Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaners Reviews In 2020

Preferred by most homeowners, the best carpet cleaners are comfortable accessories made of smooth and warm fabrics. In cold environments, therefore, they are comfortable to walk on. Their stylish designs blend well in most homes, while their affordability is perfect for renovating on a budget. Unfortunately, because of their tendency to attract dirt and stains, cleaning is a chore, particularly using manual techniques. Odor removal is also major challenge, especially for those with pets or kids that spill liquids when eating. To spare users the stress, some companies offer professional cleaning services that you can purchase on demand. Unfortunately, they are expensive. Theses top 10 carpet cleaners are worthy alternatives. They are powerful, easy to use, and clean most types of carpets without damaging fabrics.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Bissell 1548 ProHeat

Of all stains found on carpets, pet urine and hair are the most challenging to remove, even with special equipment. With the help of Bissell 1548 ProHeat, however, you will have fast and permanent results because of its quality design. Featuring a large full-sized head with DirtLifter PowerBrushes and a HeatWave technology, it cleans large areas in one motion. When cleaning the large carpet in your home, you do not spend several hours stooped over, as some models require. The express cleaning technique it employs also cleans and dries carpets at the same time. This saves additional time, devoid of the carpet in your possession. Bissell 1548 ProHeat has a water tank, pet and tough stain tools, and an 8-ounce deep clean formula.

9. Rug Doctor

Designed to deliver over 75% more suction than traditional machines, Rug Doctor is a leading deep cleaner globally. Featuring an ergonomic upright design, this lightweight carpet cleaner is easy to use. By orienting the body naturally, it also minimizes back strain and injuries that people often suffer using low-profile machines. For those with thick carpets, the two action brushes (dual cross) penetrate thick fibers well for efficient cleaning. Coupled with its advanced boost spray function, it fights the toughest of stains well without weakening fibers. This is admirable, particularly to individuals with ever-dirty high-traffic carpets. Rug Doctor collapses for easy storage. It also has carpet-friendly wheels, a dual tank system (clean and dirty), and stairs, stains, and auto upholstery tools.

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8. BISSELL 1622

PowerLifter carpet cleaners are dependable household accessories that offer an unrivaled cleaning experience. BISSELL 1622, for instance, is a powerful upright model with a full-sized 4-row brush that cleans effectively. Compared to vacuums, its rotating design lifts dirt and stubborn stain well from the root. Whilst cleaning, therefore, users enjoy professional-grade results without pulling carpet fibers or damaging carpets. By separating clean and dirty water, BISSELL 1622 cleans longer than some deep cleaners do. It also has a warranty (one year) and a removable nozzle (with a lint screen) for spot cleaning.

7. BISSELL Little Green

With BISSELL Little Green, you get a compact corded carpet cleaner that supports both wet and proHeat cleaning. A popular multi-purpose accessory, it cleans both thick and low profile carpets excellently. The powerful suction and spray technology it uses dries carpets in one-step while its flexible hose is easy to maneuver. This is unlike some hard-to-control models that require a bit of skill to operate effectively. Other strengths are its separate water tanks, powerful heater, and the crevice tool and tough-stain brush provided.

6. Hoover Max FH50220

Featuring a revolutionary dual V nozzle technology, Hoover Max FH50220 is a pressured edge-to-edge cleaner that fights stubborn stains well. With a pressure output of approximately 60 pounds, it cleans dirt and debris well. It also dries carpets instantly and uses heat to loosen caked and or stubborn stains for easier cleaning. In addition to powerful suction, Hoover Max FH50220 has exclusive SpinScrub brushes that improve its performance further. Finally, this cleaner has a smart tank system that separates clean and dirty water. Components have a two-year warranty, while its ergonomic body is sturdy and fun-to-use.

5. BISSELL 33N8A Spotbot

Corded and with a dependable Deep Reach cleaning technology, BISSELL 33N8A Spotbot delivers consistent cleaning power in most settings. At home, for instance, its automated spot and stain cleaning technology is perfect for cleaning high-traffic carpets. It loosens dirt well. It also removes stubborn stains from deep down with the aid of its rotating spiral brushes. BISSELL 33N8A Spotbot is affordable. Its preset cleaning cycles work well on most carpets while its Microban-treated components fight bacteria, odor, mildew, and molds naturally. Used with the 2X BISSELL odor and stain formula available in stores, this machine delivers fast and professional results.

4. Bissell 86T3/86T3Q

Christened the Big Green, Bissell 86T3/86T3Q is a powerful carpet cleaner with a combination cleaning technology. Its power brushes (dirt lifter), for instance, rotate to remove dirt and stubborn stains from deep down. The stain tool offered penetrates and cleans hard-to-reach areas well, while its powerful suction dries carpets instantly. This prevents staining. With the help of the provided 2X Bissell formula, it also prevents the growth of odor-producing bacteria, molds, and mildew. If you have a tight budget, therefore, do not waste money on the expensive professional services that companies offer. You get comparable results without spending hefty amounts of money with an original Bissell 86T3/86T3Q cleaner.

3. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro

Are you tired of using stiff brooms and brushes whenever you are cleaning your carpet? Do you lack enough money to spend on professional cleaning services? Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is a recommended solution. The large capacity dual tanks offered (for clean and dirty water) support longer cleaning sessions. Its portable design is easy to use, while the three-step cleaning technology that it uses dusts, vacuums, and cleans in one pass. This saves time. It also protects carpets from stress and prolongs their life, as a result. With each package, you get a handheld crevice tool, a urine eliminator (17 ounces), and a 40-ounce pet formula.

2. McCulloch MC1275

Homeowners and professionals have preferred steam cleaning over other techniques because of its effective and stress-free technology. Stain-removal, for instance, is fast and efficient. It is also effective against parasites such as mites, eliminates odors well, and keeps fibers smooth and comfortable. All you need is a heavy-duty cleaner such as McCulloch MC1275 to exploit its myriad of benefits. The continuous blast of quality steam it generates cleans chemical-free. Its lockable trigger is safe and its 48-ounce water tank designed to produce hours’ worth of steam. Finally, users appreciate its extra-long power cord and the 18 versatile accessories it comes with.

1. Hoover FH50150

Best Carpet Cleaners

Hoover FH50150 is a powerful SpinScrub carpet cleaner with a light 19-pound design that you will enjoy using occasionally. It is easy to maneuver. Wrist strain is a non-issue while its unique dual tank system eases scrubbing and rinsing. With a flick of a button, you can switch between both modes and have better cleaning results as a result. As most carpet cleaners, Hoover FH50150 supports heated cleaning. Maintenance is simple, while the free cleaning tools buyers get are professional-grade.