Top 10 Cold Press Juicers Reviews In 2019

With most individuals tired of consuming juices from boxes, fresh juice production has become and everyday occurrence in homes for many reasons. Fresh crushed juice, for instance, tastes better than the chemical laden ones available in stores. Their nutritional value is also higher, which benefits both adults and child. If you are planning to adopt this activity and want a memorable experience every time, the juicer you use should be top grade. Forget about the traditional blenders that people have used for years. With one of our recommended cold press juicers, you will have a better experience, considering their professional-grade results. Electricity-powered, for instance, they juice most fruits efficiently. They also retain nutrients betters and producer smoother and palatable results overall, compared to other products.

The Best Selling Products

Bestseller No. 1
Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean, Quiet Motor & Reverse Function, BPA-Free, Cold Press Juicer with Brush, Juice Recipes for Vegetables and Fruits
  • 🍊 UPGRADE THE SPIRAL SYSTEM - 7 segment spiral opening up each cell for maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation, most nutrition.
  • 🍏 80 RPM SLOW MASTICATING AND GRINDING - 90% More Nutrition Growth. Without creating too much heat and friction, reserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients. Less foaming and no clogging.
  • 🍍 JUICE & PULP SEPARATION FUNCTION - Perfectly separates the pomace from the juice, and extracts the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables into juice. Enjoy the pleasure of less pulp.
  • 🍓 BABY HEALTH AND SILENT - Runs less than 60 decibels. Safe PMMA material, easy to assemble, operate, and clean, dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze. A heavy-duty and stable body that let you enjoy a quiet life.
  • 🍎 2 YEARS WARRANTY - Juicer using advanced technology, UL, ETL certification. Provide lifelong technical consultation and customer service.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Slow Juicer,AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Professional Machine with Quiet Motor/Reverse Function,Cold Press Juicer with Brush,for High Nutrient Fruit & Vegetable Juice
  • 【Upgrade Spiral System】7 spiral masticating for maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation, reserved most nutrition. The juice machine which is easy to assemble, operate and clean, can fit your requirement of green health juice.
  • 【Intelligent Protection Chips】 The AMZCHEF slow masticating juicer equipped with intelligent protection chips, making it stop automatically for every 20 minutes' operation. And in such case, rest in for 20-30 minutes before restarting it, so as to cool the motor down and prolong product servicelife.
  • 【Small Caliber Masticating Juicer】The small feeder chute can prevent children from being injured during juicing.At the same time,Remove the seeds when you cutting the fruit to reduce the bitter taste it can make the juice taste better. This humanized design can let you and your whole family make each other's favorite juice together every morning.
  • 【Super Quiet Mode】The juicer runs with low speed quiet motor, less than 60 decibels that let you enjoying a quiet environment and healthy life when making juice.Fine grinding which best retains the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies, and greens.
  • 【Easy to clean】: Has reverse function to avoid stuck and helps you to clean. All detachable parts are made of high quality food grade anti-oxidation materials, easy cleaning with a bonus brush or can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher.

10. Flexzion Cold Press Juicer Machine

Drinking a glass of juice every day is a recommended practice with a positive effect on health. To make you own using fruits and vegetable easily, this cold press juicer from Flexzion is an ideal product to use. Electricity-powered, its performance is desirable. The slow mastication technology it uses maximizes extraction, while its affordable vertical standing design is ideal for home use. It is space-efficient, for instance. The low oxidation juice that it produces has an appealing natural flavor that users appreciate. Juices are also nutrient-rich and free of pulp, which often impairs smoothness. This juicer has a wide chute that fits chopped or whole fruits. It also has stabilizing feet, BPA-free components, and a continuous flow tap that eases the dispensation of juice.

9. WOQI Slow Juicer

Slow juicing is a recommended practice that delivers smooth and nutrient-rich juice in homes and commercial setups. To get a well-designed machine that takes this practice to the next level, WOQI is ideal. Compact, for instance, it is ideal for home use. Its classic red theme is eye-catching, while its advanced feature-rich design is ideal for juicing both fruits and vegetable. Powered by an advanced low-speed motor (150 watts), this machine does not oxidize juice as blenders often do. Its energy saving design is power efficient, while its ability to retain live enzymes and vitamins such as C and A in juices is ideal. Unlike traditional plastics, the polymethyl methacrylate material used to make it is BPA-free. It is also easy to clean and does not shutter easily under pressure. WOQI Slow Juicer has a comprehensive guarantee that includes a 5-warranty for motor and a two-year warranty for parts.

