Top 10 Best Tennis Racquets Reviews In 2020

Practiced by adults and teens all over the world, the best tennis racquet is an enjoyable low-impact sport. This form of exercise is also fulfilling and very easy to play with the help of a few essential types of equipment. If you are an enthusiast, for instance, you need a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. You also need a suitable playing kit, tennis balls, and most importantly, a quality ratchet. While most people have the required shoes, playing kits, and balls, the sheer number of ratchets in stores often confuses players. Do not buy the cheapest model. Do not buy the most expensive model too. To improve swing and your overall performance in tennis courts, the 10 products listed herein work best. They are light. They also have efficient pre-strung heads and comfortable padded handles that improve the experience of users.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Head Graphene XT

To outmatch your competition when playing tennis, swing speed is an essential attribute that you should capitalize on. Apart from working out to improve arm strength, purchase a well-balanced tennis ratchet such as Head Graphene XT for best results. Weighing just 11.1 ounces, for instance, its lightweight design is comfortable to use. Swing speed is admirable, while its impressive head size (100 square inches) benefits both professionals and beginners. Head Graphene XT measures approximately 27 inches. Its straight beam cross section (22mm) improves serving speed, while its comfortable pre-strung design (13.07-inches) appeals to recreational players.

9. Wilson Tour Slam Lite

Wilson is a reliable brand of tennis ratchets with several smart products for individuals of all skill levels. The Tour Slam Lite, for instance, is a popular recommended ratchet for starters that ships strung and ready-to-use. Made of AirLite alloy material, its frame is light, durable, and designed to resist rust and corrosion. Its flexible design improves power, while its long-reach (27.5-inches) design improves the performance of users. With this ratchet’s V-Matric technology, buyers get a larger sweet spot. Coupled with its extra-large head (11.2-square inches), you get a top-grade product that is perfect for practicing and playing in competitions. Wilson Tour Slam Lite has an innovative 16 x 19 string pattern and durable stop shock sleeves that reduce string vibration.

8. Aoneky Adult Ratchet

Available pre-strung and ready-to-use, this black-themed adult-sized ratchet from Aoneky work well. Even though its attractive design is a major draw, tennis players appreciate its performance and array of premium features offered. With an original model, for example, you get a durable aluminum frame with a comfortable integrally moulded handle. The handle is slip-proof and has an absorbent over-grip that dampens shock well to minimize irritation. Whenever you are serving or receiving, therefore, you will generate powerful shots without injuring your wrist or fingers. Aoneky measures 27 inches (with a 4-1/8-inch grip) and has a cover that prolongs its life significantly.

7. Prince Textreme Warrior 107

This limited edition of the renowned Prince Textreme Warrior 107 ratchet offers users value on a budget. It is affordable, durable, and has a comfortable 4-1/4-inch grip size that most players appreciate. Its blue-themed frame is appealing. It also has a responsive feel and a well-balanced design that boosts its power. If you have a moderate swing, therefore, you will perform better with this top of the line tennis ratchet in hand. Compared to its predecessors, Prince Textreme Warrior 107 has a wider loop head section that betters its performance further. It also has an improved torsional stiffness for better-centred shots and a constant taper technology that boosts power and spin.

6. Babolat Nadal 25

Do you have a child (9-10 years old) that enjoys playing recreational tennis? Are you looking for a new junior tennis ratchet that he will enjoy using? Babolat Nadal 25 is a branded (Rafael Nadal) model that delivers in all environments. Made of lightweight aluminum, for instance, it does not weigh down kids as some comparable types. As a result, users enjoy a faster swing speed. Swing power is also desirable, while its ability to withstand abuse well is ideal. Babolat Nadal 25 is attainable in several sizes, each with a waterproof cover that protects it from the elements well.

5. HEAD Ti.S1 Supreme

Perfect for most medium-level players, HEAD Ti.S1 Supreme is an all-around tennis ratchet that comes ready to use (pre-strung). Offering the quality players appreciate the HEAD brand for, you will never experiment with another ratchet one you use this one. Its all-around frame, for instance, is easy to maneuver. Power output is admirable (with both long and medium swing styles), while its non-slip grip maximizes user comfort. Even though HEAD Ti.S1 Supreme lacks a cover, the value it offers has made it a sought-after brand globally. It is also affordable and generally fun to play with when practicing or competing.

4. Wilson Juice 100S

Combining spin and power, Wilson Juice 100S is a multi-functional tennis ratchet that feels light and easier to use. Available pre-strung, you do not have to grapple with complicated setup processes to get a functional tennis ratchet. Once you have unboxed it, you can participate in a training or gaming session without compromising your performance. Wilson measures 17-inches. Its well-balanced head has a wide sweet spot, while its premium aluminum frame is eye-catching, light, and easy to use.


Ranked among the world’s bestsellers, HEAD Ti.S6 is a light, powerful, and maneuverable tennis ratchet that retails pre-strung. It has a durable and protective cover, a large 11.5-inche head, and light 8.9-ounce construction that players appreciate. It is also long (27.75-inches) and fitted with an ergonomic and padded handle that maximizes comfort. When playing for hours, it will never irritate your palms. You will also generate powerful and accurate shots and transport it effortlessly using the provided shoulder strap.

2. Wilson Federer Adult

Tennis Racquets

The cheap yet poorly designed tennis ratchets in stores only limit the productivity of users. Top performs like a professional while keeping expenditure low, a quality adult model such as Wilson Federer works better. Of the shelf, you get a pre-strung high-performance ratchet that you can use out of the box. Its stable arc technology improves control, while its perforated handle provides a cool and comfortable grip. For added control and power, you also get premium shock pads that reduce vibration and power strings that transfer energy better. Wilson Federer Adult weighs 10.4 ounces. It is 27.25-inches long and has a large 106-inch head with a 16 x 20 string pattern.

1. Wilson US Open

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Wilson US Open is a durable junior ratchet that is popular in the top 10 best tennis racquets. Available in red and blue, its aluminum frame is stylish, durable, and has a fun-to-use lightweight construction. The material absorbs shock well. It also flexes to improve control and power and does not rust like steel and other materials. When playing, therefore, forget about this tennis ratchet breaking or skewing shots. Even though compact, its pre-strung kid-safe design works as well as most professional ratchets.