Top 10 Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews In 2020

Do you want to know who you are and who are your parents and relatives? These are some of the biggest miseries in the life of many people in the world. Today, with the help of scientific innovations, you can solve your ancestry puzzles more than before. Here, the article is talking about the wonders of DNA testing. It is the exciting element for tracing the roots of your family. Do you know how? It can be done by a home DNA test, which can be ordered online. The procedures can be administered very easily at your home. The ancestry DNA test provides you insight regarding your bloodline, ethnic group origins, family tree, and ethnicity. Here is the Top 10 Ancestry DNA Testing, which is helpful for picking the right kit.

The Best Selling Products

Bestseller No. 1
AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test
  • Discover your DNA story with our easy-to-use kit. Simply send in your saliva sample to our lab in the prepaid package, and your report will be ready in around 6-8 weeks. Detailed instructions are included.
  • AncestryDNA is the #1 selling consumer DNA test.* From your origins in over 1000 regions, to the most connections to living relatives, no other DNA test delivers such a unique, interactive experience.
  • Our new DNA experience gives you a more precise ethnicity estimate with greater geographic detail and in-depth historical insights.
  • Combine what you learn from your DNA with an Ancestry Subscription, for access to millions of family trees and billions of records, for even more insight into your genealogy and origins.
  • Substantiated by AncestryDNA, January 2019 report.
Bestseller No. 2
AncestryHealth Core™: Health + Genetic Ethnicity Test (Not Available in NY, NJ, RI, or Guam)
  • The health kit cannot be activated for customers with a permanent residence in the following states or US territories: NY, NJ, RI or Guam.
  • Discover how your DNA might influence certain health conditions—and the steps you can take with a healthcare provider to chart a healthier path forward.
  • AncestryHealth Core includes all of the features of AncestryDNA, the #1 selling consumer DNA test.* From your origins in over 1000 regions, to the most connections to living relatives, no other DNA test delivers such a unique, interactive experience. *Substantiated by AncestryDNA, January 2019 report.
  • Our new DNA experience gives you a more precise ethnicity estimate with greater geographic detail and in-depth historical insights.
  • Purchase fee includes $5.75 collected on behalf of the independent provider group for clinical oversight services.

10. MyHeritage DNA

Do you want to know more about your ethnicity and history of your family? Don’t worry, MyHeritage, the popular online genealogy service will help you in this regard. This testing kit provides you a detailed ethnicity report, which will map the ethnic and geographic origins of your family. MyHeritage is a reputable genealogy search engine. It allows you search through millions of documents. The report is highly helpful for connecting with other genealogists and building a family tree. Widespread community, records from throughout the history and the world, etc are the benefits of this DNA test. Thus, you can broaden the understanding of your family history and your genealogical network with the help of MyHeritage DNA.

Other Topics:

9. Rare Genes from History

Rare Genes from History is effective for examining your DNA for finding out rare genetic markers from history. This is a non-sex-linked autosomal DNA test. So, it can be taken by any individual. It is ideal for exploring your genetic roots because it is checked 26 different rare genes from history. This DNA test provides you a custom, premium DNA ancestry report, which shows your result. Introduced by DNA Consultants, Rare Genes from History is in the market for more than one year.

8. VIA-MEDEX DNA Testing

VIA-MEDEX DNA Testing is used for determining your native ancestry. This Native American is designed for finding your exact percentage of your Native Ancestry and the tribe you belong to. You can conduct this test at your home by using buccal cheek swabs. You will get the most accurate result if you use this DNA testing. The database of the company includes Mexican tribes, First Nation, and Native America. This is the only test available on the market for specifically determining the Indian heritage.

7. AGS Health & Wellness

AGS Health & Wellness is the most comprehensive DNA test, which is helpful for maintaining your optimal health. Besides providing accurate, secure, actionable, and safe DNA testing, AGS Health & Wellness also provides you one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist completely free. The test tells you various insights such as the risk of obesity, general health, behavior and motivation, exercise and activity, food choice, and nutrients. This simple test is ideal for getting detailed information about your health. Therefore, this is a revolutionized way of understanding nutrition and dietary needs. By analyzing more than 55 genes, the AGS Health & Wellness DNA test gives you information regarding vitamin deficiencies, cholesterol and diabetes risks, addictive behaviors, favorable physical training methods, and exercise impact.

6. AncestryDNA Test Kit

Do you want to revolutionize the way of discovering your family history? If yes, the AncestryDNA Test Kit is the best option. This is a new DNA testing service, which uses some of the latest autosomal technology. The company combines the largest online family history resources in the world with advanced DNA science for providing accurate results to the users. Thus, this is ideal for finding out your new family connections. The maps ethnicity has the power to go back to multiple generations. Therefore you will get more valuable insights regarding your ancestors. This is also helpful for identifying relationships with unknown relatives.

5. Cherokee DNA Test

Cherokee DNA Test can provide you more Cherokee details than any other testing procedure in the market. It is ideal for discovering whether you have any Cherokee ancestry. It also tests whether this relationship is strong enough for getting a Cherokee Match Certificate. It offers a custom DNA ancestry report, which is helpful for listing the ancestral origins of your family. You will get a personalized certificate once you qualify the test. The certificate will document the test and its result.

4. Vitagene DNA Test

The genetic testing kit, Vitagene DNA Test offers various valuable insights, which include ancestry service, exercise, actionable diet, wellness, nutritional and supplement assessment for personal care. This is the ideal test for uncovering your global ancestry and ethnic mix. This DNA test will also provide you accurate insight regarding the way your body responds to diet and macronutrients such as triglycerides and carbohydrates. So, this test is highly helpful for assessing your personal health. You can also find out the right exercise and fitness that are suitable for your DNA. It also tells you whether you are a powerful, strong, or endurance athlete. You will get the test result within 4-6 weeks after receiving your sample.

3. Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit

Paternity testing is super easy if you use the Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit. It contains everything that is essential for collecting and submitting your cheek-swab samples. The test kit allows you to send samples of two individuals. All procedures can be done in the privacy of your home. You can easily follow the guidelines, which are explained in a step-by-step process. The kit can be used for testing standard paternity, child, and suspected father. Testing the mother is optional, but it is not required.

2. 23andMe DNA Test

23andMe DNA is the second best ancestry DNA testing company in this list because of their unique service and huge database. This test is completely reliable and accurate if you like to get your health-related DNA results and trace your lineage. The company provides you 2 testing kit types, one is the health plus ancestry test and the other is Autosomal ancestry test. The latter test provides you three reports such as Neanderthal ancestry, haplogroups, and ethnic composition. The health result contains 35 carrier status reports, 5 wellness reports, and more than a dozen of trait reports. The database of 23andMe is very large, which contains one million people.

1. AncestryDNA Genetic Testing

Ancestry DNA Testing

AncestryDNA is a part of a very famous genealogical website, This is the #1 genetic testing company in this list because of the affordability, reliability, accuracy and it has an extremely active online community. Besides, this genetic testing kit is the best seller on Amazon. The company has an extensive DNA ancestry database. It has access to billions of historical records and millions of family trees through the Ancestry website. AncestryDNA analyzes your simple saliva test to find your genetic matches.

You may be searching for your living relatives or simply want to know about your ancestors. Whatever may be the purpose, a DNA ancestry test is helpful for finding out more about you and who you are. Genetic genealogy has become commercially available since 2000. Since then, around 3million genetic ancestry profiles has been conducted and the number is growing day by day. Besides, knowing your ancestors, parents and other relatives, DNA ancestry test is helpful for maintaining your overall health. You can find the best DNA test kit from this Top 10 Ancestry DNA Testing.