Top 10 Leather Chesterfield Sofas Review In 2020

Leather Chesterfield Sofa designs have changed significantly over the years with most modern styles becoming larger and larger. Whilst eye-catching, Chesterfield leather sofas have remained sought-after worldwide because of their quality construction. Their classic and vintage-looking designs, for instance, blend well in homes. They are also compact, have stylish button tufting that boost their value further, and sturdy wooden frames that rarely break. Even though you pay slightly more, therefore, you get a comfortable sofa that will serve you for generations. Because of their global demand, many Chesterfield sofas are available in stores with these 10 models considered the best:

The Best Selling Products

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10. Homelegance Chesterfield (Traditional Style)

Traditional style sofa sets remain popular in homes decades after their introduction. This Chesterfield from Homelegance, for instance, is a tufted model with a stylish rolled arm design that people appreciate. Made of solid wood, its premium frame is durable. The almond and brown fabric used to make it has a unique herringbone pattern that screams luxury. It will improve the overall outlook of your home, unlike comparable low-quality fabrics. Finally, Homelegance Chesterfield excels in terms of comfort. The therapeutic pillows used in its production cradle the body well to maximize comfort. Its decent-sized arms are also comfortable and therefore perfect for lounging.

9. Rose and Moore Westminster

Rose and More is an acclaimed brand with several comfortable and long-lasting products in its arsenal. This Westminster edition, for instance, is a vintage brown sofa made of full top grain leather. Whilst expensive, the material is durable. It is also rip-proof and has a well-finished low noise surface that you can clean easily. Simply apply soapy water on a clean rug and scrub gently to remove dirt and stubborn stains. Measuring 94 x 40 x 33-inches, this seat is large. The multi-density foam used as padding and for making pillows is comfortable, while its solid frame is creak-free. As most Chesterfield sofas, Rose and Moore Westminster has that signature rolled arms that users like. Its tufted British-style back is also solid and has a modern yet retro rustic outlook.

8. US Pride Furniture S5071-L

Featuring a solid frame, thick foam padding, and bonded leather upholstery, US Pride Furniture S5071-L is a quality beige-themed loveseat. Even though smaller (31x 65 x 35-inches) than Rose and Moore Westminster, it is a worthy space-saver. Its stable and creak-free design is perfect for resting and watching movies, while its premium seats are comfortable. They lack pressure points, for instance. By cradling the body, they also minimize slipping, which betters the experience of users further. US Pride Furniture S5071-L has removable seat cushions that you can dust and or wash easily when spring-cleaning.

7. Baxton Studio Cortland

US Pride Furniture S5071-L is a modern-looking sofa (Chesterfield) with a sturdy and long lasting birch wood frame. Made of blended linen upholstery (in beige) its charming design complements the décor in homes. Foam cushioning (high-density polyurethane) is premium while its non-marking feet protect delicate flooring from scratches. Whether you have tiles of wood floors, therefore, you will enjoy its comfort without dealing with hefty floor repairs. Even-though Chinese-made, you get a spot-cleanable designer seat with easy-to-maintain seat cushions (removable).

6. Home Decorators Collection Gordon

Gordon from Home Decorators Collection is a luxurious loveseat that measures 32 x 66 x 38.25-inches. Available in blue, it is both charming and unique. Its gorgeous tufted back is wide and sturdy. Its seat is also wide, well padded, and lacks pressure points or rolled seams that might compromise comfort. When lounging with your loved one or watching television, therefore, you will have a memorable time with an original. Other unique attributes are its decorative trim accents, sturdy walnut legs, and no-hassle money back policy.

5. Divano Roma

Do you like Chesterfield sofas? Do you want a new premium set for your newly refurbished apartment? Divano Roma stands out among the best for many reasons. Its unique scroll arm design, for instance, is both comfortable and charming. Buttons (deep-tufted) are charming, while the classic velvet used to make its cover is both smooth and long lasting. It does not tear easily. It is also comfortable to sit and sleep on and has a slip-proof weave that improves grips whilst lounging. Finally, for individuals with kids or those shopping for Chesterfield sofas that withstand the abuse, Divano Roma is an excellent choice. It has a sturdy 88 x 33 x 31-inch frame (dark wood) and wide screw on feet that support a lot of weight.

4. Divano Roma Classic

With this classic Divano Roma seat, you get a durable Chesterfield-style accessory with a beautiful tufted design. Stable, its solid wooden frame withstands abuse well without squeaking or losing it shape over time. Its unique scroll arm design has a sophisticated yet casual outlook and its bonded upholstery durable. Made of full grain leather, for instance, it resists tears and scratches well. Seams are tight, while its heavy-duty foam seat (76 x 21-inches) is durable and comfortable. Whether you have traditional décor at home or modern ones, this 86 x 35 x 31-inch sofa will blend well.

3. Divano Roma Bonded

Designed to blend perfectly with most modern and traditional décor, Divano Roma is a top-rated two-seater loveseat. Made of tufted bonded leather, its classic chesterfield design (black) is both durable and eye-catching. Tufting is deep and long lasting, while its high-profile scroll arms are comfortable and supportive. When snuggling, therefore, you do not have to worry about falling over, as is the case with low profile ones. This 64 x 33 x 31-inch Divano Roma chesterfield sofa requires minimal assembly and maintenance.

2. Divano Roma Furniture

As other Divano Roma sofa, this Chesterfield style model is a durable tufted button accessory with beautiful scroll arms. Its back is sturdy and perfectly angled for comfort. The black bonded leather used to make its cover is casual yet sophisticated. Legs, on the other hand, are thick screw-on models with cushioned feet that protect flooring. Make sure that you have sufficient space at home, however. This seat has a spacious 86 x 35 x 31-inch design with a 13-inch backrest and a thick 76 x 21-inch seat.

1. LexMod Prospect

Leather Chesterfield Sofas

In our top 10 leather chesterfield sofas, LexMod Prospect is currently the best chesterfield sofa in stores. A recommended two-seat loveseat, its compact design blends well in small homes. The parawood legs it comes with are sturdy, while its faux leather upholstery has clean-looking white theme owners appreciate. It is also easy to clean (wipe clean) and has artistic deep button tufting that lasts long. Assembled, LexMod Prospect measures 21.5 x 31.5 x 39.5-inches. Armrests are approximately 4 x 12.5-inches in size and its 4 x 10-inch cushion approximately 4.5-inches thick.