Top 8 Mobile TV Stand Reviews In 2019

Installing a television set in your home, office, conference room, bar, restaurant, or hotel has become easier with the invention of stands. Today, there are many types of stylish, modern, and exquisite mobile TV stands that boost the beauty of your space. They are highly portable, easy to mount and allow height adjustability. You can change the position of your television at any time with little effort. With that in mind, continue reading to find out more regarding the top 8 mobile TV stand.

8. Rfiver TV Cart

Rfiver TV Cart

Rfiver is a sturdy TV stand made from aluminum and tempered glass. It looks great in any décor be it at home or the office. It uses a rolling mounting system to ensure the safety of your precious flat screen. To attain the perfect viewing angle, this product has an adjustable height and a swivel that allows you to watch TV without straining your eyes or neck. The heavy locking casters on the front wheels ensure stability and make it easy to move the mobile stand from one spot to another. Rfiver’s glass base is spacious for storing video and audio devices.


  • It has a sleek, modern design and holds up to 110lbs
  • Uses adjustable VESA brackets for mounting
  • Fits 32-65inch television sets

7. EZM Mobile TV Stand-EasyMountLCD 002-0038

EZM Mobile TV Stand-EasyMountLCD 002-0038

As one of the top mobile TV stands, EZM from EasyMountLCD suits LED and LCD plasma flat screens curved screens included. One thing about mobile TV stands is that they are highly adjustable. With EZM you get flexible mounting heads that tilt to offer you comfort. Move the mounting brackets up or down to change the height of the stand. Besides, you can adjust the height of the shelf tray. EZM entails four casters that foster easy movement and stability, and it accommodates sets of 23-55’’.


  • Has a heavy duty steel construction
  • The locking casters are durable
  • Rear feet are low profile to save space

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6. Yaheetech TV Stand

Yaheetech TV Stand

Yaheetech is among the many universal mobile TV stands the market offers. It fits different types of sets be it LED, OLED, and LCD flat panels, and curved plasma TV and LCD. If you dislike the sight of cords running all over your television set, this brand has a solution. It incorporates a two-column design that assists you in hiding wires leaving you with an eye-catching stand. Make good use of the storage rack for proper organization of pour entertainment equipment.


  • Suitable for 32-65’’ screens
  • Has a load capacity of 110lbs
  • Provides adjustable height and screen angle

5. Vivo Mobile TV Stand

Vivo Mobile TV Stand

When you buy a Vivo TV stand, expect adjustability of course. Change the height of the screen and tray to a convenient level. Tilt the screen as well to find the appropriate viewing angle, which helps prevent issues such as glare. The manufacturer provides the hardware you need to mount the stand making your work much easier. In addition, the firm steel structure ensures the safety of your TV.


  • For 23-55’’ TVs
  • Has locking wheels
  • Maximum load capacity is 55lbs

4. Mount Factory TV Cart

Mount Factory TV Cart

With Mount Factory’ stand, you are getting a sturdy product with a high-grade steel frame. It can hold loads as heavy as 110lbs making it great for your TV, DVD, and audio devices. The locking casters, as usual, ensure stable support. You can always change the height of the stand. This model has an extra wide base and bolts that keep you TV intact.


  • Compatible with 32-65inch plasma, OLED, LCD, and LED and curved screens
  • It has a firm design including a tray
  • The backplate has openings for passing cables

3. 1home Floor Stand

1home Floor Stand

1home provides users an adjustable floor stand for TV sets at home, the office, classrooms, and conference rooms. Tilt the mounting bracket and adjust the height to find a comfortable height. The manufacturer includes an adjustable shelf you can use to place other things such as your laptop and gaming system.

The heavy-duty wheels have casters with a locking mechanism that let you move the TV cart from one position to another with ease. Thank the company for having a cable management system that ensures the stand is uncluttered. 1home has a quality steel frame with a stylish finish to accentuate the beauty of your room.


  • Easy to put together and its 23-55inch screens
  • Has a maximum load capacity of 55lbs
  • VESA compatible of up to 400by400mm

2. NB North Bayou Mobile TV Stand

NB North Bayou Mobile TV Stand

When buying TV stands, one of the factors to keep in mind is the material used in making them and stability. For North Bayou, it is a steel stand that can accommodate TV sets of up to 100lbs including LCD, LED, and OLED and plasma flat screens. The braked casters allow you to easily reposition it around your space, as they foster easy mobility. Like every other product in the top 8 mobile TV stand reviews in 2019, this make’s height, video tray, and shelf are adjustable.


  • Suits 32-65inch TV brands
  • Has a security padlock for the safety of your TV
  • Utilizes a wire management system

1. Vivo LED, LCD, Plasma Flat Screen Stand-TV03E

Vivo LED, LCD, Plasma Flat Screen Stand-TV03E

As the leading mobile TV stand in the reviews, this Vivo model offers a maximum weight capacity of 110lbs. It comes with middle shelving that is stable, adjustable, and with the capacity to carry 30lbs. The stand has a screen tilt that lets you set your television set at an excellent angle. The locking casters will always be helpful when having the stand in a stationary position or when moving it.


  • Compatible with many 32-65inch LED LCD screens
  • Fits VESA pattern of up to 600by400mm
  • Has a cord management system


Mobile TV stands are worth investing in considering the benefits they offer. They are easy to set up, portable, light, and with varying weight capacities. It is possible to find the best stand that suits your needs and preferences. All the models we have reviewed are sturdy, high quality, and long-lasting. Place an order and beautify your room with elegant, modern, mobile TV stands.

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