Top 8 Electric Car Jack Reviews In 2019

Have You Had Enough of Manual Car Jacks? You leave the office late and tired, get into your car and start driving home. The last thing you need is a flat tire when you are in the middle. You do not have time to operate a manual jack, which can be strenuous. Having an electric car jack is helpful in such a scenario. It is easy to use, works fast, and requires little effort to operate. In a world where the market is flooded with electric jacks of all kinds, it can be tricky identifying a credible one. Below are the top 8 electric car jack.

List Of Electric Car Jack

8. Tdogs 5Ton Electric Jack

Tdogs 5Ton Electric Jack

Tdogs is a hydraulic jack with a capacity of lifting 11,000lbs. It is light weighing 22lbs making it easy to carry around. Any car with 12V DC outlet is usable with this jack. It comes with other tools to help you change your tires quickly in both simple and hard circumstances.


  • It is sturdy
  • Has a rigid construction
  • It is user-friendly

7. ABN Electric Jack 3-in-1

ABN Electric Jack 3-in-1

It is called 3-in-1 for a reason. The ABN package has a floor jack, which can also act as a tire inflator, and wrench for replacing nuts. The jack consists of anti-skid, shockproof rubber. This brand provides you with a case to help with transportation and storage not forgetting organization of tools. Power the jack by connecting it to your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter. Its self-locking functionality ensures it stays in place when the power goes off.


  • It is a quick and easy to use jack
  • The self-locking mechanism fosters safety
  • Provides a heavy-duty storage case

6. Comie 1-1.5ton Car Jack

Comie 1-1.5ton Car Jack

Use Comie to lift cars and sedans (not SUVs or trucks) and save energy for other tasks waiting for you. Electric jacks including Comie are automatic. As soon as you master how it works, you will not sweat operating it. Its lift handle is plastic though, which increases comfort when jacking your car.


  • The whole package is light, jack and case weighs 11lbs only
  • Runs on 12V power
  • Its maximum load capacity is 3300lbs

5. MarchInn Car Jack

MarchInn Car Jack

Starting with load capacity, MarchInn can handle 6600lbs. This tool has a remote control that makes usage easier. Plug it in your cigarette lighter and use the controller to lift your car. It is fast and easy, thus coming in handy when in a hurry. The jack has a small design and weighs 10.3lbs for portability. About construction, it uses heavy stainless steel making it tough for hard lifting jobs. When it reaches its highest height, it stops automatically allowing you to change the flat tire. When your cigarette lighter is not working, MarchInn provides you with battery clips for connecting to the battery as an alternative source of power.


  • It has stable base and saddle
  • Durable, wear-resistant, waterproof, and anti-rust
  • Has a maximum height of 42cm

4. MarchInn 3.0T Jack

MarchInn 3.0T Jack

Are you searching for a powerful jack? Here is another model form of MarchInn. It is sturdy and makes your work a lot easier when changing tires. It runs on 12V power outlet meaning your vehicle cigarette lighter can have it up and running. Within two minutes, you will be done replacing the flat. If your trunk is full, do not worry because this jack takes up little space. The case includes gloves to keep your hands clean.


  • It has heavy construction for long-lasting use
  • Has a high load capacity to suit most cars
  • It is tough and durable

3. MarchInn 11000lb Floor Jack

MarchInn 11000lb Floor Jack

With this make of MarchInn jacks, you get a superior load capacity and a 5.0-ton capability. It is, therefore, stronger and better for lifting vehicles heavier than 66600lbs. However, it works with a 12V power, as is the case with the other two models. Its powerful torque ensures steady lifting of the car in less than 60 seconds. Thereafter, remove screws using the wrench the manufacturer gives you before changing the tire. In case of an emergency, MarchInn has your back. It allows you jack, wrench, and pump your tires for a stress-free day.


  • Easy to handle
  • It is secure and stable
  • Stops when the car is beyond height limit

2. ROGTZ Jack


Rogtz is the definition of an upgraded electric car jack. For example, the company has improved its stability thanks to the heavy-duty steel plate, a triangular design, and a large base. They all work towards ensuring this jack does not disappoint but holds cars as needed and let you pump air into the tires or change them. 3-ton sedans and SUVs are good to go with this jack but not trucks. The removable raised heads make this possible.


  • Offers extra safety and stability
  • Comes with an inbuilt flashlight
  • It is compact with a 42cm height limit

1. Alltrade 640912 Bottle Jack

Alltrade 640912 Bottle Jack

Alltrade is a unique product that combines a bottle jack and jack stand in one item. You should have noticed that most of the products we have covered suit sedans and SUVs but not trucks. Alltrade changes that, as it is recommended for off-road vehicles and trucks. This means the jack is robust and made from quality materials. Regarding stability, it has a wide base that securely holds vehicles. With the flexible height range, you can always lift your car to a level with which you are comfortable. Alltrade features a safety bar that helps maintain height and prevent it from lowering.


  • Lifts trucks, regular, and unibody cars
  • Highly long lasting
  • Portable with a 6000lbs capacity


Changing tires manually is a lot of work. That is why electric car jacks were invented. They are simple to use, work fast, and save you the trouble of lifting your car yourself. From the above review, you have an idea about the different jacks the market has to offer. They are available in varying capabilities including load capacity, design, and construction. You now stand a better chance of buying the right jack for your vehicle be it an SUV, a truck, or a sedan.

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