Top 10 Bicycle Saddle Bags Reviews In 2018

If you are like most cyclists that venture of frequent cycling adventures in their localities, traveling with vitals such as phones, keys, and maps is a frustrating affair. While backpacks work, they are bulky and lower aerodynamics when in use. Pockets, on the other hand, are small while other popular storage options are incompatible with most types of bicycles that individuals depend on for transportation. To solve this problem, however, without breaking the band, a saddlebag is an excellent option. Most models are spacious, compatible with most types of bicycles, and are made of durable and water-resistant materials that handle outdoor abuse well. They are also easy to setup and have safety accessories such as reflective piping.

List Of Bicycle Saddle Bags

10. OuTera Bike Saddle Bag


A popular strap on bag for professional and recreational cyclists alike, OuTera is a premium bike accessory that installs conveniently on saddles without compromising stability. Its aerodynamic shape is spacious and designed to accommodate several types of tools and personal accessories on the road. Installation is simple (Velcro and snap-on buckle-based) while the visible reflective strips on its side improve the safety of riders at night. Coupled with the reflective fittings that most bicycles come with, you will stay safe, devoid of the environment you are cycling. OuTera is durable, affordable, and has a 1-year warranty program.

9. Gobike MTB


Measuring 3 x 4 x 8 inches and weighing approximately 0.3 pounds, Gobike MTB is a convenient seat saddlebag with a sturdy and easy to install strap system that works well. Even though compact than some comparable models, the storage space offered fits multi-tool kits, phone, keys, and all other smaller personals that individuals travel with often. The premium polyester and PU leather fabric used to make it, on the other hand, are durable and have a visible 3M ScotchliteTM reflective strips that improve the safety of users. When cycling during the day or at night, therefore, the probability of a vehicle rearing your bicycle drops down significantly, with this innovative bag installed. Gobike MTB is affordable and perfect for use during short journeys.

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8. BV Bicycle Saddlebag


Forget about carrying a bulky and heavy bag whenever you are cycling over short or long distances. To secure your personals well for environmental elements without cluttering your bicycle, this BV Bicycle Saddlebag is one of the best accessories to use. Featuring medium-sized strap-on design, it fits and works well on most types of bicycles. Storage space is sufficient for keys, tire repair kits, snacks, and small cell phones, while its water-resistant construction and the tight sealing zippered access it comes with better the experience of cyclists further in all environments. Finally, you yet a combination fastening system (Velcro for under seat and elastic band for seat post) and a light clip that fits most trail lights.

7. Roswheel Outdoor Cycling Black -13656


Recommended for outdoor use, this black-themed 13656 outdoor cycling bag from Roswheel is a premium saddle bad with an aerodynamic under seat design that does not impair the stability of bicycles. It cuts through the wind well. Storage space, on the other hand, is capacious and organised well to accommodate a plethora of personals when cycling. If you have delicate belongings such as phone, the internal pockets offered work well. This 6.1 x 3.5 x 3-inch saddlebag also has a quick-release propriety mounting system that eases installation/removal; a foam padded and lined interior that protects personals, and a universal design that fits on most saddle types.

6. Geared2U Bike Saddle Bag


Geared2U is an innovative four-compartment saddlebag for bicycles with a low profile under seat design that works well with most types, models, and sizes of bicycles. If you are looking for a new bag for transporting keys, your phone, and even your ID tag to work, this bag works excellently. For professional or hobbyist cyclists that travel with maps, snacks, and bicycle repair kits, its novel design is not only spacious but also has a water-resistant zippered design that protects such personals from damage well. Installation is also simple (on flat rails, seats, and suspension systems) while its visible reflective strips better the safety of users.

5. Aero Wedge Pack


This Aero Wedge Pack is a spacious strap-mounted saddlebag with a convenient QuickClick system of installation (on seat posts) and large compartments/opening that ease loading and storage of large accessories. The 1200D nylon used to manufacture it is durable, stain resistant, and water resistant. Buckle attachments, on the other hand, do not require special skills to use, while its snap-proof nylon straps, RedLite Clip, and 3M reflective strip it comes with better its performance and safety of users significantly. Buy one today to solve the bike storage issues that you grapple with often.

4. AmazonBasics Strap-On Wedge


A popular strap-on wedge for cyclists, this saddlebag from AmazonBasics is a premium medium-sized (4 x 5 x 7.5 inches) accessory that fits conveniently under bicycle seats and seat posts. Recommended for storing essentials such as wallets, phones, wrench sets, and bike repair accessories, this bag is spacious and constructed using a water-resistant material that will protect your valuables well. The zippered closure system offered is tight and very easy to use. Mounting and operation are simple on most types of bicycles while its premium reflective strips are not only eye-catching but also improve the safety of users at night.

3. BlackFalcon Bike Saddle Bag


Featured among the top 10 bicycle saddle bags, BlackFalcon is a capacious and rainproof bicycle saddlebag (in black) made of a durable 1000D-cordura material. Installation, loading, and unloading are easy. Zippers are durable, smooth, and covered for optimal protection, while its aerodynamic shape not only lowers air resistance well but also has reflective strips that improve the visibility of cyclists on the road. Coupled with a quality tail light, therefore, you will able to ride worry-free, confident that you are safe.

2.Roswheel Outdoor Cycling Multi-functional


Do you travel with several accessories during your cycling trips? To get a large saddlebag that will accommodate all of your stuff during such escapades, this large aero wedge pack is one of the best. Made of 1000D nylon (both body and straps), it is durable. The expandable (1.48-1.97 litres) storage space offered accommodates a myriad of accessories well while its compatibility with diverse seat posts ranging from 27.2-34.9mm benefits cyclists of all cadres. You also get a versatile safety light clip and a reflective 3M reflective strip.

1. BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag

bv-bicycle-strap-on-saddle-bag (Bicycle Saddle Bags)

Manufactured by BV USA, BV Bicycle is a premium strap on saddlebag with a built in taillight hanger, sturdy Velcro straps, and a reflective piping (3M Scotchlite) for safety. Weight three ounces, this bag is lightweight. The expandable storage offered accommodates both small and large items well, and its advanced Quick Connect system designed to fit on most types of seat posts.

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