Top 10 Best Waterproof Car Cover Reviews In 2020

Do you have a dog that keeps drooling and or urinating on your car’s seats whenever you are traveling? Instead of kicking your dog out or resorting to unorthodox remedies such as spreading newspapers, purchasing the best waterproof car cover for your vehicle is a better solution. Made of premium materials, most models have comfortable designs that better the experience of dogs in vehicles. The also contain spills from beverages whilst traveling with kids, and have light and easy to install designs that work well with most types of vehicles. Even though most covers in stores offer users value for money, we have highlighted the 10 best models that will serve you the best for years.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Parachute Pet Products Wide Bench Seat Protector


Do not let your pet drool in your car, urinate in it, and lower its value over time whenever you are going to the park or other social spaces. With this non-slip wide bench seat protector from Parachute Pet Products, you will be able to protect your car’s seat from such damage without compromising pet health. Measuring approximately 57 x 55-inches, it is large and designed to fit in most types of cars. The machine washable fabric used to manufacture it is very easy to maintain, while its aesthetic black and blue theme blends well in cars without creating an eyesore. This cover accommodates and supports dogs weighing up to 100 pounds.

9. Go Buddy Waterproof Cover


Specially designed for dogs, Go Buddy is a comfortable seat cover for cars with a fitting 56x 47-inch design that works well in most types of vehicles. Fitted with a waterproof backing, its ability to protect car seats from drool and urine is admirable. It also eliminates dander, spill, pet stains, and bad odors from cars, which retains that value over the years. For those that travel with their pets often, Go Buddy waterproof cover is very easy to install (via two adjustable strap, two elastic straps, and two seat anchors) and has a machine washable design that will never frustrate you when it is time for maintenance.

8. AmazonBasics Waterproof Hammock Cover


Best liked for the high level of coverage offered, this hammock cover from AmazonBasics is a novel pet accessory with numerous admirable attributes that improve its functionality. Large (55 x 59 inches) for instance, the level of coverage that it offers protects car seats from drool, stains, and dander well. The premium polyester used to make it is non-irritant, spot clean, and has a waterproof backing that betters protection of seats while the accurate seat anchors and headrest loops it comes with secure it well in several types of vehicles. Whether you have a sedan or a sports utility vehicle (SUV), you will enjoy a memorable experience with this novel seat cover.

7. Pet Magasin Pet Seat Cover


With this Pet Magasin Pet Seat Cover, you get a comfortable and super protective car accessory that keeps scratches, mud, and dog fur out of your seat whenever you are traveling with your dog. Recommended for use in mist types of cars, its fitting design does not compromise the overall outlook of vehicles. Setup and maintenance are also simple while the tough and heavyweight material used to make it also has a water resistant backing that keeps fluids off your car’s seats. Pet Magasin Pet Seat Cover has a large (54 x 5t8-inches) and well-finished design that fits in most types of vehicles (SUVs, trucks, and sedans), has a 100% money-back guarantee, and has a two-year warranty on defects.

6. BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover


Designed to fit most front passenger seats of most types of vehicles, this versatile cover is not only eye catching but has also helped many people all over the world to protects their seats from scratches, stains, and bad odors that often lower the value of cars. Attainable in black, this waterproof seat cover offers value. Its nonslip backing betters its performance on all seat types, while its quilted outer surface has a high-end feel that most users appreciate. BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover is machine washable and designed to withstand extreme temperatures (both hot and cold).

5. BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover


Made of heavy duty polyester (in black), BarksBar Pet is a premium car seat cover with a waterproof 54 x 58-inch design and a non-slip rubberized backing that secures it in place on most types of cars. The seat anchors offered are sturdy and well oriented to ease installation. The seat belt opening and Velcro closures offered, on the other hand, mount it flush on seats while the triple layered padding it comes with maximizes the comfort levels of riders during short and long journeys.

4. Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover Waterproof Car Covers

plush-paws-pet-seat-cover(Waterproof Car Covers)

Are you tired of the scratches and or stains that you pet subjects your car seats to whenever you are traveling? While trimming nails and enforcing good pet behavior can help to manage the problem temporarily, installing a quality pet seat cover such as this waterproof model by Plush Paws is one of the best remedies. It is durable, very easy to install, in trucks, sedans, and SUVs, and has a slip-resistant quilted design that is comfortable to sit and lay on. Featuring reinforced pressure points, this cover supports dogs weighing up to 100 pounds. Seams are non-irritant and the lifetime warranty offered a good testament to its high quality.

3. Majestic Pet Best Hammock Waterproof Car Covers

majestic-pet-best-hammock(Waterproof Car Covers)

Ranked among the top 10 best waterproof car covers of all time, Majestic Pet Best Hammock is a waterproof protector of car seats that keeps stains, scratches, dander, and bad odors at bay. Perfect for travel, it is durable, very easy to install, and has a chic khaki and tan-themed outlook that does not compromise the looks of vehicles in any way. As most models listed, you also get a non-skid backing for stability, multiple secure straps that work well in most cars, and a machine washable body that you can clean easily using your standard washing machine.

2. AmazonBasics Car Bench Seat Waterproof Car Covers

amazonbasics-car-bench-seat-cover(Waterproof Car Covers)

Considered among the must-haves by pet owners, this waterproof bench seat cover by AmazonBasics is durable, protective, and has a stylish and well-finished outlook that accentuates the overall look of vehicles. Measuring around 56 x 47-inches, the level of coverage and therefore protection that this one of a kind cover offered is admirable. The 100% polyester used to manufacture it is not only comfortable, but also has a unique spot-clean surface with a special ability to contain spills, dander, and dirt excellently.

1. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover Waterproof Car Covers

barksbar-original-pet-seat-cover(Waterproof Car Covers)

For those shopping new pet seat covers for daily use, this Original model from BarksBar tops our list. Made of heavy-duty polyester (convertible), this hammock is durable, comfortable, and has a water resistant backing that contains spills excellently. Size (54 x 58 inches) is admirable. Anchors and openings are accurate and designed to fit well in most types of vehicles while the dual pockets offered are perfect for storing leashes, toys, water bottles, or grooming supplies.