Top 10 Best Adjustable Standing Desks Reviews In 2019

If you are like millions of people with hectic 8-5 jobs, working for hours behind an uncomfortable desk is a challenging affair with its share of cons. Because of the discomfort that most individuals grapple with, productivity dips over time. The risk of developing varicose veins and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes is also high, particularly among those that live lethargic lifestyles. If you are facing a similar challenge and want a lasting solution, the 10 adjustable standing desks listed herein are the best alternatives. They are durable, comfortable, and have versatile designs that will help you to inject some activity into your otherwise lethargic daily lifestyle.

The Best Selling Products

Bestseller No. 1
SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk, 48 x 24 Inches, Black
  • Digital Display Handset - 4 memory preset options for easy adjustment.
  • Electric Lift System - Fully motorized lift from 28 to 46 Inches height
  • Telescopic Height Adjustment - The strong legs use telescopic adjustment transitioning from sitting to standing from 28" to 46"
  • High-grade industrial steel, Desk Top has the grommets to organize you cords.
  • Measures - 47.25" W x 24" D x 28-46 " H
Bestseller No. 2
SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk, 55 x 28 Inches, Oak
  • Digital Display Handset - 4 memory preset options for easy adjustment.
  • Electric Lift System - Fully motorized lift from 28 to 45 Inches height
  • Telescopic Height Adjustment - The strong legs use telescopic adjustment transitioning from sitting to standing from 28" to 45"
  • High-grade industrial steel, Desk Top has the grommets to organize you cords.
  • Measures - 55" W x 28" D x 28-45 " H

10. Stand Steady Executive Standing Desk


Featuring an award-winning standing design that not only promotes activity but also orients the body naturally for better productivity, Stand Steady is an executive standing desk that works well in both home and commercial offices. Designed to transform uncomfortable day-to-day office desks its comfortable standing ones, this standing desk handles heavy-duty use well. Its aesthetic black body blend well with most furniture, while the flat and well-finished top it comes with is not only durable but also able to fit two large monitors comfortably. You also get sufficient space for installing a printer or storing files and other personals.

9. Stand up Desk Store Computer Workstation


Did you know that millions of people all over the world grapple with debilitating back pain and productivity issues because of uncomfortable office desks? To avoid being part of this static, consider replacing your standard work desk with this stand-up workstation for the following reasons. Made with the everyday worker in mind, for instance, its ergonomic design orients the body naturally to keep users as productive as possible for as long as possible. The silver frame and black shelves users are both sturdy and stylish, while the large 32-inch platform offered accommodates a plethora of work accessories well, including monitors and laptops. This workstation is affordable. It also has caster feet for easier positioning in rooms and adjustable lower and upper shelves that boost its value further.

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8. Sauder Beginnings Writing Table


Are you shopping for a small writing desk for home use? While many well-built models are available in stores, Sauder Beginnings is an aesthetic cherry themed model that works well. In terms of stability, for instance, it outmatches several comparable models in stores. You do not have to worry about it wiggling, toppling over, and or compromising the safety of personals such as computers and printers. Pricing is also admirable (considering its high quality) while the center drawer offered is not only large but also has built in easy-glide metal runners that boost its functionality further.

7. Altra Furniture Parsons Desk (with Drawer)


With this Parsons desk from Altra Furniture, you get a durable espresso finished desk that you will enjoy using for years. Conveniently sized to fit everywhere, it works well in commercial and home offices. The desk surface offered, on the other hand, is large, smooth, and designed to accommodate computers, speakers, and printers well while the modest center storage drawer it comes with is perfect for storing office supplies/stationary such as pens and computer peripherals such as cables and mice. Altra Furniture Parsons Desk is durable, affordable, and very easy to assemble out of the box.

6. Furinno 11193EX/BK/BR Go Green Desk/Table


Perfect for home use, Furinno 11193EX/BK/BR Go Green is an environmentally friendly black, brown, and espresso-themed desk/table that accommodates both computers and notebooks well. Even though simple and affordable, this accessory has a functional design that fits and works well in most spaces. The PVC tubes, engineered particleboard, and non-woven baskets used in its production withstand years of abuse with losing their functionality or aesthetic value, while the dedicated CPU storage shelf it comes with keeps computers well organized, unlike comparable flat top models. Furinno 11193EX/BK/BR Go Green Desk/Table comes with detailed setup instructions.

5. Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk


Forget about to uncomfortable and poorly built computer desk in your office. If you spend a lot of time behind a desk working or playing video games and want to better your experience over the years, buy a new Sauder Beginnings computer desk to get a comfortable cinnamon cherry-themed accessory with several admirable attributes. The elevated shelf it comes with, for instance, is sturdy and specially designed to orient the body naturally when working. It also has a large surface that accommodates printers and computers, a quiet slide-out keyboard and mouse shelf that comes in handy when typing, and hidden storage for stationary and other personals.

4. OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk Adjustable Standing Desks

onespace-50-1001-stanton-computer-desk(Adjustable Standing Desks)

Appreciated by both students and professionals alike, OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton is a versatile computer desk that has featured in most top 10 best adjustable standing desk for many reasons. If you spend many hours behind a desk, for instance, the PVC, steel, and MDF used to manufacture it hold up well over the years. Its elegant and sleek design, on the other hand, blends well in offices without cluttering personal space, while the functional keyboard tray it comes with (pull-out) hides keyboards neatly when not in use. Many people also appreciate its ease of assembly (comes pre-drilled) and the large bottom storage shelf offered.

3. Furinno 11181EX/BK Compact Computer Desk Adjustable Standing Desks

furinno-11181exbk-compact-computer-desk(Adjustable Standing Desks)

As the Furinno 11193EX/BK/BR listed herein, Furinno 11181EX/BK is a stylish computer desk with a portable black and espresso-themed body that blends well in most rooms. Even though simple and compact (39(W)x15.5(D)x33.6(H) inches), this desk works well. The PVC tubes and engineered boards used to make it last longer while the decent price charged in reputable stores such as Amazon enables you to create a functional office without spending a fortune. You receive detailed assembly instructions with each purchase.

2. Drive Medical NonTilt Top Overbed Table Adjustable Standing Desks

drive-medical-nontilt-top-overbed-table(Adjustable Standing Desks)

Measuring approximately 15(D) x 30(W) x 28-45(H) inches (tabletop) and 15.5(D) x 26.5(W) inches (base), this overbed table from Drive Medical is a spacious non-tilt table with an adjustable silver vein frame that lasts long. Adjustable to infinite positions between 28-inches and 45-inches, it benefits individuals of all stature. The H-style base offered is sturdy and fitted with smooth-rolling casters for easier moving while its impressive 40-pound weight capacity enables you to work hassle-free without worrying about your computer toppling.

1. Altra Parsons Desk (with Drawer) Adjustable Standing Desks

altra-parsons-desk-with-drawer(Adjustable Standing Desks)

To redefine how you work at home without spending substantial amounts of money, this black-themed Altra Parsons desk tops our list. Built to fit and work well in both small and large offices, it is an excellent desk for working and playing. Its stability is admirable while the large desk surface and small center storage buyers secure computers and stationary well. Visit Amazon today to get a discounted rate.

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