Top 10 Carbon Fiber Wheels Reviews In 2020

Bike wheels are prone to wear and tear over a period and so if you’re a cyclist, replacing the bicycle wheels is an inevitability. However, getting replacement wheels can be difficult with the many options available on the market. Good carbon fiber wheels are supposed to be strong, durable, lightweight and aerodynamic. With this, we compiled an unbiased review of the top 10 carbon fiber steering wheels that meet our high standards to make your work easier.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Lixada Clincher Carbon Fiber Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheels

Specifically designed for toughness and aerodynamics, the Lixada offers excellent performance for its price. Cyclists are fully aware that wind acts against them leading to more energy being used. The Lixada clincher wheels are designed to curb this problem by directing even airflow around the wheels to balance the aerodynamic forces. The wide rim encloses an inner tube that can be easily accessed for patching or replacement if needed. Despite being tough, this carbon rim is super light for stability and maneuverability. This makes them suitable for road races and as an everyday commuter to and from work.

9. VCYCLE Nopea Carbon Road Bike Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheels

First glance of the Vcycle Nopea rims is a sporty, aggressive design with a dark carbon fiber build and dark branding. At 23mm depth width, the rims are of an average depth for better weight distribution and ultimately better aerodynamics. Instead of steel skewers, the Nopea wheels come equipped with titanium skewers which are lighter, durable and provide more intensity than steel skewers.

If you invest in the Nopea, make full use of them by signing up for a race team; you will not get disappointed. Their most appealing quality is that they offer high-temperature braking resistance. This means that they provide great braking power even at high speeds without risking a burn out the sides.

8. Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Fiber Wheelset

Carbon Fiber Wheels

Yes, they are the most expensive on our list but what you get with the Mavic Cosmic Pro is a combination of aerodynamics, lightweight and braking power. The 52mm rim depth was purposefully designed for enhanced strength and aerodynamics. Being one of the deepest rims on the market, riding against the wind is no problem at all.

What’s more is that the Cosmic Pros are designed with exalteth to brake track. This is a new technology where the rims undergo an anodizing process that improves rim wear and enhances braking performance, especially while wet.

7. Wiel Carbon Bicycle Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheels

Every time new designs meets old design, the result is something special as is with the Taiwan-made Wiel. While the wheel’s primary color is black, it comes designed with red and white branding to give it a signature look. The 20mm wide rims are made for tubular tires and feature black sapim leader spokes to complete the sporty look.

At a sensible 852g, the Wiel is ideal for racing or everyday commuting. One of the clever touches included in this wheel is the 3D wrapping technology on the braking surface. Needless to say, this clever technology increases the resilience of the braking surface to enhance the braking performance.

6. Sunrise Bike Clincher Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheels

These Sunrise wheels are as impressive as they are colourful. While they come with the standard green secondary colour, the wheels can be ordered in a bespoke look. The 50mm rims are made entirely from carbon fiber Toray with a 3K glossy finish for a sporty look. At 1520g, these wheels are not the best in class in regards to weight nor are they as lightweight as the Wiel but they offer great performance.

Wheels are judged according to their stopping power among other criteria, and so these wheels come equipped with a 12-layer carbon-on-brake track for maximum stopping performance. The best thing is that you’re getting all these features for a pretty decent price compared to other wheels.

5. Wiel Full Carbon Wheelset

Carbon Fiber Wheels

The second Wiel to feature on our list is this 88mm deep carbon fiber wheel. Just like the other Wiel, this also comes equipped with Wiel’s cutting edge 3D wrapping technology for enhanced braking. Another similarity between the two variants is that both are super lightweight and offer great tenacity.

As for the aerodynamics, this 88mm deep rim cannot compare to its younger brother. The thicker depth means that this Wiel is more aerodynamic with better rolling efficiency and comfort for long rides. Also, the rim is wrapped around a tubular tire which offers less rolling resistance when fully inflated and more durability thanks to the additional thread count on the tire.

4. Sunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheels

Sunrise’s 50mm carbon wheels are a great all-round option. As is with the other sunshine on our list, nothing particularly stands out in regards to new groundbreaking features and technology. However, that being said, this wheel excels in all categories and is one of the cheapest and lightest wheels in our list. As expected, the carbon rim is finished in an exquisite 3K matte, and the colour combinations are customizable to give it a unique look.

3. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheels

Along with the Sunrise wheels, the Queen Bike Clincher wheels are the cheapest wheels to feature on our list. All things considered, the Queen Bike wheels are a great all-round product. Perhaps the only flaw they have is the shallow rim which causes the wheel to lose out in regards to aerodynamics. However, that is a minor detail and can easily be forgiven considering the lightweight nature of the wheel which feels smooth on the road. Despite the low price on the Queen Bike tires, powering through hills and straights is effortless.

2. ICAN Clincher Carbon Wheelset

Carbon Fiber Wheels

As advertised, the ICAN wheel is a do-it-all wheelset; it provides the best when it comes to weight, balance, and aerodynamics making it suitable for long flats and climbs. While some models offer better aerodynamics, ICAN’s 50mm depth rims offer great crosswind stability when riding against the wind. The rim also features 20 spokes that are aero bladed for maximum strength and to offer maximum aerodynamic speed.

1. Superteam Carbon Fiber Bike Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheels

The Superteam wheels are first on our list and have a lot going for them in terms of features. For example, the Superteam rim is made entirely from carbon fiber giving it a robust feel. The rim also comes equipped with a 6-layer carbon on rim body and a 12-layer carbon on brake track for enhanced braking performance.

While the 50mm rim depth is not the best in this class of carbon fiber wheels, it is sufficient for racing and everyday use. The wheels are lightweight and aerodynamically designed meaning they are at their best when cruising down the road at high speeds. However you look at it, the Superteam represents great value for money.


The wheels we featured above are mostly entry-level models and mid-level models. While their price range is somewhat similar and they have similar functionalities, each wheel is unique in its own way, and that made it stand out. We hope you enjoyed this review and are on your way to buying one of these carbon fiber bike wheels.