Top 10 Best Bowling Ball Reviews In 2020

Bowling is a wonderful sport and a pass time that encourages you to spend more time with your friends and family. It’s a time when you can relax and take a moment to enjoy doing something collaborative together without putting too much pressure on yourself to have to perform at your best. Although, for those of you who love to bowl competitively and maybe are even part of a bowling league, finding the best bowling ball might just be at the top of your priority list!

When searching for the best ball to use try not only considering the color, but also the type of cover stock, weight block, and paint type. Believe it or not there actually are painted bowling balls available where the pigment itself allows for more traction and consistency during play. You also should inquire about the potential flare of the ball and if that corresponds with the way you maneuver while playing.

Below are the ten best bowling balls to help you decide which elements are going to be best suited for you. The price points of all these options are around the same and the selection presented below are varied by style and materials.

The Best Selling Products

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10. KR Clear Red Rose Bowling Ball- 14lbs

KR Clear Red Rose Bowling Ball- 14lbs

If you are looking to show up in style, this is going to be a bowling ball that everyone will be eyeing. Turning heads is easy with this clear, yes clear bowling ball with a bright red rose placed in the center. This product has a polyester cover stock and will come with some small air bubbles, which is normal with this design.


  • The total shipping weight of this ball is 15.2 pounds.

Other Topics:

9. Hammer The Sauce

Hammer The Sauce

For a big splash of color, this product has a painted on design that resembles slime. The cover stock is aggression solid CFI with a weight block that is a modified contusion core. Expect this eye catching bowling ball to have a factory finish of 500/2000 Abalone.


  • With a 3 year warranty, this ball weighs in at 16 pounds and it’s dimensions are 9x9x9 inches.

8. Columbia 300 Baller

Columbia 300 Baller

With the Columbia Baller you can expect a very cool and space inspired design. This item is typically used for heavy oil lane conditions with an aggressive reaction overall. With a big time core with ERT and Hybrid cover stock and a 500/2000 Abralon finish, you can be certain this bowling ball is definitely USBC approved. This ball has a super cool red and yellow color mixture and is only available in this color and design at this time.


  • This item is available is weights ranging from 12-16 pounds with dimensions at 9x9x9.

7. MICHELIN Storm Phaze III


What a beauty! This ball comes in a beautiful vibrant color mixture of turquoise and purple. With a super retro 80’s look, the cover and core are a combination of R3S Hybrid. This material ensures long lasting durability like never before. You won’t often find bowling balls made out of this type of material combination especially at this price. The weight block is also what is known as a velocity core. Expect this bowling ball to shine bright at the alley!


  • This product weighs in at 14.9 pounds with dimensions measured at 10 x 10 x 10 inches all around.

6. MICHELIN Storm !Q Tour Emerald

MICHELIN Storm !Q Tour Emerald

An emerald bowling ball with a pearl sheen that creates a beautiful twinkle when held is going to be the talk of the alley. With the signature logo on the front, everyone will know what brand you love, and it also has a very retro 80’s feel to it. The cover stock is made from R2S Pearl Reactive with a weight block of C3 centripetal control core. It even has a melon mint scent! What more could you ask for in a bowling ball!


  • This ball weighs in at 15.8 pounds and has dimensions at 9x9x9 inches.

5. Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball

Resembling a jaw breaker, or bubble gum ball, this bowling ball is just plain cool and laid back. This screams “I’m a winner and I don’t even have to try”. The logo itself is a very hardcore skill with with a halo and angel wings. Created with a MicroTrax-S18 formulation and also a super strong centrum asymmetrical core, this is a professional bowling ball if you’ve ever seen one.


  • This item weighs in at 14.7 pounds and also comes in weights ranging from twelve to sixteen pounds.
  • With a slightly higher price point, you won’t be disappointed in the quality of this product.

4. Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball, White Solid, Size 15

Brunswick Bowling Quantum Bias Ball, White Solid, Size 15

The Brunswick bowling ball is by far the most unique on this list. It is all-white with a simple black logo on the front. The Quantum Bias has enhanced and upgraded hook characteristics because of the unique traction additive found in the white pigment used to paint the ball. With 3.5 times more cover stock for a longer life span, the hitting power of this product is second to none.


  • This item weighs in at 15.8 pounds and is also the first asymmetric Quantum on the market right now.
  • The price point for this one is astounding compared to the thought, care, and materials used to create it.

3. MICHELIN Storm Crux Prime

MICHELIN Storm Crux Prime

Going along with our retro 80’s bowling ball design options, this one takes the cake for this type of style. With it’s bright neon green logo and pink, purple, and white color mixture, this is going to be a classic choice. The core is an asymmetrical catalyst with a SPEC solid reactive cover stock. The 2000 grit abalone finish and pomegranate cider scent is going to make this bowling ball a favorite of your by far.


  • The product dimensions are 8 x 8 x 8 inches and the physical ball itself weighs 15 pounds, however, the shipping weight will be around 18 pounds.
  • Additionally, you can purchase this item between 12 and 16 pounds depending on your preference.

2. Roto Grip UFO

Roto Grip UFO

The UFO Roto bowling ball is so unique and so fun! The colors are a mixture of blue and green and really bring it home with the bright green UFO logo. This is going to be a high-performance bowling ball to professionals out there. It also has an E.Y. core which is also known as equalizer technology and is known to have more mid-lane movement. The cover stock is micro tax-s20 which is a solid reactive.


  • With a slightly larger frame, this ball comes in at 10x10x10 inches and weighs in at 16.6 pounds.
  • This also comes in a range of weights from 12 to 16 pounds depending on your preference.

1. Motiv Golden Jackal 15lbs

Motiv Golden Jackal 15lbs

And number one on the list is the Golden Jackal coming in at fifteen pounds. This is certainly a showstopping design with a predator V4 weight block and Hex ion SE pearl cover stock. The finish is Hex ion SE Pearl which creates its beautiful iridescent sheen.


  • The weight of this item is 15 pounds but is also available in 14 and 17 pounds.