Top 10 Diary Day Planner Reviews In 2019

Do you show up late for appointments often? Have you ever missed an exam or interview that you forgot about? Proper planning can help you to avoid such problems in the future. It is not as hard as it sounds, though. Once you have specified your goals, it is advisable that you create a road-map that can help you to achieve them effortlessly. Computer programs can do so well. However, buying and using a dairy day planner is the best techniques. Our 10 picks are easy to use. They also benefit people of all cadres.

List Of Diary Day Planner

10. Action Publishing Large Minimalist Planner


Measuring 8.5×11-inches, this planner from Action Publishing is a spacious dairy planner that you can use in many ways. The 12-month calendar overview that it has, for instance, is perfect for planning your activities. It also accommodates to-do-list and has sections for weekly and daily planning that you will enjoy using. Line spacing is appropriate. All pages are also durable secured using a double wire that does not break or degrade over time.


  • Durable double wire binding
  • 12-month calendar
  • Weekly and daily planners
  • Appropriate line spacing
  • Portable dairy day planner
  • Eye-catching outlook


  • See-through pages
  • Small boxes in monthly calendar

9. Action Day Calendar Journal


Everybody likes to show up on time for appointments. Many people also hate to miss special events such as birthday parties for their families or friends. If you are one of them, this calendar journal from Action Day will come to your aid. It is a portable accessory (6×8-inches). The weekly, yearly, monthly, and daily calendars offered are not only accurate but also functional while its effective layout is easy to use. You can record entries easily. You can also bookmark pages and store stationary in its expandable inner pocket.


  • Portable journal (6×8-inches)
  • Effective layout
  • Weekly, yearly, monthly, and daily calendars
  • Expandable inner pocket
  • Protective outer cover


  • Not spiral bound
  • Lacks a 24-hour listing

8. Bloom Daily Planners Bound To-Do List Book – Planning System


With this planning system from Bloom Daily Planners, you get a stylish journal (vintage floral) that measures 6×8.25-inches. Each book has 146 To-Do sheets (undated) with perforated edges for easier tearing. It also has storage pocket for stationery and a detailed planning system with many fields. The three “Must Do Today” lines that you get, for instance, are spacious and easy to use. You also a line for “Important Times” and 13 “Other To-Do” lines to name a few. You will enjoy using this novel planning system daily.


  • Spacious planning system (6×8.25 inches)
  • Undated and perforated pages (146)
  • Advanced planning system
  • Storage pocket for stationery
  • Durable spiral binding (white)


  • Corners bend and fray easily

7. Bloom daily planners 218 Academic Year Daily Planner


Do you record your academic events on notebooks or excel spreadsheets? Are you shopping or a good goal organizer that you can use every day? To have better results, consider using this Academic Year Daily Planner from Bloom daily Planners. It is a stylish accessory. You can use it indoors and outdoors without it looking out of place. You also get a portable planner (6×8.25-inches) with a detailed calendar that runs. Finally, you get two-page Monthly View spreads and laminated covers with stylish matte film finishes. These protect your entries from the elements well.


  • Laminated matte-film covers
  • Portable design (6×8.25-inches)
  • Monthly tabs and pockets
  • Storage pocket on back cover


  • None

6. AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Planner / Appointment Book


If you schedule appointments or meetings often, you will enjoy using this AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Planner / Appointment Book. Measuring 8×11-inches, it is a spacious accessory. The monthly planner that you get, for instance, runs for 15 months starting from January. Each month is one a spacious two-page spread that most people like. You do not have to worry about running out of space, as is always the case with some dairy day planners. The unruled daily blocks that you get, for instance, are perfect for marking deadlines. You can also use them to highlight special dates or record contact information. AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Planner has durable leather-like covers and spiral bounding.


  • Spacious two-page spread calendars
  • Durable leather-like covers
  • Durable spiral binding
  • Spacious 8×11-inch design
  • Well-organized pages and calendars


  • Does not contain memo pages

5. AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Appointment Book / Planner


Planning is one of the best strategies for tracking goals and honoring activities such as appointments. Even though books and spreadsheets can help you to this well, use this AT-A-GLANCE Weekly Appointment Book instead. Recommended or, it covers 13 months (from January-January). Because each week spans two pages, you get sufficient space for recording notes for different periods. For instance, you can record hourly appointment times in 15-minute interval. Its quarterly hour times, on the other hand, are also ideal. This 8-1/4×10-7/8-inch planner is durable. It also has a stylish black theme that people like.


  • Spacious planner (8-1/4×10-7/8-inches)
  • Covers 13 months (January to January)
  • Eye-catching black theme
  • Two-page spread weeks with Julian dates


  • No side pockets for cards or stationery
  • Less space for weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

4. The Simple Elephant – Best Agenda Day Planner


Perfect for planning daily agenda, The Simple Elephant – Best Agenda Day Planner is the best in this niche. Offering 59 pages of notes, three pages of bookmarks, and a convenient pen holder, it is a functional day planner. It is also spacious (8.25×5.75-inches) and has a well-crafted system for organizing priorities and capitalizing on goals.


  • Stickers for marking milestones
  • Functional design
  • Spacious (8.25×5.75-inches) planner
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • None

 3. Blue Sky Day Designer


With Blue Sky Day Designer, you get a monthly, weekly, and yearly planner. All its pages are spacious (8.5×11-inches) and twin wire bound for stability. You also get non-bleeding pages (recycled paper) and thick yet flexible clear covers that protect your entries from the elements. Do not hesitate to buy this planner. You will be able to track birthdays and holidays accurately. Its unique design also lasts long.


  • Long lasting pages and cover
  • Monthly, weekly, and yearly schedules
  • Easy to use design
  • Spacious design (8.5×11-inches)

Stylish floral prints


  • None

2. Blue Sky Weekly & Monthly Planner


What makes Blue Sky one of the best weekly and monthly planner ? First, its reference calendars are spacious and thus perfect for long-term planning. You also get durable spiral bound pages for easy monthly and weekly planning and protective hard covers. Finally, its coated tabs help you to track progress easily.


  • Spacious and functional calendars
  • Both monthly and weekly pages
  • Durable spiral bounding
  • Stylish and protective covers


  • Lacks a storage pocket

1. Panda Planner – Best Daily Calendar and Gratitude Journal

Panda-Planner-–-Best-Daily-Calendar-and-Gratitude-Journal Diary Day Planner

Designed to improve the productivity of people, Panda Planner is a hardcover gratitude journal with spacious and non-dated pages. Its daily, weekly, and monthly sections are also spacious and functional, while the one-year guarantee offered for it is ideal. If you have a problem hitting your goals often, this planner will help to keep you accountable. With each purchase, you also get a free mini course on productivity and seven free eBooks that will make you a better person.


  • One-year guarantee
  • Free mini course on productivity
  • Seven free eBooks (goal tracking)
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly sections
  • Non-dated pages


  • Fussy binding
  • Low-quality pages


Planning for days and or tracking goals are not as hard as it sounds. With one of the dairy day planners that we have reviewed herein, you will do so easily. They are versatile planners. They also have convenient designs/ systems that benefit most people.

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