Top 10 Best Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets Reviews In 2019

Did you know that bathroom accidents are the leading cause of injuries in homes? For those with smooth flooring, for instance, the risk of slipping, falling, and physical injury is high, particularly after having a shower or bath. To keep such problems at bay without compromising the functionality of your bathroom, purchasing and setting up a memory foam rug is one of the best decisions you can make. Most models are comfortable, super-absorbent, and have non-slip backings that minimize the risk of slipping and injury. Most models are also affordable, very easy to maintain, and are attainable in many interesting designs that blend and work well in most types of home. To get value for money, here are the top 10 best rugs that meet this threshold.

List Of Best Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets

10. Norcho Soft Microfiber Bath Mat


Forget about the annoying plastic mats that most individuals have set up in their bathrooms to better personal safety. To protect your bathroom floor from moisture buildup and or your feet from the cold after a long bath, this soft microfiber bath mat from Norcho is an excellent alternative for numerous reasons. Rubberized, for instance, its base grips surfaces well to minimize the risk of slipping and injury. The antimicrobial materials used to make it, on the other hand, prevent bacteria and odor build up over time, while its large 31×19-inch design offered better coverage of large areas without creating an eyesore. Apart from your bathroom, you can also use this multi-functional rug in your living room and bedroom without compromising its performance.

9. FindNew Microfiber Memory Foam Bath Mat


Manufactured using 15mm thick slow rebound memory foam and a smooth microfiber cover, FindNew is a premium bath mat with a quick drying design that most individuals appreciate. Designed to absorb up to 30% more water than comparable models, it is an excellent accessory for use in waterlogged areas such as bathrooms. Its flat bottom has a rubberized anti-slip backing that betters the safety of users, while its elegance and compact 16 x 24-inch design also blends well in bedrooms, besides washbasins, and in shower rooms without creating an eyesore. As the Norcho bath mat listed, FindNew is anti-microbial and easy to clean using mild detergents.

8. VANRA Bath Mat


Attainable in grey, VANRA is a stylish 15.7 x 23.6-inch bath mat with a soft and non-slip design that features an absorbent memory foam core and a plush velvet fabric cover. Certified safe for kids use, this rug lacks irritants that might affect your health over time. Its anti-slip surface maximizes user safety after a bath or shower, while its warm and super absorbent construction is ideal for keeping the legs warms in bedrooms or balconies. You can also use it to relieve foot fatigue or alleviate foot pressure a long day’s work. VANRA Bath Mat is anti-microbial, machine washable, and has a 12-month limited warranty.

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7. Docbear Soft Non-Slip Absorbent Bath Rugs


With this set of Docbear bath rugs, you get soft, non-slip, and super absorbent bathroom mats, each measuring approximately 17 x 24-inches. The memory foam and 100% velvet used to manufacture them are durable. Thickness (0.5-inches) is adequate, while the rebounding and sponge-like consistency individuals get not only supports feet well but also disperses pressure effectively to lower foot fatigue and or irritation. Docbear rugs are machine washable, skin friendly, and are attainable in aesthetic bright colours that improve the overall outlook of bathrooms and homes in general.

6. Cotton Craft 2 Piece Reversible Rug Set


Favored by homeowners of all cadres, Cotton Craft is a premium rug set made of a super-soft 100% pure cotton fabric that does not irritate the feet whilst in use. Hand tufted to maximum water absorption while withstanding heavy-duty abuse at the same time, it is an excellent day-to-day accessory. Their fully reversible 17 x 24-inch designs last longer than comparable models while their stylish charcoal themes resist dust and dirt longer than popular grey and white themed rugs. Unfortunately, Cotton Craft lacks an anti-slip backing. If you are willing to spend a few dollars on one, it is one of the best rug set to purchase in 2016.

5. Magnificent Memory Foam Bath Mat


A bestselling bathmat in Amazon and other acclaimed stores, Magnificent is a large (20 x 32-inch) household accessory with a soft and non-slip construction (in grey) that lasts long. If you are tired of the hard plastic model currently in your bathrooms, purchase one to get a premium accessory that feels great on feet. The skid resistant backing on its bottom minimizes the risk of slipping and injury on both wet and dry surfaces, while its elegant design also has hypoallergenic materials that prevent odor build up over the years. Whether you are shopping for a mat for use in your bathroom, in your kitchen, or next to a bathtub, magnificent never disappoints.

4. Simple Deluxe Bath Mat Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets

simple-deluxe-bath-mat (Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets)

Durable, blue themed, and with an extra-long 16 x 39-inch design that blends well in most types of bathrooms, Simple Deluxe offers superior slip protection without improving the overall outlook of bathrooms at the same time. Made of BPA and allergen-free vinyl, it is perfect for use in both adult and kids rooms. Coverage is up to 30% better than most standard mats, while its machine-washable design is very easy to maintain when dirty. Forget about scrubbing it manually as some rug types often require.

3. Clara Clark Bath Rug Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets

clara-clark-bath-rug (Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets)

When shopping for a bath rug, absorbency is an essential attribute that you should never sacrifice. Buying an expensive model only for it to fail to live to your expectations is a frustrating financial decision that you must never make at all costs. To avoid such frustrations, this memory foam Clara Clark bath rug is one of the best. Featured in top 10 best memory foam bath rug set reviews in 2016, many individuals appreciate its super absorbent design. Its dark chocolate theme is another major draw while its versatile 17 x 24-inch design works well in most areas of homes including bathrooms, bedrooms, and around watering tubs or sinks. Clara Clark Bath Rug is naturally hypoallergenic and has a non-slip backing for optimal safety.

2. Utopia Towels Luxury Cotton Floor Mat Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets

utopia-towels-luxury-cotton-floor-mat (Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets)

Since its inception, Utopia Towels has dominated the bathroom niche with exclusive and versatile accessories that most individuals appreciate. This cotton shower and bath mat set, for instance, is a plush, durable, and super absorbent accessory that also works well in hotels and spas. Measuring approximately 21 x 24-inches, the two rugs buyers get are perfect for covering large areas. They are also machine washable, super absorbent, and have an aesthetic grey theme that blends well in homes without looking too dramatic. Both rugs are 100% natural and recommended for use in adult and kids rooms.

1. VDOMUS Microfiber Bath and Shower Mats Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets

vdomus-microfiber-bath-and-shower-mats (Memory Foam Bath Rugs Sets)

These microfiber bath and shower mats from VDOMUS are super absorbent 20 x 32-inch accessories each with a soft and comfortable consistency that users appreciate. Attainable in grey, their standard themes blend well in most settings. Bottoms are flat and fitted with non-slip rubberized backing for optimal safety while their fast drying designs are suitable for use in bathrooms, showers, cars, and toilets.

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