Top 10 Jewelry Boxes For Women Reviews In 2020

Do you have many pieces of jewelry that you use on a daily basis? Are you having a difficult time storing them well at home? While the drawers in most standard dressers are large and adequate, purchasing a jewelry box will serve you better for several reasons. Specially designed for storing jewelry, for instance, they are large and have well-designed compartments that accommodate numerous types of jewelry boxes for women without scratching or lowering their value over time. Most models are also aesthetic, portable, and have convenient countertop designs with compartments for categorizing jewelry.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Kendal Huge LJC-SHD5BK


Manufactured using fine PU leather that does not fray, fade, nor lose its aesthetic value over time, Kendal Huge LJC-SHD5BK is a premium jewelry box for women with an innovative design that users like. Its spacious body, for instance, benefits women with large batches of jewelry. The fold-out panels and convenient compartments are perfect for categorizing jewelry while its clean and well-lined interior protect delicate jewelry from scratches and physical damage overall during storage. You also get three dedicated ring slots, a nested beveled glass mirror that comes in handy when preparing for work or school, and a one-year warranty on defects.

9. Sodynee Jewelry Box


Even though smaller than some celebrity-endorsed jewelry boxes in stores, Sodynee is a versatile storage accessory with a girly purple theme that boosts its value. Manufactured using medium-density fiberboard, it is light yet durable. The dual-layer lint used to line its interior is soft and super-protective, while its lockable design secures personals well at home or when traveling with your treasured jewelry. You do not have to worry about people invading your private collection or losing your possessions. Measuring 10.2x 10.2 x 3.2-inches, this jewelry box is perfect for storing brackets, rings, necklaces, earring, chains, and a plethora of other jewelry types.

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To get a premium and spacious storage box for your jewelry without breaking the bank, SONGMICS UJBC125C is a meets this threshold well. Made of high-quality black leather, its luxurious design blends well in homes. The storage dividers and mirror it comes with enhancing its versatility while the quality assured a product that individuals get features a smooth velvet lining (beige) that protect the jewellery from scratches and damage. Whether you have cuff links, bracelets, earrings, makeup, and chains that you would like to secure well the three large drawers and eight compartments offered to provide sufficient space for storing the foregoing jewelry and more.



Stop storing your jewelry in boxes and or plastic containers that might lower their value over time. With the development of cheap storage boxes such as SONGMICS UJWB41B, you no longer have to break the bank to secure your personals. Featuring a durable eight-watch organizer, it is a perfect storage accessory for women with a collection of watches. The black leather used to manufacture its body is stylish while the large mirror fitted on its body is perfect for grooming in the morning. With an original one, you also get five hanging hooks for storing necklaces, two ring cases, a large pocket, and one large compartment for storing brooches, earrings, and cufflinks.



As most SONGMICS jewelry cases, this white-themed UJBC114W version is a top-grade accessory with a lined (blue velvet) faux leather construction and a lock for safety. While most women prefer it to its competition because of its attractive appearance, its durability, portability, and functionality have made it a sought-after product in stores. With an original model, for instance, you get nine multi-size compartments, a drawer, a ring set, and suits for storing ear studs, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. The snap-on closure system and lock offered better the security of personals while its fine workmanship blends well in bedrooms without cluttering personal space.



With SONGMICS UJBC121B, you get a well-crafted storage organizer and travel case with a versatile 30-compartment design that is perfect for storing all types of jewelry. The two drawers offered, for instance, are perfect for storing bracelets and similar jewelry. The three layers, side compartments, stud cards (six), watch slots (two), and ring case offered are also functional while its black-themed MDF and leather body is durable and lined with soft beige velvet that protects the jewellery from physical damages such as chips and scratches. SONGMICS UJBC121B is affordable and has a light 4.4-pound design that you can carry easily during your numerous trips.

4. Glenor Co. Jewelry Box


Featuring a versatile 28-section design that is perfect for storing and organizing all kinds of jewelry, this jewelry box from Glenor Co. is a popular women’s accessory. Sought-after by women of all ages, it is durable, has an aesthetic PU leather construction, and has a large built in mirror that eliminates the need for expensive standalone models that most women purchase. Its lined interior protects bracelets, necklaces, chains, and other jewelry from damage, while its modern buckle closure system not only improves its charm but also the safety of jewelry in storage or during transportation. You get a satisfaction guarantee for each original model you purchase.

3. Kendal Jewelry Box (with Lock)


Popular in top 10 jewelry boxes for women, this lockable jewelry box from Kendal is a stylish black-themed bedroom accessory that doubles as a good travel case for women that spend a lot of time on the road. Featuring 20 storage compartments, two removable earring holders, three large pockets, five slide out drawers, and two fold out compartments, storage space is adequate. Categorization of jewelry is also easy while the large mirror that comes built in makes it an ideal all-in-one storage chest for women.

2. Lenox Ballerina Jewelry Box


Measuring 4.25 x 7 x 5-inches, this Ballerina Jewelry Box from Lenox is a durable metallic storage case with a sweet sounding musical system (Für Elise) that helps women to recreate childhood memories. If you are tired of the standard and boring storage box in your possession, buy an original one to get a charming accessory with tons of storage. The compartments offered are large and perfect for storing all types of jewelry. Its unique girly outlook appeals to children of all age groups while the quality and safe materials used to make it rank it among the best in its class.

1. Ikee Jewelry & Cosmetic Box

Ikee-Jewelry-&-Cosmetic-Box(Jewellery Boxes)

An excellent storage box for cosmetics and jewelry alike, Ikee is a professional grade acrylic box with an aesthetic outlook and sturdy countertop design that never disappoints. Even though non-portable, the removable drawers (four) offered are spacious and padded to protect jewelry. Its stability is impressive while its clear construction makes it an excellent accent piece for displaying jewelry and cosmetics in homes and even stores.