Top 8 Neewer Ring Light Reviews In 2019

You get on social media, and there are people who always post clear, high-quality images that make you envious. You could assume that they have expensive cameras and other photography devices, but that is not always the case. Some of the crisp images you view online are taken using something called a ring light such as Neewer. It is placed at the point of view of the camera and serves the purpose of providing even light and eliminating shadows; therefore, producing sharp photographs and videos. Do not blame your phone so much for giving you average images. It is time to start using quality ring lights. Neewer is among the many brands of ring lights you will come across. Let us look at the top 8 Neewer ring light.

08. Ivisii LED Ring Light

Ivisii LED Ring Light

One of the things Ivisii offers you is an adjustable color temperature that lets you work with a quality of light you need at any given time. It is fantastic for broadcast channels, wedding shooting, makeup, and live steaming among other uses. The LED SMD light this ring provides is dimmable for convenience reasons. The brand protects your eyes with its 480 LED lamp beads. It also has vents on the rear that get rid of heat to boost the longevity of the ring light. It comes with a carry bag that contains the ring light, a white filter system, a tripod head, a smartphone hold, and adapters.


  • Light, portable, and durable
  • Provides 3000K-5800K color temperature
  • Low power consumption

7. Neewer Fluorescent Ring Light

Neewer Fluorescent Ring Light

With Neewer you will be getting 5500K color temperature. The manufacturer provides you with an aluminum alloy stand for the ring, which fosters extra strength and firmness. The stand is usable with boom stands, backgrounds, and reflectors while the ball head has a lock and fits into a standard hot shoe. This light has a flexible arm that does not drop ensuring uninterrupted shooting.


  • Comes with camera cradle
  • Has an adjustable stand that collapses for storage
  • It is not dimmable

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6. Neewer Upgraded Ring Light

Neewer Upgraded Ring Light

The previous Neewer ring light has a constant color temperature and is not dimmable. It is a different case with the upgraded LED ring light model because it is dimmable and provides the flexible 3200K-5600K temperature. It is ultra-slim, which gives it a contemporary look. Besides, this product provides diffused light and reduces the appearance of harsh shadows. Use the dual warm and cool knob to change the lighting. The full kit entails an adjustable, heavy-duty light stand and a rotating smartphone holder for landscape and portrait image capturing.


  • It is more lightweight and portable
  • Has a 1.8cm thickness and reduces power loss
  • Dims from 0-100%

5. Neewer 5500K Ring Light

Neewer 5500K Ring Light

With this Neewer make, it is a 5500k, dimmable fluorescent ring light. It is great for photography, video shooting, and applying makeup. Its flexible arm moves freely to ensure you get it at a position that gives you the best images. This item has a long cord and sturdy thumb screws that can stand heavy photography tasks.


  • Uses a stable 75inch aluminum stand with a locking functionality
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and durable
  • Meets industry standards to support

4. Neewer 18’’ Light

Neewer 18’’ Light

With the 18’’ Neewer model, you will be getting 5500K color temperature. It comes with a light, aluminum stand of a 59inch height, which collapses for easy transportation and storage. The model uses an 18-inch fluorescent ring. In addition, the white and orange color filter consists of high-grade plastic. Utilize the soft tube and rotate the ring light to attain the lighting you need for your subjects. Remember, this ring is dimmable.


  • Provides steady color temperature
  • Has a low power loss
  • Has a reinforced arm that is flexible

3. Neewer RL-12 14’’ Ring Light

Neewer RL-12 14’’ Ring Light

From the outer edge of the RL-12 to the other edge is 14inches. It uses a lightweight stand with upward legs meaning you should unfold them upside down. Holding your phone as you film a video or take photos can be tiring. This brand reduces frustration because it has a smartphone holder. It also consists of 240 pieces of LED bulbs that dim from 1-100 %. Make good use of the aluminum alloy. Additionally, the filters are made of high transmission plastic that ensures steady color temperature.


  • Package includes a 6inch sand
  • Has a white and orange color filter
  • It is dimmable, light, and portable

2. Neewer Ring Light with 78.7inch Stand

Neewer Ring Light with 78.7inch Stand

This LED ring light is dimmable and has 240 LED bulbs that boost its performance. The wide range of dimming 1-100 % gives you the freedom to work with specific lighting for different scenarios. Get to save on power and maintain current drive throughout filming. This model’s stand has an adjustable height; it is stable and has a locking mechanism that keeps things intact.

The phone holder comes in handy when you do not have someone else to help you take photos and make videos. Mount it properly and adjust whenever necessary to create the effect you want your audience to feel. Using the white filter, you are able to soften light while the orange filter changes the color temperature to 3200K.


  • Does not provide a carry bag
  • Uses orange and white filters
  • Portable and light

1. UBeesize Selfie Light

UBeesize Selfie Light

Being the leading product in the top 8 Neewer ring light, UBeesize offers you a dimmable ring with three lighting settings white, warm white, and warm yellow. Each one of them has 11 brightness levels to experiment with and make professional images. Set the stand at a suitable height. You can also use it as a phone stick for spectacular selfies.


  • Compatible with most phones both iPhone and Android
  • It is USB powered to work with devices with USB port
  • Includes a remote shutter


Neewer gives you a wide variety of ring light models to choose from. They are all high-quality only that they vary in terms of characteristics such as color temperature and adjustability. If this brand has impressed you already, then place an order. If you have not bought it, you cannot establish whether it is a worthwhile ring light on the market.

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