Top 10 Best Home Cinema Video Projectors Reviews In 2019

Do you enjoy watching movies during your free time? Are you tired of the inefficient or low-resolution DVD player in your home that you use to entertain often? If you are sprucing up your home and entertainment is one of the major areas that you are planning to improve, one of the cinema video projectors reviewed on this list will serve you well. The high-resolution pictures that they project on all types of surfaces, for instance, offer an immersive movie-watching experience in homes. Their clutter free designs blend well in homes, while their affordability and low maintenance designs better the experience of users further. To help you to choose the best, we have highlighted each of their desirable features and the benefits of purchasing each.

List Of Best Home Cinema Video Projectors



With the development of innovative projectors such as this LCD LED model from BESTRUNNER, people no longer have to spend money on a large television set and or clutter their homes with wires to enjoy movies with friends and family. Featuring a clutter-free mini portable design that you can travel with effortlessly, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Its full-color system, on the other hand, projects clear full-color images (800 x 480p) from distances of up to four meters, while its support for USB, PC, VGA, and AV inputs enables you to project media from a plethora of devices without compromising quality. You can even use it to play your favorite video games without worrying about lags and or performance issues.

9. Uhappy Mini


The benefits of using cinema video projectors to traditional accessories such as CD and DVD players are diverse. If you enjoy streaming music or video games, for instance, and purchase this LCD LED projector from Uhappy, you get a durable mini projector with a powerful 2600 lumens system that displays clear 800x480p images in all environments. The 5-inch LCD board offered also supports 1080p file formats and has an advanced keystone correction feature that eases switching between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. While this projector is significantly cheaper than comparable high-end models in stores, other novel attributes that have made it the preferred choice of millions globally are it diverse projection methods (ceiling, rear, and front), powerful built-in speakers (25 decibel (dB) that eliminate the need for third-party ones, and the hassle-free 100% satisfaction guarantee offered.



With the advent of technology, individuals have graduated from wired projectors to wireless ones because of their efficient, technologically advanced, and clutter-free designs. If you are looking to upgrade your entertainment system and want to enjoy the foregoing benefits and more, ERSAN PDW046W is a worthy wireless projector to consider. Featuring an updated full-color system that displays immersive 130-inch images (maximum), movie watching is an interesting endeavor. The power efficient LCD and LED lenses it uses better its performance in all environments, while its portable mini design does not clutter homes as some comparable larger models. Apart from watching movies, its built-in speakers and the multiple input interfaces offered (VGA, HDMI, AV, DLNA, SD, and USB) enable you to play games from consoles such as PS3, PS2, and Xbox from distances of up to eight feet. Buy from Amazon to get a 1-year parts warranty.

7. BC US Image Pro Mini


Featuring an updated full-color system (2016) that supports HD video projection up to 1080p lumens, BC US Image Pro is a professional grade LCD LED projector with a mini portable design that does not clutter homes. Recommended for indoor use and for traveling, its versatility is admirable. The diverse inputs offered (SD, USB, HDMI, IR, and IP diversify your media streaming options, while its power efficient system (40 watts) improve how people entertain while keeping electricity bills low. BC US Image Pro has 800 lumens brightness, an adjustable aspect ratio (4:3 and 16:9), and an adjustable image size of between 36 and 130 inches.

6. Abdtech 1200 Lumens Mini


While the 120-inch images that this mini LED projector generates are not as large as the 130-inch ones generated by comparable models reviewed herein, its valuable design has earned it a spot among the best products in this niche. Perfect for multimedia use and playing video games, the diverse input interfaces offered (VGA, HDMI, USB, SD, and AV) maximize its versatility. Picture and video display are excellent both during the day and at night, while its high contrast level (1000:1) and adjustable projection distance enable you to customize its performance on demand depending on your environment. You also get powerful built-in speakers, a quiet cooling system, and an industry-leading one-year warranty on labor and parts.

5. Epson VS240


With Epson VS240, you get a bright 3000 lumens projector with a novel 3LCD technology that cuts down power consumption. Recommended for watching movies, projecting graphics, and for presenting, this machine has a novel all-in-one design that benefits individuals of all cadres. Color output is approximately three times higher than comparable products in this niche while its high SVGA resolution (800x600p) betters the experience of users further. Because Epson VS240 supports HDMI input, all you need is a single cable to set it up with laptops and other compatible media players.

4. ViewSonic PJD5155 Home Cinema Video Projectors

viewsonic-pjd5155 (Home Cinema Video Projectors)

ViewSonic PJD5155 is a 3300 lumen HDMI and SVGA cinema projector with an aesthetic black chassis and a reputable ANSI-certified system that works well in all lighting conditions. With a brightness ratio of 20,000:1, you will enjoy a clearer viewing experience in bright rooms. Color output is rich courtesy of the super color technology that it employs, while the large chamber speaker built into its body and powerful amplifier it comes with eliminate the need for third-party speakers whilst entertaining. ViewSonic PJD5155 has an easy to use tactile keyboard, an adjustable throw distance (3.3-32.8 feet), and warranties for parts (3 years), labor (three years), and lamp (one year).

3. Optoma HD142X Home Cinema Video Projectors

optoma-hd142x (Home Cinema Video Projectors)

A powerful 1080p home theater projector, Optoma HD142X has improved how individuals entertain at home for many reasons. Featuring a 3D DLP system, for instance, video and picture quality is admirable (107 inches at 12 feet and 66 inches at eight feet). Brightness (3000 ANSI lumens) is admirable, while the two HDMI ports, MHL and audio ports, and the USB service feature offered diversify your connection options whenever you are planning a movie watching or entertainment session at home. In top 10 best home cinema video projector, many enthusiasts also appreciate its advanced keystone correction feature, high contrast ratio (23,000:1), and the myriad of warranties offered (one-year parts, one-year labor, and 90 days lamp) for an original.

2. Optoma GT1080 Home Cinema Video Projectors

optoma-gt1080 (Home Cinema Video Projectors)

Do you enjoy playing video games during your free time? To enjoy smooth and large screen display without spending hefty amounts on a large television set, Optoma GT1080 is an ideal projector to consider. With a screen range of between 111 inches (at 4-feet) and 166 inches (at 6 feet), you can easily customize its display to match your needs. Brightness is approximately 2800 ANSI lumens, while its high contrast ratio (25,000:1) improves picture and video display in all environments. As the Optoma HD142X reviewed herein, you also get keystone correction, diverse inputs (HDMI, MLH, and USB), and warranties for parts (one year), labor (one year), and lamp (90 days).

1. iRulu BL20 Home Cinema Video Projectors

irulu-bl20 (Home Cinema Video Projectors)

Do not waste your cash on one of the cheaply made projectors in some offline and online stores. To have a memorable experience whenever you spare time to entertain, iRulu BL20 is our pick of the best cinema projector to use. Compact, durable, and with a power efficient 2600 lumens system that projects clear 1080p images, it works excellently indoors. The 5.0-inch TFT LCD display offered does not skew nor impair images (at distances of 1.2 to 6 meters) while its tough chassis not only withstands abuse well but also features a powerful built-in speaker that generates loud and immersive sound.

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