Top 10 Paternity Test Kit Reviews In 2020

Ever since the start of human civilization, people have been hard at work to understand their ancestry and indeed the immediate family tree. It is indeed possible to study the Paternity Test Kit makeup of a person and come to certain conclusions regarding the forbearers of the person. This is primarily done by comparing the characteristics of people that do have a similar genetic constitution. On a more practical approach, the study of DNA is necessary to understand the underlying medical conditions in people and to better manage some conditions in folks. The below reviews of DNA testing kits are aimed at making the right information available to customers when they are out to try out any particular testing kit.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Arivale Genetic Test Kit


The Arivale test kit is primarily aimed at helping people lose weight after studying their genetic makeup. Considering that a lot of genetic studies is but statistics that are taken out from a data bank, it is possible to come to some effective conclusions after conducting a proper DNA test and that is what the kit aims at doing.


  • Phone Consultation for 30 days included
  • Personalized training in using the kit
  • Helps select the right kind of diet
  • Decisive and clear-cut program for weight loss
  • Just a saliva sampling is done

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9. 24Genetics DNA Test


With the gene tests by 24Genetics, it is possible to come to a number of conclusions regarding the genetic makeup of an individual. The effectiveness of the test is mainly due to the existence of a wide database that is derived from most major community groups. This would be the best chance that a person has to find if there are pre-dispositions to diseases and conditions for an individual.


  • 200 plus diseases covered
  • Genetic health condition reports
  • Metabolic and Cardiovascular profiling possible
  • Smart eating advised
  • Skin for all seasons and conditions

8. Lose It Weight Loss Test Kit


When the prime concern of those using a DNA testing kit is to lose weight most of the time, there really is no harm done if a kit is made specific to the cause. The Lose It kit stands out for the cost-effective nature of the system that does away with other distractions during the testing procedures.


  • Decisions on diet and exercise can be made
  • Create logs to keep track effectively
  • Personalize program depending on the actual disposition
  • Live healthier and happier

7. Premium Male Gene Test


There is a major difference between the male and female body is made. This can mean that a men’s testing program as the Premium Male Gene Test can bring on some fine results due to the focused nature of the tests done and its interpretation.


  • Descriptive paternal male lineage
  • Y-Chromosome focused testing
  • The ideal start point for investigative processes
  • Complete set of documented results
  • Well laid out instructions

6. Viamedex DNA Test


The Viamedex testing kits are known for the quality of testing and near perfect results. There are few causes of errors and it is important to stick to the laid out procedure to the best of ability. With a strict adherence to instructions, there is not much scope for committing mistakes, either during the sampling or actual testing procedures.


  • Leading ancestry detector
  • Highly accurate when compared to the cost
  • Simple buccal swab sampling
  • Fast result achieved

5. ORIG3N Home DNA Test


It speaks volumes for the commonplace occurrence of DNA testing that ORIG3N can offer a testing kit specifically for the home use. The prime purpose of the test is to understand the person’s makeup to lead to better nutrition. Folks who often wonder as to why they do not look the part that they eat would be advised to take the test.


  • Measures out 24 parameters leading to good health
  • Complete genetic disposition to nutrition provided
  • Easy to understand and follow instructions
  • The first step towards self-assessment

4. Vitagene DNA Test Unit


One of the key features of this Vitagene test is the speed of execution of the tests. Most results are in hand within 6 weeks at the most. It must be pointed out that this DNA test is one of the most reliable ones around too.


  • Simple buccal swab sampling
  • Has the most utilitarian application
  • One of the more affordable tests
  • Complete DNA profiling possible

3. MyHeritage Gene Test Kit


The strong point about the Myheritage gene testing system is that it provides an all-around study of the gene pool around a person. This would be the most desirable of tests if both the paternal and maternal links need to be studied.


  • A detailed breakdown of ethnicity
  • Strong database of the Southeast Asian region
  • The cheek swab can be done in under two mins
  • Most up to date and advanced processing methods

2. STK Paternity Check Kit


Considering the wide use of paternity tests in society, it comes as a little surprise that a kit by STK does command a certain respect in the market. This not just speaks volumes about the quality of testing procedure but the overall credibility of the system being used.


  • The test comes in pairs
  • ISO 17025 quality compliant
  • The hard copy of results are mailed
  • High accuracy 99.999%

1. AncestryDNA Test


The strong point of the Ancestry DNA testing kit is the wide sampling across a wide range of ethnicities right across the world. The next comparable testing program would use just about half the communities covered by this kit. Thus it could be taken that there is a certain amount of authority in the results being delivered. In many ways, a start to understand the ancestral background must begin with the Ancestry DNA test that could turn up a large treasure trove of data. The entire package is put together at an affordable cost to the customer and for the benefits provided a value proposition.


  • Represents 350 regions across the world
  • Largest operational database
  • Uses over 1 billion family connections
  • Helps connect with long lost links
  • Simple yet reliable sampling


One of the prime points that a person using a DNA testing kit focuses on is the reliability of the testing. Here it is important to have a sterile sampling method and to follow it up with a failsafe analysis. Often there are cases when legal requirements need to be fulfilled from having a test done and it helps to use the most authoritative testing services on any given day. The above options for genetic testing are probably the most reliable ones around. They do provide the customer with a fast and equally reliable service most of the time. Individual preferences often use the best for the situation and the customer in following the list above is sure to be presented the right choices.