Top 10 Best Custom Fit Floor Mats Reviews In 2020

The auto floor mat is one of the most neglected vehicle accessories. But, it has greater importance if you consider the amount of mud, dirt, slush, and water you track into your car every day. All that muck is not good for your car. It will also reduce the resale value of your vehicle. You can dramatically improve the looks of the interior of your car by using a set of custom-fit floor mats. It also reduces the amount of wear and tear on your stock carpeting. You need not worry about the fit if you purchase custom-fit floor mats. This Top 10 Best Custom Fit Floor Mats helps you pick the right product.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Spec-D MAT-3001BGE


Spec-D MAT-3001BGE is a 3-piece, 3D, non-slip floor mat. High-quality PVC rubber is used for making these floor mats. Anti-skid ridges are helpful for preventing shifting in your vehicle. The materials meet or exceed strict OEM requirements because it is made by ISO certified manufacturers. These are perfect for protecting your vehicle from dirt, water, mud, or snow. The rubber grips on the bottom are helpful for keeping these mats in place. You can trim Spec-D MAT-3001BGE as per your requirement.

9. Weathertech DigitalFit


Weathertech DigitalFit floor mats provide you with absolute interior protection. A skid-resistant surface preserves and protects trunk carpet and cargo area perfectly. These floor mats are extremely tough and durable. The advanced surface design of these mats is helpful for carrying debris and fluid away from your clothing and shoes into a lower reservoir. This area uses additional channelling, which is helpful for minimizing fluid movement while driving. You can easily remove fluid once they are trapped in the reservoir.



Low-density and eco-friendly polyethylene materials are used for manufacturing MAXFLOORMAT Floor Mats. Therefore, these mats can protect your vehicle in the best way possible. You can lock these floor mats in all the liquid spills and dirt with the help of moulded outer edge and raised lip. In fact, the raised lip is extremely beneficial for preventing anything from reaching the carpet of your vehicle. Thus, it can protect your vehicle from messy accidents. These front and back row floor mats can be used for various different purposes. The standard shape of these floor mats provides best fitting looks to the interior of your vehicle.

7. Motor Trend FlexTough


Motor Trend FlexTough is ideal for keeping the interior of your vehicle clean. These mats are both tough and flexible. These are specifically designed for providing you maximum protection. Uniquely constructed diagonal ridges and linear are placed strategically for maximizing the dirt trapping capabilities of this mat. Highest-quality polymers are used for manufacturing Motor Trend FlexTough. These vehicle mats are non-toxic and odourless. Extra customization is possible because they are trimmable. So, these mats fit perfectly in your car. The deep dish and inverted shell design increase the ability of these mats to trap debris, snow, and water.

6. COPAP Rubber Floor Mats


COPAP Rubber Floor Mats are black coloured, trimmable, semi-custom, universal fit mats for cars, trucks, van, and SUV. They can provide the best protection from all season and all weather conditions. Thus, they protect the interior floors of your car from getting dirt, rain, snow, and mud that comes throughout the seasons. You can be brushed off any debris or dirt on the mats very easily. Heavy-duty rubber is used for making these mats. Thus, they are built for extreme durability. COPAP Rubber Floor Mats include 2 front driver side and passenger side floor mats.

5. 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats


The 3D MAXpider revolutionizes the interior protection of your vehicles by introducing a unique, innovative All-Weather Floor Mats. These custom-fit floor mats have digitalized 3-dimensional design. Thus, they are perfect for trapping spills and mess in your vehicle. A patented, anti-skid bottom layer is helpful for keeping mats in place without damaging the original carpet. The innovative XPE inner layer is helpful for minimizing foot fatigue. These mats are odourless and non-toxic. Cleaning 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats is extremely easy and fast.

4. Toyota PT208-32020-21


Toyota PT208-32020-21 is a custom fit floor mat that comes with a set of 4. These are perfect for protecting the original carpeting of your vehicle. The Camry embroidered logo makes it more attractive. Positive retention clip and non-skid backing prevent them from sliding. These carpet floor mats can surely enhance the interior appearance of your vehicle. They are custom fitted to the floor pattern of the vehicle. Nibbed, non-slip underside prevents these mats from sliding. Toyota PT208-32020-21 floor mats are available in dark charcoal, ash, and bisque. High-grade plush nylon is used for constructing these mats, so they are long lasting.

3. WeatherTech 440661


WeatherTech 440661 is a digitally designed floor mat that provides maximum coverage to all corners of your floor. Patented tri-extruded composition construction offers maximum strength. The non-slip surface and stay-in-place technology are the other major features of WeatherTech 440661. It has an innovative reservoir design, which is helpful for channelling debris and fluid into a lower reservoir. In such a way, WeatherTech 440661 keeps the dirt away from your clothing, shoes, and carpet. An additional channelling is available in the lower reservoir, which traps fluid and keeps it from moving. Cleaning WeatherTech 440661 is extremely easy.

2. MotorTrend FlexTough Floor Mats


MotorTrend FlexTough Floor Mats are thick and heavy, which means they are built for providing extreme durability. They are tough for all weathers and flexible for floor contours. These Tortoise mats are designed for providing you maximum protection against dirt, water, snow, and mud. Linear and diagonal ridges are constructed uniquely. Thus, they have extreme trapping capabilities. High-quality polymers are used for making MotorTrend FlexTough Floor Mats. Thus, they are non-toxic, odourless, and BPA free. Therefore, you need not worry about the exposure of harsh odours and harmful chemicals. Passengers will be always safe when they travel in the vehicle.

1. Armor All 78840


Mud, dirt, water, and snow are some of the substances that can damage the floor of your vehicle. If you want to protect your car in the best possible way, Armor All 78840 is the best and cheapest option. Deep tread pattern and heavy-duty rubber can protect your vehicle from various damaging substances, which include mud, snow, rain, etc. The anti-slip cleats help to keep the floor mats in place. Your vehicle will get full coverage protection from each 4-piece set of mats. Thus, they are perfect for protecting and enhancing the interior of your vehicle. Carpet Claw technology keeps the front mats in place. It can resist wear and tear from all seasons. The impenetrable layer protects your vehicle from the elements of all climatic conditions.


New floor mats may not be the most glamorous accessory for your vehicle. However, selecting the right material and style of floor mat protects your car in a great way. Floor mats are invaluable if you use your truck or car a lot more than daily commute such as commuting children, hauling lumber to construction sites, etc. The right floor mats will fit in the interior of your car and provide proper protection from everyday damage and elements like spills, dirt, and heat. A custom fit floor mat will be durable and suit your personal style.