Top 10 Gas Water Heaters Reviews In 2020

You can make your winter morning wonderful by taking a bath with hot water. Using a gas water heater is a great way to get hot water even during a power failure. Thus, you can still shower, wash dishes, bathe, and get hot water for dehydrated foods and beverages. The operation cost of gas water heaters is less than electric models every month. Lots of gas water heaters are available on the market, which makes the selection process difficult. You can select a water heater based on water capacity, design, warranty, power consumption, price, etc. The right one can be selected from this Top 10 Gas Water Heater.

10. AO Smith GPVT-50

AO Smith GPVT-50 is a highly reliable, long durable residential natural gas water heater. It is equipped with a 3-position rotatable blower outlet that offers flexibility for easy installation. The tank is protected against corrosion because of CoreGard exclusive aluminum anode rod. The stainless steel core is more corrosion resistant than ordinary mild steel anodes. It is highly durable and tamper-resistant. Thus, the AO Smith GPVT-50 provides you improved reliability and safety. It is equipped with DNA clean II dip tube which optimizes inlet water pressure for minimizing cold water regions within the tank. The self-cleaning action helps reduce sediment accumulation on the bottom of the tanks.

9. GasFlex Tankless Gas Water Heater

Are you searching for a compact-sized gas water heater for meeting all your hot water requirements? GasFlex Tankless Gas Water Heater is ideal for small to medium homes or apartments. This is a 40-gallon, tank-type water heater, which helps do virtually anything. It is designed for working with radiant floor heating applications or hydronic baseboard. LCD control is the other important feature of this water heater. Thus, you can set the desired water temperature. The thermal efficiency of this water heater is 136,000 BTU. It meets the emission standards of California and Texas.

8. AO Smith GCG-50

AO Smith GCG-50 is the other superior quality gas water heater. Corrosion resistance capacity of this water heater is superior because of the Blue Diamond glass coating. It has a self-powered electronic gas valve that uses thermopile for generating the power required for operating the electronic gas control. Thus, you need not use external power for operating it. Tighter differentials and enhanced operating parameters are possible because of the availability of the internal microprocessor. The DNA clean diffuser dip tube helps reduce the lime and sediment buildup. This is highly helpful for maximizing hot water output. AO Smith GCG-50 meets all regulations set forth by NAECA.

7. Aquaking Outdoorsman Water Heater

Ultra portability is the first feature of Aquaking Outdoorsman Water Heater. The weight of this water heater is just 10lbs. So, you can transport it from one place to the other very easily and effortlessly. Thus, it can provide you hot water anywhere. Therefore, Aquaking Outdoorsman Water Heater is the most preferred choice for hunters and fishers. They will get hot and clean water continuously when they are in the forest or on the lake. If you want to get a never-ending supply of water, Aquaking Outdoorsman Water Heater is the ideal option. You can also hook it very easily to the existing water connections in the current water heater cabinet.

6. Takagi T-Kjr2-OS-NG

Takagi T-Kjr2-OS-NG is a tankless, outdoor water heater, which is powered by natural gas. You can convert this unit very easily into a direct vent unit. The flow rate of this water heater is 6.6 GPM. This environment-friendly water heater is extremely cost-efficient. Takagi T-Kjr2-OS-NG is ideal for radiant heating and light residential applications. This is the smallest unit in Takagi line-up. So, you can handle it very easily.

5. Rheem RTG-64XLN

If you purchase Rheem RTG-64XLN, you will never run out of hot water again. It is ideal for getting a continuous flow of hot water. Thus, Rheem RTG-64XLN is the perfect solution for all your hot water needs. This is an innovative, new tankless product, which can provide you continuous supply of hot water. Space-saving design and energy efficiency are the other features of this water heater. Next-gen burner technology is used for manufacturing this water heater. The minimum flow rate of Rheem RTG-64XLN is .26 GPM. This outdoor water heater comes with 10 ft of thermostat wire and UMC-117 remote control.

4. EZ 101 Tankless Water Heater

The EZ 101 is a battery-powered, portable, tankless water heater, which is great for outdoor use such as fishing, hunting, or any outdoor activities. Easy portability is the peculiar feature of this water heater. It weighs just 14lbs. The design of this water heater is simple and aesthetically pleasing. Automatic ignition allows you to save lots of energy. It is convenient for areas without electricity. Two long-lasting D cells are included with this product. Thus, the ignition electrical source is possible. The electrical plug-in is not required for operating this water heater.

3. Rinnai RL75iN

You can solve hot water problems completely if you purchase Rinnai RL75iN. This water heater is ideal for 2-3 bedroom homes or small apartments. It can deliver up to 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute. At the same time, you can save lots of money and energy by using Rinnai RL75iN. You can mount this water heater in virtually any room because of the compact size. Digital controller with error code indicator is the other feature of this water heater. Powered by natural gas, this tankless water heater comes standard with MC-91- 1US.

2. Marey Power Gas 10L

An endless supply of hot water is the specialty of Marey Power Gas 10L tankless water heater. Further, it offers you optimal energy efficiency. You can also install this water heater very easily. It has an energy-saving design; thus, it heats up in seconds. If you purchase this brand, you can select either natural gas or LP model. It has a digital panel that shows the water temperature of the incoming water. It is free from water loss issues because it will not leak. Gas pressure safety protection, anti-combustion, and rustproof are the other peculiarities of Marey Power Gas 10L. it works perfectly with low levels of water pressure.

1. Eccotemp FVI-12-NG

Gas Water Heater

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG is the top best gas water heater in this list because of its amazing performance and efficiency. This high capacity water heater comes with a sleek modern design. This indoor tankless water heater is ideal for meeting your small to modern hot water requirements. Eccotemp FVI-12-NG is ideal for vacation cabins, smaller homes, and cottages. A horizontal stainless steel vent kit allows easy installation. The maximum flow capacity of this water heater is 4GPM.

Gas water heaters are very popular because of their energy efficiency. Besides, gas is relatively a lost fuel in many areas. Some gas-powered units can run using propane, which further reduces the cost of operation. Compared to electric models, gas water heaters work very fast. Thus, you will get more hot water during peak usage. Thus, many households want to purchase a smaller storage tank. Any of these units in the Top 10 Gas Water Heater is reliable and effective. You can save lots of money on your utility bill if you purchase any one of them.