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8. VonShef Digital Juicer

Featuring a digitized two-speed design, VonShef is a valuable cold press juicer that makes delicious vitamin and nutrient-rich juices. Affordable, it is among the best for home use. Its quiet motor has a reverse function for safety, while the slow masticating technology it uses yields better than traditional blenders. Apart from getting better quality juice, expect a marked improvement in quantity with this juicer in hand. VonShef is easy to operate. The ABS plastic and stainless steel used to make it are 100% BPA-free, while its integrated pulp container is large and designed to contain spills well.

7. SKG Wide Chute Slow Juicer

Featuring a powerful 240-watt AC motor (60RPM), SKG is a handy juicer with a versatile wide mouth design that saves valuable time. Its space-efficient vertical design is easy to use. It is also sleek, durable, and uses an advanced cold press technology to produce tasty nutrient-rich juices on demand. Unlike blenders that cook juices, you should also expect fresher and longer lasting juice from both vegetables and fruits. SKG Wide Chute Slow Juicer is RoHS, CE, and ETL-listed. Yield is impressive (75% for apple), while the stainless steel and silicone used to make its components are durable and BPA-free.

6. KitchenAid KSM1JA

Featuring an aesthetic silver theme, KitchenAid KSM1JA is an ideal indoor accessory that blends well with traditional and contemporary décor. The advanced mastication technology it used delivers excellent results. Loading is also easier considering its wide feed tube, while the three pulp screens it comes with keep juice smooth. Whether you enjoy apple, carrot, and or vegetable juices, therefore, expect memorable results always. KitchenAid KSM1JA works well with most stand mixers. The sauce attachment offered is valuable while its built-in pitcher eases dispensation of juice in cups or jugs. Buy yours today to get a manufacturer’s warranty (one year) on defects.

5. Breville BJE430SIL

Forget about the expensive chemical-laden juice that you serve at home every day. To eat healthier without spending a lot of money, Breville BJE430SIL will come to your aid. This control style fountain is durable and among the most popular cold press juicers because of its functionality. The adjustable speed motor offered, for instance, (6500RPM slow and 13,000RPM high) diversifies juice production. Whether you are crushing a soft fruit such as an apple or a tough vegetable such as carrot, expect memorable results. The three-position switch offered (slow, off, and fast) is also valuable, while its extra-wide feed chute shortens prep time. You do not have to slice fruits of vegetables to juice them efficiently. Breville BJE430SIL is affordable and comes with numerous add-ons including a large 70-ounce juice jug and a 3.4-liter pulp container.

4. SKG Wide Chute Masticating Juicer

The yucky and or flavorless juice that you drink daily is most probably a result of oxidation. Stop wasting your money on it. Instead, buy this wide-chute juicer from SKG to make fresh, palatable, and oxidation-free juice on demand. Motor driven (240-watts), it handles the toughest of juicing jobs well while maximizing quality at the same time. Its big mouth design is easy-to-load with most ingredients, while its vertical piano-varnished body (dark wine) blends well in homes. You also get a slow mastication technology that minimizes oxidation while maximizing juice yield at the same time. This is desirable, particularly to sports persons and individuals with large families.

3. Breville BJS600XL

Breville BJS600XL is a towering masticating juicer with a slow high-yielding system that users appreciate. Perfect for use in restaurants and homes, the direct control technology it uses minimizes clogging. The filter basket offered purifies juice well, while its low-powered 240-watt motor keeps power consumption low. Unlike centrifugal users, expect lower electricity bills even if you use this juicer on a day-to-day basis. Measuring 8.5 x 7.5 x 15-inches, its space-efficient design does not clutter countertops. The one-year warranty and safety start system (two-step) offered are other desirable attributes.

2. Breville JE98XL

Christened the juice fountain, Breville JE98XL is a high yielding masticating juicer with an affordable feature-rich design that offers value. Powered by a reliable 850-watt motor, its performance is desirable. Yield is approximately 1.6 ounces per second, while its wide 3-inch chute eases usage. You can fit and juice a whole fruit in it without clogging its system. Breville JE98XL has dishwasher-safe components (including a spacious 1-litre juice jug). It also has a one-year warranty, a safe locking arm, and cord storage that eliminates clutter.

1. Omega J8006

Cold Press Juicers

In top 10 cold press juicer, Omega J8006 is a valued product with an eye-catching black and chrome theme. Christened the nutrition center, its performance, yield, and relative ease of use have made it a sought-after product by professionals and individuals alike. It also has a low speed (80RPM) 110-volt motor that does not clog nor heat up, a pulp ejection feature that supports continuous juicing, and a 15-year warranty.

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