Top 10 Best Outdoor Deep Fryer Reviews In 2019

Outdoor cooking is currently in style. As a result, the demand for quality outdoor cooking equipment has also grown with deep fryers topping the list. Perfect for cooking turkey, chicken, and meats, in general, they perform better than the traditional pots and grills that most people use. Power consumption is acceptable, while the premium materials used to make most models last long. If you spend most of your weekends outdoors entertaining with your family, we have reviewed the 10 best models that meet this threshold. They are spacious, made of durable non-stick materials, and have effective systems that cook delicious foods every time. Setup and operation are simple and the myriad of safety features integrated into their designs effective.

List Of Best Outdoor Deep Fryer

10. Cajun Injector


Even though frowned upon by dieticians, fried turkey remains one of the most consumed meals in home settings. It is protein-rich, affordable, and very easy to prepare with the help of this Cajun Injector turkey fryer. Recommended for home use, this fryer has a deep aluminum port that fits 12-14 pounds turkey. The bailing basket (with quick drain) offered drains turkey well, while its durable stainless steel heating element has a thermostat-controlled shut-off feature for safety. You do not have to worry about it overheating and compromising personal or environmental safety. Cajun Injector is CSA-certified and features built-in digital controls that ease its use.

9. Bayou Classic 4225


Featuring a 42-quart aluminum stock pot, Bayou Classic 4225 is a large turkey fryer that also cooks chicken well. Christened the Grand Gobbler, its ability to fit and cook birds weighing up to 25 pounds is admirable. The naturally non-stick aluminum that forms a major part of its design is also rust proof, while the cool-touch riveted hands offered ease operation. When cooking, therefore, you can carry heavy loads without dropping it accidentally. The free leather glove offered protects users from burns, while the patent poultry rack in its pot eases lifting and draining of fried turkey. Each original comes with a free 2-ounce seasoning injector and a 12-inch fry thermometer.

8. Kamp Kitchen 30QT ALU


Kamp Kitchen 30QT ALU is a lidded 30-quart turkey fryer with a BPA-free aluminum pot. Compared to most stainless steel models, it is light and portable. Rust and corrosion resistance is admirable, while the high BTU (38,000) cast iron burner offered heats it evenly for faster cooking. Mounted on a sturdy steel stand (fully welded), the burner also retains heat longer and supports heavy weights without toppling over. Buy one to get a CSA-certified fryer with a free chrome-plated lifter/turkey rack and a heat shield that maximizes efficiency.

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7. Bayou Classic Outdoor Fish Cooker


With this fish cooker from Bayou Classic, cooking delicious fish recipes outdoors is no longer a challenge. Made of high-grade aluminum, it is light, easy to clean, and heats up faster than comparable steel models. Dent, corrosion, and rust resistance are also unmatched, and its convenient 10-quart design ideal for cooking various fish species. Whether you enjoy bass or salmon, therefore, you will get professional-grade results without exerting a lot of effort. Each set includes a sturdy tripod stand (19.5-inches) that improves reach when cooking. It also includes a stainless steel thermometer (5-inches), a UL listed regulator with a hose (29-inches), and a one-year warranty.

6. King Kooker 1618


Liked by professionals and hobbyists because of their power efficiency and environment friendliness, propane cookers are among the best. This outdoor King Kooker 1618 models, for instance, is a feature-rich 16-inch model that appeal to homeowners for many reasons. The CSA-certified 54,000 BTU burner offered works well outdoors. The frying baskets (two) and large aluminum pan offered fry are both BPA-free, non-stick, and rustproof, while its lightweight design is travel worthy. Apart from preparing family meals at home, therefore, you can also carry it to camping sites effortlessly. With each King Kooker 1618 set, buyers get a type-1 regulator (with an LP hose), a thermometer (deep fry), and detailed recipe and instruction booklets.

5. Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball


Are you on a strict fat-free diet? Are you tired of the flavorless boiled meats served in your local restaurant? To get your daily fill of rotated or fried turkey while sticking to your oil less diet at the same time, purchase Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball. A popular oil-free fryer for outdoor use, its electrical system (1650 watts) delivers palatable and well-cooked turkey as its oiled counterparts do. Safety is top notch, while its superior double walled construction retains heat longer for faster and better cooking results. When frying, therefore, you do not have to worry about oil splashing and burning you. Flavoring of turkey is easy via its wood chip box, while its removable drip pan contains spills well.

4. Bayou Classic 1118


In top 10 best outdoor deep fryers, Bayou Classic 1118 appeals to most chefs because of its quality. With a cooking capacity of 23 quarts, for instance, users are able to cook large turkeys, chicken, or batches of food effortlessly. The stainless steel use in its production withstands high temperatures while the strong perforated basket offered is perfect for steaming. Buckling or denting, therefore, are virtually unheard off. Food flavors are also crisp and natural because of the BPA-free property of the steel used to make it. For safety, buyers get a fitting vented lid that contains splashes well and a heavy duty handles that support a lot of weight.

3. Char-Broil the Big Easy


Ideal for bulk frying of turkey weighing up to 16 pounds, Char-Broil the Big Easy can satisfy the need of medium-sized to large families. For those that follow strict healthy diets, the oil-less TRU frying technology it employs reduces oil consumption significantly. It also heats evenly for faster cooking results and does not flare up as charcoal and traditional cooking energies such as propane. This is ideal, particularly if safety ranks high among your requirements. Even with its colossal size, Char-Broil the Big Easy weighs only 30 pounds. The sturdy steel rack, free meat thermometer, and the sturdy 2-leg rack offered better its functionality further.

2. Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball


With each new Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball bought, you get an extra-large stainless steel turkey fryer that also steams and boils foods well. Powered by electricity, its thermostat-controlled system is super-convenient to use. Its BPA-free cooking pot has a drain value for easier cleaning, while the durable 1650-watt heating element it uses lasts for years. Even though cost and maintenance are higher, its durability, space saving design, and versatility are admirable.

1. Char-Broil the Big Outdoor Deep Fryers

char-broil-the-big Outdoor Deep Fryers

Explore the convenience of oil-less cooking with a new Char-Broil the Big Easy fryer. Specially built for cooking turkey, the large non-stick pot offered accommodates up to 16-pound birds. The patented infrared technology (TRU) it uses delivers crisp, juicy, and flavorful results while its ease of use is appealing. Once setup, for instance, you do not worry about hot oil or splatter. Flare-ups are also uncommon and its free meat thermometer and cooking guide better the results of users.

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