Top 10 Cell Phone Holders For Car Reviews In 2020

Often termed worthy pieces of plastic by some individuals, a cell phone holders for car are invaluable accessories in various scenarios. For those that drive to work or school; for instance, and would like to answer phone calls or operate their phone without compromising safety. Cell phone holders are among the best solutions. By enabling users to operate their phones in both landscape and portrait orientations. They are also perfect for transforming cell phones into GPS navigators and or watching movies during date nights in cars directly from smartphones. If you are conscious about the outlook of your car, the development of sleek and non-destructive models such as the 10 products reviewed herein eliminate the need for bulky and somewhat hard to use models that individuals depended on in the past. We have reviewed their features to help you make an informed decision the next time you are out shopping.

The Best Selling Products

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Operating cell phones safely in cars is a challenging endeavor that most individuals take for granted. Instead of sacrificing personal safety and that of other motorists by answering your phone manually. To buy a new PLAY X-STORE phone holder to get a contemporary-looking car accessory. That will better your situation. Made of premium plastic, its durable and universal design secures cell phones. GPS machines, HTC, Samsung smartphones, and iPhone for easier and safer operation. Installation and removal are non-messy, while its non-slip rubberized surface not only secures phones better that most plain plastic or metallic models but also protects them from scratches. It also offered strong shock absorption whenever you are driving on rugged roads and has a secure swivel mount that allows you to operate your phone or GPS machine in two orientations.

9. EXSHOW Universal


Forget about the plastic cubby in your car that keeps scratching your phone or complicates access whenever you are on the road. With EXSHOW, you get a universal dashboard and windshield mounting cell phone holder with a durable and anti-skid base that secured 3.5-inch to 6-inch smart accessories well. Featuring a long 12-inch neck, this mount eases access to phone on the road. Shock absorption is optimal, while its well-finished black body complements the overall outlook of small sedans to large Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). EXSHOW Universal rotates on a 360-degree axis and features a mess-free extra suction cup that does not smudge, scratch, nor lower the value of cars in any way during installation and removal.

8. Zilu Car Phone Mount


Perfect for use on dashboards and windscreens, Zilu offers diverse installation options that most individuals find invaluable. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, an iPhone, or a contemporary Android smartphone that you rely on for work or communication, this product will come in handy. Its plastic holder, for instance, has a smooth and wide-ranging (1.97-3.94-inches) design with a padded back that protects phones, GPS devices, and Mp4 players from scratches. Its swiveling joint rotates (360 degrees) to customize views, while its universally usable design fits sturdily and securely in most vehicles.

7. X-cable Universal


The benefits if using universal cell phone holders over the traditional phone-specific ones are diverse. Instead of purchasing independent holders for your smartphone, GPS device, and cell phone, for instance, you get a versatile all-in-one accessory that will never clutter your cars. Models such as X-cable are also durable, have expandable (up to 360 degrees) and rotating (360 degrees) holder that cradle phones well without denting or scratching their surfaces and are very easy to install without impairing the aesthetic value of dashboards. Unlike some models that use irritant adhesives, for instance, all you have to do is plug its prong into the air vent of your car to get a sturdy mount that you will enjoy using on the road. Buy from Amazon to get a one-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

6. Auto Tech Luxury Car


Even though designed for use in luxury cars, this phone mount from Auto Tech is a well-made universal model that mounts into most types of air vents. If you have an SUV or a sedan, therefore, and want to better phone security and or ease its operation on the road, it is one of the top 10 cell phone holder for car. Featuring a rotating (360 degrees) plastic holder that secures most brands of smartphones it is an excellent everyday mount. The fade-proof plastic used to make it (black-themed) withstands abuse well, while its convenient “click to install” design appeals to individuals looking for effective and convenient cell phone holders for regular use.

5. IPOW (Update Version)


Over the years, IPOW cell phone mounts have performed well in the market because of their premium designs and quality of construction. This updated model takes the foregoing to the next level. With a new one, for example, you get a durable accessory with a convenient one-touch system of installation to most CD slots in cars. Its holder (also plastic) is smooth, non-marring, and has an expandable design that secures smartphones measuring up to 3.5-inch wide. Instead of buying a cheaply made model that will scratch your phone, buy one to get a non-marring accessory with valuable add-on features such as a rubber pad for added protection and a tilting two ball joints (both horizontal and vertical) that improve view.

4. EnergyPal HC84K

energypal-hc84k (Cell Phone Holders for Car)

Designed to boost phone security while charging it at the same time, EnergyPal HC84K is a smart cell phone holder with high-speed dual USB (2.1A) ports with both over-current and overcharge protection. When traveling for long distances, you will not only secure and ease operation of your phone on the road but also keep it charged without affecting battery performance over time. Featuring a customizable gooseneck design, this holder is sleek and highly flexible. The rubberized holder offered, on the other hand, has a non-slip surface that locks phones without scratching and an adjustable (360-degrees) ball joint that eases customization of horizontal and vertical views.

3. Easy-tech 2-in-1 Mount

easy-tech-2-in-1-mount (Cell Phone Holders for Car)

Updated with a stronger suction cup that works well on air vents and windshields, a padded holder with adjustable grips that secure GPS devices, iPhone, and Android phones, and strong metallic components, this 2-in-1 Easy Tech mount works better that most of its predecessors. Forget about the bulky model you received as a gift. To keep the interior of your car clean and aesthetically sound without compromising phone performance, buy this model with confidence. Installation is a breeze. Its support for virtually all devices between 1.5-4.3 inches) is admirable; while the 2-year warranty and the money back guarantee (100%) offered to cover all manufacturing defects.

2. WizGear Universal

wizgear-universal (Cell Phone Holders for Car)

In the most top 10 cell phone holder for car. WizGear Universal has attracted unending attention because of its versatility and the overall value of the product offered. The reinforced magnetic holder provided; for instance, is durable and designed to secure most smartphones without collapsing under pressure. Its mini design, on the other hand, installs in air vents of vehicles without cluttering space while its swiveling and rotatable display enables you to orient and operate your phones in all angles without worrying about it falling.

1. IOttie Easy One Touch Cell Phone Holders for Car

iottie-easy-one-touch (Cell Phone Holders for Car)

Attainable as a package of two one-touch car mounts, IOttie tops our list. If you have two devices that you use in your car often, it is one of the best to use. Even though both mounts secure to dashboards using sticky gel pads. They are easy to install and remove (mess and residue-free). The newly designed telescoping arms offered to support both close and far viewing while their adjustable phone holders (up to 3.2 inches) accommodate most smart devices.