Top 10 Animal Crackers Cookies Reviews In 2019

Animal cracker cookies are fun-looking fired snacks that appeal to most kids. Because of their themed outlook, they are perfect for birthday parties. Their delicious and energy-rich formulae, on the other hand, keep kids (and even adults) active. Do not buy any random brand, however. For the best experience, make sure that you check the ingredients of your preferred cookie before buying. Does it have irritants such as gluten? Avoid such products. Brands with food coloring and of artificial flavors are also unsuitable. If you are looking for a packet or two for yourself and or your family members, here are the best:

List Of Animal Crackers Cookies

10. Stauffer’s Animal Crackers Original


Animal crackers are delicious snacks that adults and children enjoy. Stauffer’s Original, for instance, is a reputable brand that retails as a package of 20 one-ounce bags. If you are planning your kid’s birthday party, therefore, you will not regret buying. It is an affordable product. You also get fun-shaped animal crackers, each with zero grams of Trans fat. This is ideal. You do not have to worry about medical issues such as obesity.


  • Cost-effective animal crackers
  • Set of 20 one-ounce packs
  • Zero grams of Trans fats
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Delicious snacking staple


  • None

9. Simple Truth Organic Animal Crackers


Cooking animal crackers is a challenging task, even for experienced chefs. Fortunately, with the help of reputable brands such as Simple Truth, you can eat to your fill on demand. The organic animal crackers that it sells are among the best. They do not have FD&C artificial colors found in comparable products. You also do not have to worry about artificial flavors, preservative, and peanuts. All ingredients used to cook these animal crackers are organic. They have also undergone stringent quality assurance procedures.


  • Peanut-free animal crackers
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors
  • No FD and C colors
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Cheap yet delicious


  • None


8. Barbara’s Snackimals Cookies Vanilla


Does your kid enjoy vanilla flavored snacks? If you are replenishing your stock, consider Barbara’s Snackimals Cookies. Since 1971, this reputable company has cooked delicious snacks with this cookie recipe ranking among its best sellers. Lightly sweetened, it is a delicious snack. It whimsical shapes, on the other hand, not only appeal to kids but to adults as well. Finally, prepared using organic grain, you do not have to worry about GMO or other irritants found in comparable products. Your kid will enjoy this after-meal treat every day.


  • Delicious vanilla-flavored cookies
  • Eye-catching whimsical designs
  • Prepared using organic grain
  • Soothing natural flavors
  • Lightly sweetened formula
  • Non-GMO verified


  • Several broken cookies

7. Stauffer’s Whales Baked Cheddar Snack Crackers


With Stauffer’s Whales, you get two 7-ounce boxes of delicious snack crackers supplemented with cheddar cheese. If you are looking to try something new, you will like this one. All snacks are soft and palatable. Per serving, you only get 100 calories out of these crackers. This makes them ideal for kids and adults who are trying to lose weight. Finally, you do not have to worry about Trans fats (0 grams), cholesterol (0 grams), and artificial colors/flavors.


  • Delicious cheddar cheese snacks
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Low-calorie count per serving (100)
  • No Trans fats (0 grams)
  • No cholesterol (0 mg)


  • Wiered cheese smell
  • Many broken whales

6. Good Zebra Spirit Animal Crackers


Prepared with over 70% organic ingredients, Good Zebra Spirit is one of the best brands of animal crackers. It is safe, for instance. If your child is allergic to the artificial flavors and or ingredients found in similar products, he or she will enjoy this one. It also has a nutritious protein-rich formula (12g/12-ounces), supplemented with vanilla, coconut sugar, and honey. Each box that you purchase has 20 decently sized packages. You also get 11 tattoo-art-inspired shapes including butterfly, zebra, wolf, owl, unicorn, and turtle.


  • 70% organic ingredients
  • 12 resealable bags per package
  • Protein-rich formula
  • 11 art-inspired shapes
  • Delicious vanilla taste


  • None

5. Barnum’s Animal Crackers


Perfect for individuals with large families, Barnum is a package of 24 animal crackers each weighing around 2.125 ounces. Considered among the best after-meal snacks, these are delicious animal crackers. They are also easy to digest and have nutritious and calcium rich formulae that improve the development of babies. Barnum’s Animal Crackers are fat-free. They are also cholesterol-free and come in ever-fresh individually sealed bags.


  • Fresh individually sealed bags
  • Low in saturated fats
  • Cholesterol-free animal crackers
  • Excellent source of calcium
  • Pack of 24 2.125-ounce crackers


  • Short self-life
  • Way overpriced

4. Annie’s Organic Classic Crackers


Do you enjoy baked animal crackers? Do you like cheddar cheese in your food? If you have answered yes to both questions, Annie’s Organic Classic Crackers are the best for you. Retailing as a package of six 6.5-ounce cheese snacks online, it is an affordable product. Ingredients (certified organic) are suitable for both kids and adults. They are also protein rich (6 grams per serving) and baked with organic cheese. If you are allergic to artificial flavors, thus, you will enjoy this product. It also lacks preservatives and synthetic colors.


  • Perfectly sized toddler snacks
  • Six 6.5-ounce cheese snacks
  • Organic ingredients (including cheese)
  • Protein-rich snacks (6 grams/serving)
  • Lack preservatives and artificial flavors


  • Several broken pieces

3. Annie’s Friends Bunny Grahams


These chocolate and honey-rich bunny grahams from Annie’s Friends are delicious snacks that come in a large six-snack pack. These snacks are delicious. Prepared using 8g of whole grain and organic wheat flour, they also have a crunchy texture that most snack lovers like. Forget about the soggy ones found in your local store. Finally, these bite-sized snacks are easy to consume and lack preservative, artificial flavors, and synthetic colors.


  • Perfect bite-sized snacks
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Lack preservatives
  • Assorted flavors (chocolate and honey)
  • Cost effective snack


  • Short shelf life

2. Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers


Famous for its fat-free snacks, Stauffer is a popular brand with a legion of customers all over the world. To get one of its best products, consider Stauffer’s Original. The 14-ounce tub offered is large and affordable. It also has a long shelf life. Finally, you get delicious cookies with zero grams of Trans fats per serving. You will not regret buying one of two tubs.


  • Spacious 14-ounce tub
  • Long shelf life
  • Reputable brand
  • Zero Trans-fat per serving


  • Way overpriced

1. Barbara’s Snackimals Cookies

Barbara’s-Snackimals-Cookies Animal Crackers Cookies

Barbara’s Snackimals is a pack of 18 2.125-ounce chocolate chip cookies that many people like. Even though cheap, the quality of the cookies that you get is desirable. In terms of taste, for instance, they are among the best. You will never get enough of these delicious, chocolatey, and crunchy snacks. Grains used are 100% organic. Finally, these cookies lack hydrogenated fats, preservatives, additives, GMOs, and artificial flavors.


  • 100% organic grains
  • Delicious chocolaty taste
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • None hydrogenated fats
  • Un-preservatives
  • No artificial colors or additives


  • Rancid aftertaste
  • Several broken pieces


Snacking is one of the best strategies for maintaining high energy levels without gaining a lot of weight. To get a box or two that your family will like, the 10 products that we have listed stand out. They are filling. They are also delicious and lack irritants such as artificial flavors, hydrogenated fats, colors, and preservatives. You will not get enough of them.

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