedule delivery.

10. JAXPETY Clamp on Heavy Duty Pallet Forks 59 inches 1500 lbs Capacity for Loader Bucket Skid steer Tractor

JAXPETY Clamp on Heavy Duty Pallet Forks 59 inches 1500 lbs Capacity for Loader Bucket Skid steer Tractor

These steel forks are easily attachable to tractors and can withstand loads up to 1500 pounds and increases the handling proficiency of the tractor. Durable and rustproof, these forks are designed for long-term usage in addition to strenuous workloads. Revolutionized with rustproof material, these forks will be reliable for many occasions while maintaining itself in great condition for years to come.


  • 59 inch long blades allowing for large loads to be thoroughly lifted and secured
  • High quality steel with black finish
  • Wear-resistant, rustproof, adjustable widths making installation easy

9. MB-THISTAR 43″ 2000lbs Capacity Clamp on Pallet Fork Loader Bucket Skidsteer Tractor Chain


Made from quality steel, these forks can withstand a load of up to 2000 pounds and are designed for easy adjusting in addition to clamping. It also features chain holes and a thicker design adding onto its stability prowess when dealing with heavy loads.


  • 2000 lb load capacity
  • Chain holes for industrial lifting
  • Heavily walled design promoting durability and insulation

8. ApolloLift Pallet Lift 2200lbs Capacity 48″Lx21″W Fork 3.3” Lowered 31.5” Raised Height JF

ApolloLift Pallet Lift 2200lbs Capacity 48

This pallet lift allows short to medium range storage in regards to moving a pallet between shelves. It is also useful for pallet transport and has a simple yet effective design for simple hand usage. There’s also an oil leak-proof hydraulic system equipped to maintain lubrication and smooth usage.


  • 3 position hand control allowing ascension, descension and neutral movements
  • Polyurethane design and steel frame made for long-term durability
  • Maintains overload valve in order to present loads from going over capacity
  • Reaches a raised height of 31.5 inches

7. Gentec Equipment 48″ Heavy Duty Skid Steer Pallet Fork

Gentec Equipment 48

These heavy duty forks allow for a load capacity of up to 5000 pounds and is easily installed thanks to its simple design. Even though these forks do not have the bells and whistles other forks tend to have, sometimes less is more especially when its at the top of what it does best.


  • 5000 pound load capacity and therefore the ability to withstand any load.
  • 48 inch long forks
  • Simple yet highly durable steel frame

6. Strongway Pallet Jack 4400-Lb. Capacity, 62in.L x 27in.W

Strongway Pallet Jack 4400-Lb. Capacity, 62in.L x 27in.W

This pallet jack contains steel forks specifically for durability while featuring a load capacity of up to 4,400 pounds and polyurethane wheels featuring a 180 degree turning rotation. It also boast a powder-coat finish in addition to specially designed taper ends on the forks in order to ensure smooth entry into pallets, making this lift truck a must-have within warehouses.


  • 4400 pound load capacity specifically marked on the pallet jack for quick reference when necessary
  • Leakproof pump designed for simple handling and longer shelf life.
  • Powder-coat finish
  • 3in.–7 1/2in. lift range
  • 11-gauge re-enforced steel forks in order to assure heavy lifting with minimal effort

5. Sandinrayli Clamp on 1500 Lbs Capacity Loader Bucket Tractor Chain w/Cross Bar

Sandinrayli Clamp on 1500 Lbs Capacity Loader Bucket Tractor Chain w/Cross Bar

These heavy duty steel forks not only maintain loads up to 1500 pounds but are easily installed without welding. It specializes in handling various forms of wood such as logs, timber, lumber and fences to name a few. These forks also boast a rustproof feature in addition to sharpened blades allowing for long-term durability.


  • 59 inch blades allowing for large loads to be lifted.
  • Adjustable blade width range of 24 to 43 inches
  • Welded and painted finish as a means of maintaining durability and upkeep
  • 2×3 in fork width and height

4. IRONWALLS 43” 3000LBS Clamp On Attachment for Loader Bucket Skid Steer Tractor Chain Heavy Duty

IRONWALLS 43'' 3000LBS Clamp On Attachment for Loader Bucket Skid Steer Tractor Chain Heavy Duty

These attachments have a load capacity of 3000 lbs, making them ideal for heavy duty lifting while also placing an emphasis on security and stability by featuring its rollback protection slots and chain holes. Its sleek design also gives its user the ability of lifting pallets, fences and other obstacles with relative ease. It’s also fitted with a rectangular tube wall, providing even more security when lifting and transporting.


  • Rollback protection slots
  • 3000 lb load capacity
  • 43 inch blades
  • Rectangular tube wall suited for insulation and load security
  • Clamp on forks

3. Hydraker 2” Forklift Trailer Hitch Receiver Ball Hitch Attachments Fit

Hydraker 2” Forklift Trailer Hitch Receiver Ball Hitch Attachments Fit

This fork hitch is ideal for the instances where extra assistance is needed when dealing with super heavy duty loads. Its highly adjustable range can fit most forks up to about 6 inches wide. These easily installed steel forks have a capacity of 6,500 pounds in addition to a rust and corrosion resistant finish. This product is a great bang for your buck when considering not only its load capacity but also its durability as well.


  • Ideal for Class III and Class IV inserts
  • Rustproof and Corrosion proof
  • 14″ x 9.5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ dimensions
  • Easy installation process
  • 6500 lb capacity
  • Fits forks up to 6″ wide

2. Dual Attachment Clamp on Trailer Mover. for Forklifts, Tractors Skid Steers. by Grab-A-Trailer

Dual Attachment Clamp on Trailer Mover. for Forklifts, Tractors Skid Steers. by Grab-A-Trailer

This clamp is incredible for moving trailers and have a load capacity of 5,000 pounds. It also boasts versatility due to being compatible with both tractor and forklift instillation. They are also easily installed to the point where no drilling is required whatsoever. Its lightweight yet durable frame makes transport effortless and its converter system adds to its already vast level of convenience.


  • Crafted from American-made tubular steel
  • 5000 lb load capacity
  • Yellow powder coated finish for high visibility
  • Easy instillation within seconds, no drilling or complex assembly required
  • 24″ x 6″ x 3″ dimensions
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight frame at only 12 pounds, making it easily transportable
  • Fits forks up to 5.5″ wide

1. Hodenn 2 inch Forklift Hitch Receiver Adapter

Hodenn 2 inch Forklift Hitch Receiver Adapter

This adapter designed for heavy duty at 6500 pounds has a simple installation process by simply sliding the forks in before clamping it. Crafted from steel, this adapter is ideal for moving trailers and even boats with ease, making transporting a painless process.


  • Fits forks up to 5.5″ wide
  • 14″ x 9″ x 2.2′ dimensions
  • Simple installation process
  • Good for moving both trailers and boats